Prepositions after "break"

break into, for, in, through or away?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases break into is used

An angry throng broke into the U.

The book is broken into five parts.

They broke into every house, broke open every almyrah and stole the valuables inside.

While I was home on thanksgiving weekend, someone decided to break into my apartment.

All components are broken into loosely coupled units which report changes via events.

Toronto broke into the league's top ten for attendance, and drew large, excited crowds for the next several seasons.

Meanwhile, Chong Lou, ruler of the evil world, breaks into Mt Shu's Demon Locking Pagoda to retrieve a magical sword.

Suddenly the world was broken into parts that could be deciphered using mathematics, physics, astronomy, and biology.

We'll then break into smaller groups to talk further about the concepts, relationships, or themes within these topics.

In 9% of cases break for is used

My heart breaks for you, Kirsten.

Break for lunch at Middle Red Hill.

The court broke for lunch shortly after.

I want a future without subsidies and tax breaks for oil and gas companies and polluters.

Debates didn't change the outcome, and late-deciding voters don't break for the challenger.

I am saddened, and heart broken for the families of the victims of this senseless slaughter.

And the Argentinian won only one more game in the set as Djokovic levelled up, breaking for the second time at 4-3.

The old capitalist model of copyright and goods distribution is fundamentally broken for anything, like music, or film.

In order to save our children from a future of debt, we will also end the tax breaks for the wealthiest 2% of Americans.

But they didn't did they? Labour didn't re-write the laws and give special tax breaks for one multi-national corporation.

In 9% of cases break in is used

I'd been broken in life before but this was different.


Or if she's broken, at least she's broken in a quiet way.

Not too sure if any laws of thermodynamics are broken in the process, and I don't care.

There is a photograph of a cane broken in two, presumably symbolising the 1995 abolition.

He reports one fact that Mondo broke in a story last year (without attribution, of course).

Weather is broken in my mind, but then again so is the entire game because I can't play it due to the save game bug.

These passwords would be broken in minutes and those people would have all their information available for anyone to take.

Then the left hand taps the disc to create a slight pause or break in the scratch, dividing it into two sounds or segments.

A window-pane was broken in exactly one place in all the rooms through which the rifles must have been thrust into the room.

In 7% of cases break through is used

A distant sound breaks through the stillness.

If you break through the wall of silence you will be frozen out.

While waiting there the sun briefly broke through the clouds and I said there has.

His goal is to break through the line by overpowering the kid's hold on each other.

If you have any advice on breaking through the wall, please let me know! Thanks.

Their words and, in his ribs, the sharp nudging of elbows, broke through his unawareness.

Despite plenty of endeavour from ' Tarf, they lacked the cutting edge to break through St.

The rock breaks through the grains, not around them (sandstone breaks around the grains).

It creates dependency and takes away individual's initiative to break through the wall of poverty.

Declan Kearney It was a disappointing performance as United just couldn't break through the Norwich.

In 6% of cases break away is used

Let's just break away from blue state voters.

Some areas broke away from Russia to become semi-autonomous regions.

In fact, the Lutheran church broke away from the CC for these reasons.

Sometimes, a few birds broke away from the flock to investigate after hearing our calls.

Since this time however, New Zealand has broken away from the Australian mainland and in.

But if he was to break away from the Coalition and join Labour then something could happen.

He would be better off with a cutter that broke away from LH hitters, or if it was really good broke and then sank.

The current administration is trying to break away from the dollar and is discussing a pan-Latin American currency.

This means breaking away from my old habits and trying to learn some of the new and accepted habits of programmers.

And then there are those who are constantly looking for novelty, who want to break away from the mildness of such customs.

In 6% of cases break out is used

We were now ready to break out.

This November I'd breaking out of my cage.

Traditional musicians are afraid to break out of it.

Finding yourself and breaking out of the prisons that others have built to trap you.

It's a sign of intelligence if you can break out of that world and think independently.

Up to the part where Toad is dressed as a washerwoman and has just broken out of prison.

