Prepositions after "brilliant"

"brilliant in", "brilliant for" or "brilliant at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases brilliant in is used

It was brilliant in its simplicity.

Subotic was brilliant in the match.

Eccleston was Brilliant in the role.

The Paperwhite's screen is brilliant in the literal sense of the word, as it glows.

Paul O Beale is brilliant in how he exposes multiple issues through subtle agendas.

He excels in comedy scenes and is also brilliant in the intense and emotional ones.

This week I noticed that the male cardinal in my yard seems to have become much more brilliant in the past month.

On top of that, their economy-rate is around 6 runs per over, which is brilliant in the sport's shortest version.

Where John is brilliant in these particular sequences, he still has got a lot to achieve in the acting department.

Brilliant in every aspect of the game they could perform in the fickle conditions and bring England down to earth.

In 22% of cases brilliant at is used

Mac is brilliant at this trick.

This is brilliant at half time.

He's brilliant at what he does.

But to be brilliant at it, I have to work hard at it, and I don't actually like it.

He's brilliant at domestic level but he just does nt make it at international level.

Brilliant at understanding the intersection between the campaign and the government.

If Napoleon was brilliant at the operational level, there was little glitter and less subtlety on the battlefield.

There are people out there that are brilliant at doing research and providing you with a folder of rich learnings.

If you believe that you have what it takes and want to learn how to be brilliant at sales take the first step now.

She is brilliant at the shallow, superficial teen-nymphette and it's a surprise to see that it's her first feature.

In 18% of cases brilliant for is used

My sister is brilliant for Maths.

This is brilliant for the Aussie boys.

And, HC was brilliant for dumping you.

It's so interactive and the DVD that is comes with is brilliant for kids to watch.

Some oils are there to create lather -- coconut oil is brilliant for a good lather.

Kid Icarus is brilliant for short time gaming, both the multiplayer and the single.

Yesterday we went to Da Pulpo, brilliant for kids, small plates of food that comes quickly, informal atmosphere.

The conditions today are brilliant for the Javelin, and since last year the intensity of our training has lifted.

The powerhouse has been brilliant for Man City this season, driving forward, notching a few goals in the process.

They are brilliant for youngsters too, merely mainly mainly because youngsters can commit a lot of time with them.

In 7% of cases brilliant with is used

He was brilliant with his hands.

Nor were they brilliant with gas.

I think he was brilliant with us.

The paradox is brilliant with Zeno putting his finger on a genuinely deep puzzle.

Kevin has been brilliant with the lads and the lads have been brilliant with him.

His work with charities is unrelenting and he was brilliant with greyhound racing.

There was plenty for the children to do during the day and Cat the children's entertainer was brilliant with them.

Aside: The Fat Lady Sings were brilliant with Drunkard Logic being a firm favourite of mine from the whole weekend.

Otto was brilliant with eight birdies and an eagle for his 10-under-par round to launch him up to a share of ninth.

The shine on the martini shaker, the weave count of the linen tablecloth -- Madonna is brilliant with small details.

In 6% of cases brilliant on is used

Shakespeare was brilliant on envy.

Brilliant on Nolan and Ledger's part.

Meridian is brilliant on so many levels.

The Hammers won their last away game atNewcastleand they were brilliant on the day.

I personally think everybody looks brilliant on contest day if prep is done properly.

Jacob was an excellent stockman, brilliant on horseback, with a deep love of the land.

Why is the size too big on One X and brilliant on the S3 and quad core too much on One X but brilliant on the S3.

Another Indian variant, these flour-made wraps are brilliant on the go and perfect as a quick breakfast or lunch.

Had the Brazilian been anything short of brilliant on the day, the scoreline would have had far more gloss on it.

He was forceful with his ideas and particularly brilliant on agriculture, but on the other hand, he sounded nave.

In 3% of cases brilliant about is used

My sister is brilliant about Maths.

There is nothing brilliant about it.

And that's what's so brilliant about the iPad.

Two minutes to go, and all I'd done was remember everything brilliant about York.

Graphics -- The graphics are alright, there is nothing overtly brilliant about them.

What's been brilliant about the last few years is that I'd getting to perform my own writing by doing readings.

What I think is brilliant about Inception is that in 5 years time, we will think that it's naive and un-complex.

What's brilliant about Kickstarter is that supporters receive rewards but even better, support can be as little as $1.

What was so brilliant about a film with no direction? Why is Blue Velvet the work of a genius? Because I didn't see it.

In 2% of cases brilliant as is used

You're brilliant as a performer.

The staff were brilliant as well as friendly.

I have an X series too -- they are brilliant as an all rounder.

Emma is brilliant as a robot! I love how you visually did the assembling of the robot.

They have created a culture that is as ancient, unique and brilliant as the race itself.

It was brilliant as the courses were for next to no money with kids from all backgrounds.

Bardem is brilliant as the unhinged villain, whose smile alone would make you want to skitter away across the room.

The performance was solid and brilliant as a whole considering their experience but it was too short for my liking.

The acting performances were quite stunning, we expect it of PSH but JP was brilliant as the tortured soul Freddie.

On the other hand, to her credit, Bronny Bishop was brilliant as a local member (the problem affected both electorates).

In 2% of cases brilliant from is used

Jeb Brilliant from abrilliantblog.

It is brilliant from the first minute.

Absolutely brilliant from start to finish.

