Prepositions after "bow"

bow to, before, in, out or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases bow to is used

Legislators bow to corporate interests.

On cue we all bowed to their Lordships.

Bow to Shri Guru, who gives this knowledge.

I can only bow to their expert opinion but even to my untrained eye we are a few players short.

Many schools run by Christian organisations are bowing to pressures to abandon their allegiance to Me.

Unfortunately some governments have bowed to pressure from Inman's to require the burqa almost as a law.

This seemed to go down very well with the natives who bowed to them very slightly and then went about their business.

If all we did was continuously bow to the direct control of clients, we would end up with a body of work that un-sells us.

Photograph: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images Angela Merkel is refusing to bow to pressure from Franois Hollande over banking reform.

The Canadiens would stun the Penguins in seven games in the following round, before bowing to the Flyers in the Conference Finals.

In 9% of cases bow before is used

I thank God and bow before the miracle.

Every knee bows before Jesus with deepest emotion.

We have to bow before the will of that all loving Creator.

Hearing his guru's voice, the snake came out of its hole and bowed before him with great reverence.

We bow before a man, not because any man as man is to be adored, but because this particular man is God manifest in the flesh.

Thomas bowed before Jesus saying, he is his God and his Lord, Jesus could not say the Father was his Lord in the way man does.

Not only because many different religions cohere in Karachi to bow before the divine; for Karachi is the most tolerant city of Pakistan, where subscription to any faith is respected.

I agree that it would be nice to face down the media, it's just that I don't think that the Sun editorial writer is going to bow before the chart on your lab wall - rightly or wrongly.

I'd much rather circulate it among my friends and cultivate the image of the reclusive genius -- the tormented writer who refused to bow before the authoritarian demands of the classroom environment.

In 9% of cases bow in is used

With Salaams and Duas Mustafa Bowing in Karate QUESTION 1 Q1.

It was only 19 verses earlier that the people believed in God and bowed in worship.

And every moment is potentially a moment of sandal-taking and bowing in reverence.

I bow in respect and admiration to the Palestinian woman who receives her martyred son with joyful cheering.

Cause what we have Gandhi on currency, We salute the national flag, we stand and bow in front on Gandhi and other leaders.

According to Tabari, Mohammad said that Allah said, ' A true believer is one who does the prayers, pays the tax, bows in homage and renounces agreements with Jews '.

Noble Quran 5:54 Your ally is none but Allah and therefore His Messenger and those who have believed - those who establish prayer and give Zakah, and they bow in worship.

Tough test for Mvuyekure Jean Pierre Mvuyekure faces the toughest test of his career when makes his Olympics bow in the grueling 42km men's marathon race today at the London Games.

In 7% of cases bow out is used

She has bowed out of her ' On the Road ' premiere in London next Thursday.

The awful thing was it actually was feasible, for my part i realised this early on and bowed out of the programme.

Sackville had to bow out of a three-way link using FlashMeeting when its connection disappeared, leaving its partner schools in Uganda and the island of Reunion to continue chatting.

In 2% of cases bow at is used

One new album enters country's Top 5, as Toby Keith ' s Hope on the Rocks bows at No.

I bowed at my birthright one last time, before leaving with Misha, my past shredded behind me.

Danielewski with Joyce, Pynchon, Foster Wallace, Borges and Proust bowing at his feet, ' choking with astonishment, surprise, laughter, awe.

In 1% of cases bow for is used

European man started bowing for sun-dial and sand-glass.

A completely new, second-generation Versa bowed for 2012, but only in Versa Sedan form.

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