The fire, which broke out Wednesday evening, quickly spread to neighboring houses, most of which were built with wood.

He found out that Donald had broken out of his ward and was using his military Connections including Flagg to get here.

Despite many nations around Europe, Poland's music has become rather insular, rarely breaking out of its own borders.

I suggest that you break out of the box that you are in, adopt engineer/scientist-like objectivity and learn about feedback.

In 5% of cases break with is used

I w ould have power to break with all these if I wished to.

I left home at 18 &; I returned on a uni break with my lobes pierced.

Virtual images break with the convention of representing what is seen.

Your physique will bound acclimate to any anatomy of exercise if you break with it for too long.

Look at Dubya's record: tax breaks with no reduction in spending and the prescription drug benefit.

The tell is their failure to break with the Democratic party and their hostility to emerging parties.

Orange Culture from Nigeria opens part two of the show after 20minutes break with lovely male and female collection.

Thankfully, the rules of golf state that a replacement club can be used as long as the club was not broken with any intention.

He supposedly broke with the left by endorsing the Iraq War -- back when Ignatieff, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton were endorsing it.

It is a plant with hairy, not smooth leaves, and the fresh root is tough, breaking with difficulty and rarely exuding much milky juice.

In 4% of cases break by is used

Windows 7 would hence be just as broken by your standards.

And then it was broken by the sound of the cry of a divine child.

Yeah, it is the election that has been tagged as the make or break by many.

Early morning stillness was broken by dad as he flung his towel over a grounded canoe.

At Land Securities, about 22 per cent of lease contracts will expire or can be broken by 2013.

At which point, the oppressive silence in the cab was broken by that unmistakable Kerry brogue.

Their unity, such as it was, was broken by the revolt of the Teutonic tribes, and their subjugation was completed by Rome.

The tragedy was that the vases weren't broken by accident, but flung to the ground by the hubristic vandals of Versailles.

In 3% of cases break from is used

Her land is cracked and broken from drought.

You broke from the gastronomic theme with the last release for the Psycatron release.

To make greyhounds break from traps and run on race track, an artificial prey known as Lure is used.

Some people in the adult film industry say that the condoms break from friction and cause more harm than good.

He said it's one thing for teenagers to want to break from their parents and another for them to actually do so.

If he was still in a jersey and uttering those remarks, he? d be the only player appearing to publicly break from the ranks.

It was embarrassing in the last minute last night to watch two of Norwich's players break from midfield with only Scholes chasing.

I think perhaps before our various media break from these simplistic tropes of Africa, we'll be seeing more snarky videos like Radi-AID.

We should also break from our fixation at looking at spending and concentrate on new ideas for tax raising that are both workable and acceptable.

How to get there Discover the World (**28;4818;TOOLONG) offers four-night self-drive breaks from 595 per person, half board and including flights.

In 3% of cases break on is used

That pact threatened to break on Nov.

Hell hath no fury like a scandal broken on twitter.

They also support an end to the tax breaks on corporations.

Have a couple questions as follows: 1) Has new gearbox as something broke on the original one.

The news of his birth was broken on Twitter via Mayer's husband, Zachary Bogue, Sunday night.

Best fit = the one the system thinks will work best Note: ' best match ' qualifier is broken on 1.

The tax breaks on the wealthy corporations and millionaires have never created jobs -- they have starved the country of revenue.

I was more thinking of the countless times I have seen him jogging back when he has been caught out of position and the other team are breaking on us.

Earlier this year, the Western Morning News revealed tax breaks on second homes and empty properties in the Westcountry cost the region 25 million annually.

With Arsenal throwing everything but the kitchen sink United broke on the counter attack and, on his birthday, Wayne Rooney ended the invincibles unbeaten run.

In 2% of cases break off is used

At times though they will break off a whole ceras.

These rocks are broken off parts of Comet 2P/Encke.

Firstly on the blue bits that break off Glaucus and Glaucilla.

