Prepositions after "breed"

"breed in" or "breed for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases breed in is used

I was born and bred in Hong Kong.

Mr Baker was born and bred in Dunedin.

By 2006 they had 19 pairs breeding in the colony.

If we value human life, if we want quality of life, we can not breed in plague proportions.

The frog glides down from trees to breed in plants suspended above stagnant bodies of water.

Where to see them Sparrowhawks breed in woodland but also visit gardens and more open country.

This indicated that dragonflies which spend their larvae stage in fresh water can not breed in these tropical islands.

At present, the Narmada estuary produces 13,000 tonnes of Hilsa and freshwater prawn (which also breed in brackish water).

What sort of animals are we breeding in the nrl, in fact even animals would not sink so low as to act like these players.

Her dam is Calderdale Sue, bred in Trawden by Stuart Bennett, and now owned locally by Andrew Throup, of Silsden, who bred Midge.

In 16% of cases breed for is used

Unless we learn to breed for improvement in our race we are.

And much like the bulls -- the horses are mainly bred for their speed and agility.

I've been reading a lot about it and these bulls are specifically bred for bullfighting.

In fact, a post of that nature will discuss the contraversies and what the bulls are bred for.

Bred for quick and abundant flowering, they often do not produce viable tubers and do not survive dormancy.

In fact these figures shouldn't surprise us at all, since we know that puppy farmers are breeding for money.

Nowadays we have synthetic materials for warmth, but mink are still trapped and bred for their fur, which is very expensive.

The pipit bred for 2 years, went extinct in the 3rd, then went through 5 more cycles of immigration and extinction over the remainder of the period.

Partly, it is because modern turkeys have been so highly bred for intensive production that the resulting birds are inappropriate for home production.

In 6% of cases breed by is used

In the 1980s, pigeons bred by these men were in a class by themselves.

In 6% of cases breed from is used

We all own the best dogs in the world, but if we all bred from every one of them, we'd be in.

Pygmy Shrews breed from April to October with two or three broods per year producing about six young each time.

The confidence bred from lifting the trophy would be good but it has to be a trophy won by the first team for any true benefit to be felt.

In 5% of cases breed into is used

It's a pedigree of all its influences, bred into a modern version of the traditional stealth sandbox.

While the Airedale Terrier was becoming firmly entrenched in the United States as a show dog, other Americans rapidly discovered the hunting prowess that had been bred into the dog.

In 5% of cases breed out is used

The only group I feel sorry for are the rangas who are slowly being bred out of existence.

If food was the mechanism by which man's perfection was being bred out them then he would hardly tell them that.

But all the badness was bred out of Paul somehow, that baleful look of Victor's when he is down, the heavy physical menace that still oozes out of him when he goes to war.

In 5% of cases breed with is used

We will no longer be able to breed with other humans.

A simplified example, species A can interbreed with species B but not species C or D.

Yes, there are some pits that have been bred with so much aggression and fear that the kindest thing to do is put them to sleep, but that's the exception rather than the rule.

In 4% of cases breed like is used

The cats were breeding like mice.

Pakistanis are breeding like rabbits and there is just not enough roti, kapra, makaan for everyone.

In 4% of cases breed to is used

Sorry but they where not bred to attack people but to work.

The stranger Yes because they keep killing people, Yes even their owners, but that is what they are bred to do.

In 3% of cases breed at is used

This will tend to drive it to breed at younger ages, resulting in smaller offspring.

In 3% of cases breed on is used

His mind told him that the English players, bred on seaming wickets would struggle against Qadir's spin.

For having been bred on kung-fu movies and boxing movies, but never really being cognizant of the actual sport that much, this was a great training ground for me as a filmmaker.

In 1% of cases breed as is used

Someone who uses this reason attempts to justify their decision by regarding their choice to breed as a necessity to ensure the general continuation of mankind.

In 1% of cases breed during is used

Saltwater crocs breed during the wet season (November-March).

In 1% of cases breed outside is used

Thank God I am a hyphenated Pakistani born and bred outside of the country.

In 1% of cases breed Pre is used

I love to be with all my cousins, Jordan 4 Bred Pre Order Website Where To Buy Bred IVs Online.

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