Prepositions after "boot"

"boot from", "boot out" or "boot into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases boot from is used

You can do that by booting from CD and selecting Repair.

I am frankly surprised that you have not been booted from either list as yet.

If I boot from the Windows XP drive the system tells me there is a network cable unplugged.

Boot from cd on the infected computer, the cd offers virus deletion and many other useful utilities.

Folder Lock protects files in Windows, DOS, and Safe modes, even when you change your OS or boot from the disk.

If I boot from the Linux drive the system has no trouble using the network controller and connecting to my Linksys router.

If they take the upgrade, they'll be booted from the app, and if they don't then the refresh will make the button enabled again.

Your portable Linux operating system can then be taken with you, and run from any computer that can boot from your USB flash drive.

If I boot from > the Linux drive the system has no trouble using the network controller and connecting to my Linksys > router.

If I boot from the Linux drive the > system has no trouble using the network controller and connecting > to my Linksys router.

In 16% of cases boot into is used

Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.

Booting into Windows 7 took me about 45 seconds.

Basically, there are two ways to run Windows on your Mac: Boot into Windows at startup.

Power of your tablet and boot into stock recovery (volume up button + power button simultaneously.

Soon after booting into Win7 HP the Firefox or any other programme would suddenly jump from a maximised window to a normal sized window.

In 15% of cases boot out is used

But the Japanese were booted out and went home.

Churchill was booted out of Dundee and all hail those who did IMO.

He's a well-travelled god -- kind of like an intergalactic backpacker who gets booted out of the heavenly nest to go find himself.

However in some more recent RIFs, I heard that the riffees got handed some severance package and booted out the door (no 6 week deal).

Unfortunately for him, Pakistan's ISI took notice of his covert activities and he was subsequently booted out of the country in 2008 on charges of espionage.

In 8% of cases boot off is used

The contestant sitting in the chair of least value is booted off the show as well.

Murray was then swiftly booted off the board as soon as Whyte had completed his purchase of the club for just a single pound.

Boot off it, then from the command promt you run the utility along the lines of awdflash and then the name of the BIOS update like 18nsd013 so: awdflash a8nsd013.

Eliminated: Arin Ray was also booted off the show but received encouraging words from his mentor Britney Spears ' The song you sang tonight was excruciating hard and you are a true star in my eyes.

In 7% of cases boot with is used

If I boot with wlan0 plugged in then it is impossible to get wlan1 connected.

If I boot with the adapter configured as wlan1 plugged in it comes up OK and connects as wlan1.

We booted with the SSD, ran the same benchmark tests, and found that the extra RAM did not make a noticeable difference.

In 5% of cases boot at is used

Socializing network opportunities -- Fantastic!!!! Only in Jamaica would you see the former PM of Jamaica doing her Saturday shopping ' pushing trolley ' to boot at Sovereign Center supermarket.

In 3% of cases boot in is used

I have tried advanced settings to boot in safe mode and all the other options it has HELP! Note I can still get into ubuntu Any suggestions? I have also tried to reinstall windows from.

In 3% of cases boot on is used

But simple check whether it boots on another system is not enough, some stress testing needs to be done.

In 2% of cases boot by is used

Well, the governments of Nicolas Sarkozy in France and Lucas Papademos in Greece did exactly what Romney advocates, only to be booted by their voters.

In 2% of cases boot for is used

I have on a ga site watched people after people get booted for speaking against ga.

In 2% of cases boot including is used

Frontman Ian Watkins looked as confident as ever, all suited and booted including jacket and tie.

In 2% of cases boot of is used

This differs from the above in that it does not need an installed operating system to run, you can simply boot of the USB flash drive, and let the scanning commence.

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