By the end of Paul's first year in Ephesus he had broken off all contact with the synagogue.

We broke off the road and into the flood plain of the Moyowasa? a tributary of the Malagarasi.

If you want to start a rock collection, try to find pieces of rock that are freshly broken off a ledge.

Quite a few nudibranchs break off parts of their bodies as a defensive strategy, a bit like a lizard dropping its tail.

The asparagus will naturally break off where it starts to be tough, so you're left with as much tender asparagus as possible.

And for the reason why he broke off the contract in the beginning, the two sides have kept quiet and is still a mystery today.

He therefore hesitated at nothing in his endeavour both by speech and action to break off the negotiations with the Carthaginians.

In 2% of cases break at is used

Ego is all forms is broken at this place.

My heart, it breaks at the thought Of her holding you.

Three-day Christmas breaks at Castle House are from 615.

Capitalism had broken at its weakest point, as Lenin explained.

After the MVC embankment broke at Madheli Syphen, situations improved rapidly.

The leaders were heart broken at Bangabandhu's decision not to leave his residence.

The main road on MVC embankment, connecting the village to Madheli was broken at two places.

I have taken lunch breaks at work not just so I could have a proper meal, but so I could read a few pages.

Problems with the cooling system, other problems &; the latest was the timing chain that broke at 86,000 kms.

In 2% of cases break to is used

He didn't give massive tax breaks to the rich.

Broken to who? Not to Christ, but to the Church.

Independents in polling were breaking to Obama by 15-20 points.

The sad news was broken to citizens today by the nation's Minister of Environment, Mrs.

Giving tax breaks to people without kids and placing a tax on kids is a great way to start.

They gave general tax breaks to all the multi-national corporations and didn't re-write the laws.

Italy is giving tax breaks to companies for new hires, while Spain has offered loans to youth who want to start a business.

This is because most of the available routines are centered for people whose bodies have broken to the strains caused by exercise.

Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble, great care was taken to break to her as gently as possible the news of her husband's death.

The Speedo LZR Racer, for instance, is an example -- where of the 77 world records broken to date since its introduction in Feb 2008, 72 of them were by swimmers wearing the hi-tech swimsuit.

In 1% of cases break down is used

Anticholinesterase drugs boost the body's ACh by blocking the enzyme which usually breaks down ACh.

The first thing Abby suggested was to break down the walls that segregated the kitchen from the rest of the home.

But even he must accept Roger's core ethos in the end and in doing so breaks down the walls of his own metaphorical prison and unleashes the simplistic beauty of humour.

If it is safe and you have one, put a warning triangle or other permitted warning device on the road at least 45 metres (50 yards) behind your broken down vehicle on the same side of the road.

In 1% of cases break of is used

Just yesterday, news broke of Centrotherm's partial insolvency.

Parrotfish can be seen here breaking of the coral branches while they graze.

Ede has a penchant for breaking of curses and healing the sick through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Members of that Amish community, from the moment the news broke of the shootings, sought to forgive the gunman.

When news broke of the gig at the Victoria Hall in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, tickets sold out in less than two hours.

Some of the programmes he organised include counselling for couples, monthly midnight vigil and breaking of curses.

In 1% of cases break over is used

As the front door slams shut, a coy smirk breaks over Hammett's face.

England are still pressing but just can not break over the Ozzie's line.

From the spot where the rowboat left the barrel the current runs frightfully swift and soon breaks over the reefs that cause the water to toss in fury.

In 1% of cases break as is used

The universe doesn't break as a result.

The instruments were all old and broken as well as half of the switches.

What went on was reckless trading of houses and yet no laws were broken as such.

Seems like they're talking out of both sides of their mouth now -- broke as a country, and still looking for more wars to fight.

New social movements While the working class was largely broken as a force within society, the new social movements which had arisen in the early 1970s also decayed and declined.

Using the players arm movement in conjunction with buttons on the Wiimote the Wii saw countless TV's broken as the world was taken by storm with the new gameplay mechanic of waggling.

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