Prepositions after "bothered"

"bothered about" or "bothered by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases bothered about is used

They're too bothered about spending 1.

But Lakshmi was not too bothered about it.

I'd not too bothered about City to be honest.

The voices I'd not too bothered about, but I agree that some of them need changing.

It is absolutely right when she is more bothered about HUMAN LIVES than CORRUPTION.

There is no shame, but just that we are not bothered about these sports (as of yet).

Generally speaking, I have never been too bothered about the nation's birthday, and this year was no different.

Secondly, while performance improvements are welcome i'd not too bothered about boot times and interface speed.

Being an old bloke, I am not too bothered about how the bike looks and more concerned with the practical stuff,.

Heaven help us if there were no law - actually, I'd less bothered about Law than Order, in this country at least.

In 37% of cases bothered by is used

He seems rather bothered by it.

I am not too bothered by it though it.

I too now are not that bothered by them.

I texted her on Friday and told her that I was so very bothered by the boy's situation.

So far I've only seen one 3D movie in theaters, Avatar, and I wasn't too bothered by it.

Doc looks bothered by it, but he actually just wants some kimchi from the gym teacher too.

Share Tags Discuss I hate that this happens, but so long as it isn't important content I'd not too bothered by it.

Did I say I wasn't bothered by the referendum question? The last thing I posted about it was that I hadn't decided.

He wears dark glasses in sunlight, and is very bothered by the bright light in the maze of mirrors in the Lost Land.

However, if you decide to do this, and venture into your opponent's territory, don't be too bothered by what you find.

In 7% of cases bothered with is used

He did not seem bothered with anything anymore.

He actually got invited to this, but he wasn't to bothered with the war.

It also seems casual users aren't too bothered with updating their devices either.

Even though the producer told me to not get bothered with the age, I feel completed after 12 years of playing this character.

It is appalling to see the media running a kangaroo court and being least bothered with checking the authenticity of the charges.

Have a qualm with the Spanish government of 1713 who signed the treaty of Utrecht as they didn't seem bothered with these dwellers.

He rearranged the narrative to make it run in chronological order, a feat which the book, frustratingly, never seemed to bothered with.

But in Singapore, people here seems more relax and they do not seem too bothered with the comments or criticism they get from people about their outfit.

People bought them because they're afraid and felt safer, wanted to be one of the crowd, it made them feel good, and didn't want to bothered with the facts.

Steps to take once you registered a domain name You can learn how to point your domain name to your website without getting bothered with the technical details.

In 1% of cases bothered at is used

I don't think they'd be too bothered at 2GB.

I dare say he will not be too bothered at having to sit out a session.

It's not my main pc so I was none too bothered at the time, thinking it was a Windows glitch which would be sorted out in a subsequent update.

In 1% of cases bothered for is used

I saw that live (and only because I was in a hotel getting ready for the day) and instantly felt bothered for you and Design*Sponge.

I sometimes toy with the idea of getting my testosterone measured and taking supplements, but, then I might be more bothered for sex than I am now, and that would be bad at my age.

In 1% of cases bothered of is used

Anybody who is over weight may feel self conscious or even be embarrassed or bothered of their look due to the excess weight.

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