Brilliant from Monty, absolutely brilliant.

Ferrer* 4-6, 5-2 Tipsarevic Brilliant from Ferrer.

The Ruakuri Cave tour was overall brilliant from start to end.

At any rate, Weinrib's work is brilliant from beginning to end.

In fact, it's near impossible to be brilliant from the beginning.

The service was brilliant from the time you arrive til the time you leave.

Avicii has always supported me and Seb has just been brilliant from day one.

In 2% of cases brilliant of is used

He was considered the most brilliant of Buddha's disciples.

Thanks re sharing with your followers, that's totally brilliant of you.

Norman Manley became one of the most brilliant of Jamaican advocates and lawyer.

The modern view is that she was one of the most able and brilliant of the Chinese emperors.

The most brilliant of our Founders rejected man-made religion and considered themselves Deists.

How brilliant of the Israeli's to plant her as ' his biographer ' assigned by his Jewish publishers.

The most brilliant of strategies on paper often fail when put into action because of major unaccounted for variables.

Of his current Fine Gael generation, Reilly may be the most cunning, the most devious, the most brilliant of them all.

Others, which in more sober regions are drab and unattractive, may be seen here displayed in the most brilliant of colors.

Having obtained my result so soon, I would go to games more brilliant of my team-mates who will have fewer days to recover.

In 2% of cases brilliant to is used

Sounds utterly brilliant to me.

Bawumia is brilliant to the bone.

The GP has been brilliant to date.

They all sound brilliant to me but I would really appreciate a professional's perspective.

Louis Cayer -- Pioneer, Educator, Coach, and brilliant to an international standard in all three.

My creative team of Jason, Kim and Kate (plus project-manager Tim) were utterly brilliant to the last.

HBO are noticeably brilliant to people like me who don't watch a lot of TV because it's largely anodyne nonsense.

In any case my plan was brilliant to me then, and I wanted to share it with anyone I can talk to, which was only L.

We are funny about beaches - the ones right against the hotel or along the boardwalk would be brilliant to anyone else.

I'd thinking, maybe I should also devote more time in exploring the fanpage and the brand concept sounds brilliant to me.

In 1% of cases brilliant against is used

He was brilliant against Spain.

Kagawa was brilliant against us last season.

The Saints were absolutely brilliant against QPR last week.

The white-washed parapet of the terrace is brilliant against the dark-blue sky.

Their crimson-red flowers look brilliant against the blue skies and oceans in summer.

Smith was brilliant against Green Bay in the opener, then superb again against the Lions.

They were brilliant against England, but it was an England that was emotionally moronic and in the middle of a slide.

The foliage explodes in shades of orange, red, and gold, which are brilliant against the backdrop of evergreens and early snow.

That will be like three games in a week for Rosicky! When was the last time he did that? He was brilliant against the villains, no doubt.

Pacquiao looked brilliant against slower, outmatched men, most of whom were fighting at uncomfortably low weight classes or catchweights.

In 1% of cases brilliant by is used

Brilliant by management if you ask me.

Brilliant by Webber to finish 3rd from 18th.

Hiding behind clouds or brilliant by starlight.

He was described as brilliant by Sleigh and was evidently a crowd-puller in his own right.

Thought For the Day today on Radio 4, the Today programme, 12th August, was brilliant by the way.

I would have liked leona and ray to sing together I think ' things ' would have been brilliant by these pair.

As to the standard of medicine and skills I'd better not tell you theat the NHS is brilliant by comparison had I.

The OMG WTF connects with a younger audience- (which is brilliant by the way since the paper is using a retro theme).

His transfer dealings haven't been brilliant by a long shot aside from the likes of Torres, Luis Garcia and Xabi Alonso.

In 1% of cases brilliant through is used

Everyone was brilliant through the whole thing.

Kevin Pietersen has been brilliant through the series.

Good part of the credit for that goal should go to Joe Cole for that brilliant through pass.

The Uruguayan poked in the second after a brilliant through ball from Jose Enrique, who blasted in the third.

I am 37 and live with my partner in Yorkshire, she like my mother was brilliant through my suffering and gave me nothing but support.

Add to that the brilliant through balls he gave theo which he should have scored and that at 90 mins he was still trying to score, i'd say it was a good game.

Arteta played a very good game and was even close to succeeding with an assist in his first Arsenal match, but Ramsey was not concentrated enough to score from his brilliant through ball.

However, he wouldn't get another league goal until Chelsea's injury-time fourth against Aston Villa on March 31st, 2012, Daniel Sturridge notching the assist with a brilliant through ball.

Ballack, who had collided with a Argentinian player in the latter stages of the game, made a brilliant through pass in the 25th minute of overtime, and then headed to the touchline in pain.

Both teams kept probing until the 16th minute when Boakye run onto a brilliant through ball by Yaw Frimpong and dinked it delicately over the on rushing Ernest Sowah to give Kotoko the lead.

In 1% of cases brilliant throughout is used

She has been brilliant throughout her career.

GB: Samuels was brilliant throughout the tournament.

His agility has been brilliant throughout the season.

Umar Gul: Gul was brilliant throughout the World Cup.

The set-piece expert was simply brilliant throughout the season, especially during the first part.

Sim's strategy as a self-publisher was absolutely brilliant throughout the life of Cerebus; he flat-out killed it.

Three way virtual shadow, between each other and played with don holy light, brilliant throughout time and space directly only.

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