Prepositions after "blind"

blind to, in, from, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases blind to is used

We may be honestly blind to it.

Science is blind to the spiritual.

But she seems blind to what I see.

Just don't be blind to the fact that whatever your stance, people will die as a result.

He has spent his life inventing machines that help people, from the blind to dyslexics.

We are also blind to our sin, and we seldom understand what harm our sin actually does.

I have never been blind to the fact that many other people have/had/are going through the same or similar situations.

It is a shame that there are so many sceptics out there who are either afraid of the truth or are simply blind to it.

He can see how great something is now, but he is completely blind to the rate of change the koreans are on right now.

He is well known by local lawyers as pretty blind to the facts of a case and commonly issues unfair and unjust orders.

In 15% of cases blind in is used

He became blind in his old age.

I wonder if it was blind in life.

I was going blind in my left eye.

He was virtually blind in one eye after an injury and a botched operation in Indonesia.

Almost the whole of the West and the Hindu Aryas are colour-blind in a spiritual sense.

Come on, Qatar, you played a blinder in forcing Glencore to increase its terms from 2.

Holmes says Victor is blind in one eye; he couldn't have hit a moving target (the third person from the last murder).

It was a significant day chosen to illuminate and alter the outlook and the social image of the blind in the country.

Wilson had suffered a stroke which left him blind in one eye, paralyzed on one side and somewhat restricted mentally.

He was left paralysed down his left side, unable to speak properly, blind in one eye and barely able to eat or dress.

In 4% of cases blind for is used

I've been that blind for 4 years.

She's been blind for many years now.

Bake the tart blind for about 20 mins.

The damage is extreme and irreparable, and it seems he is also blind for life as well.

Even though she was blind for the rest of her life, Fanny was never bitter or complaining.

This would leave Nasa blind for the final, nail-biting two minutes of the landing operation.

I'd not having a go at the administrators and specially not at the council who have played a blinder for the club.

My 23 yr old son been blind for 4 yrs do to glaucoma causing retina damage, been very hard on him to go from seeing.

Kateri also caught the terrible disease and because of it, she was pockmarked and half blind for the rest of her life.

Bake blind for 15 minutes, then remove beans and clingfilm and return the case to the oven for 5-7 minutes to dry out.

In 4% of cases blind from is used

Her eyes were blind from crying.

She had been blind from her birth.

He has been totally blind from birth.

It's the story of a man who has been blind from birth and has his sight restored by surgery.

One of them had been blind for 5 years while the other one was blind from birth for 22 years.

Elijah raised a dead person and so did Elisha; but no one blind from birth received his sight.

Describe a sunset to a person who has been blind from birth or the taste of chocolate to someone who has never had it.

Antichrist will bear complete satanic forces and blind from one eye means that he will be lacking spiritual knowledge.

Israel Dagg also produced a blinder from fullback and Richie McCaw, named man-of-the-match, led the charge up-front.

What he did not tell mom or the other members of the family was that he was going blind from the growth of the cancer.

In 4% of cases blind with is used

I rushed at him, blind with rage.

I was instantly blind with my own tears.

Jesse Sylvia was in the small blind with 25.

When she had her little sexist rant at Andrea, well, I went a little blind with rage.

It amazes how certain people when faced with power just become completely blind with it.

Blind with the tears here, they're all with me in memories as I write - Fig and Mum and Dad.

This year my son (a twin) 32 has had RD with vision loss and my cat has gone blind with it from high blood pressure.

What really stood out for me was the runners who were blind with a guide attached with some string and totally in sync.

Max, perhaps it is you who is blind, blind with love, you describe every race Vettel does well in as a brilliant drive.

Over 7 million people in Africa are needlessly blind with over 20 million more suffering from severe visual impairment.

In 3% of cases blind by is used

They were not blind by necessity.

Poppo was left blind by the attack.

Only fools will be blind by you people.

LOuise played a blinder by saying she wanted Tom and Alex together for their Birthdays.

So my brother, don't be blind by love and never trust a woman because you will regret it.

All was not well in the valley and there were blind spots made blind by our concious blindness.

The owners of Enbridge and Kinder Morgan are too blind by greed to see, so we are going to do it for their children too.

Hypnotic subjects made blind by suggestion will tell you that they clearly imagine the things which they can no longer see.

You guys are turning into an African nation, too blind by the easy buck, and too corrupt to make money by legitimate means.

Condemned sinners are struck blind by the power of darkness, and it is a lasting blindness, like that of the unbelieving Jews.

In 2% of cases blind as is used

I'd pretty much blind as a bat.

I utterly swear it blind as the proverbial bat.

Unless as others said, the guy is blind as a bat.

You must be blind as a bat when you say people did not chanted anti-government slogans.

She seems curiously blind as to how unusual she is for someone of the female persuasion.

But you are free to talk about a hero, Hehehe clean as cotton wool you must be blind as a bat.

You had to show you were 18 or older but I was told by somebody that the old lady at the box office was blind as a bat.

It seemed however that the reverse would happen, for at the age of seventeen I became totally blind as a result of the fits.

Jang Ryang seems pleasantly surprised, and whether he does or does not notice that Chairman Jin seems blind as a bat is unknown.

A person can also be as ' bald as a bandicoot ', as ' blind as a bandicoot ', or be isolated ' like a bandicoot on a burnt ridge '.

In 2% of cases blind at is used

He became blind at a young age.

Imam Bukhari became blind at a young age.

There was a man who was blind at 10 mont.

The Asgiri Mahanayake Buwanekabahu Thera who was blind at the time fled to Kotakedeniya.

Dr Cook had become blind at the age of eighteen with the eye condition retinitis pigmentosa.

Her first news item was when she wrote about a school of the blind at Kagondo B Primary School.

It was the blind leading the blind at that point, because his teammate told him he was 250 km in the WRONG direction.

Garrett pretends to kill Alison for Jenna's benefit (she's blind at this point and can't tell what is really going on).

Ginga heard us, and approached carefully, still bumping into a watering can - the poor thing is totally blind at night.

He wants people to shoot BLIND at each other in a theatre, considering they were all gassed before he started shooting.

In 2% of cases blind on is used

It's like flying blind on automatic pilot.

We are flying blind on this crucial issue.

Just think if Lambie has a blinder on Sa he will.

The result was that Romney campaign's Boston war room was flying blind on Election Day.

It is only a matter of time that I go completely blind on that number! Like I have done with Buzz.

Noreen called herself all sorts of names for attempting it but played a blinder on the mountains.

One shouldn't be blind on one eye! In most modern nation states in the world, citizenship is independent of ethnicity.

About this the Qur'an says, ' Verily, for him is a narrow life and We will resurrect him blind on the Day of Resurrection '.

Notable also is the fact that Angela became blind on one of these safaris, an invitation to look inward, to find God in herself.

The window in the toilet is a skylight window so it was not deemed necessary to put a blind on that high up with restrictive access.

In 1% of cases blind about is used

World press is blind about our situation.

And Ron Paul is completely blind about that.

That those not mean that we should be blind about it.

I was totally blind about China, so it took my some time until I finish the itinerary.

The national enquirer had a blind about her and Rupert the week before the pics were released.

As I refused to seek any medical help, I was totally blind about the seriousness of my disease.

They're blind about how valuable your place where you can learn all the necessary methods and strategies to make your SEO work for you.

We are not unique in this regard but we tend to be blind about our special position based on our own alpha characteristics as a species.

As long as worldly sammati obscures the truth, the truth can not appear to the mind, and the mind will be blind about the world forever.

Then he wandered quite blind about the forest, ate nothing but roots and berries, and did naught but lament and weep over the loss of his dear wife.

In 1% of cases blind after is used

Now he's blind after a lifetime of being able to see.

He is virtually blind after doctors failed to realise he had GCA.

Why the big rush? Isn't Justice more likely to be blind after Nov.

Jessica Alba plays Sydney Wells who becomes blind after an incident in her childhood.

Soon after his return to Russia, Euler became almost entirely blind after an illness.

It'd be approaching dusk in less than three hours and they'd be totally blind after sunset.

Jackson suffered from eye cancer when he was a baby, and he became fully blind after having both of his eyeballs removed.

Attractive defendants are, it seems, rated less harshly than homely defendants, so perhaps justice isn't blind after all.

Larry SUPPLIED Harbour seal Larry has gone blind after repeated exposure to unhealthy water at Marineland, former trainers say.

Kish was partially blind at birth, fully blind after 13 months-of-age when his eyes were removed due to retinoblastoma in both.

In 1% of cases blind because is used

But who's to say that in 20 years I won't be blind because of it.

Too many people have gone blind because of infected contact lenses.

I want to read the post but not to get blind because of all these sparkling ads.

Unfortunately, around 40,000 kids here are blind because of poverty and malnutrition.

I have a dog who we just found out is going blind because of a rare genetic condition.

In many parts of the world, people go blind because of a lack of vitamin A in their diets.

The disciples asked Jesus whether the beggar was blind because of his own sin or because of the sin of his parents.

We remember, in John's gospel (chapter 9 ), how the people asked Jesus if the man was born blind because of his own sin or the sin of his parents.

In some circles it was assumed that their plight was their own fault, that somehow they deserved to be blind because of something that they had done.

In some villages near the Volta River tributaries where the disease is endemic, up to 20 percent of adults older than thirty are blind because of the disease.

In 1% of cases blind due is used

Ma was legally blind due to a degenerative eye disease she'd had since birth.

He said he was also partially blind due to the truncheon that was used to hit his head.

Chandana Jayasinghe explained many elephants go blind due to injuries such as gun shots.

Many local people are blind due to trachoma, a result of not having clean water to wash in.

He became partially blind due to an accident during the Civil War in Finland when he was a child.

It is estimated that eight million people worldwide are blind due to uncorrected refractive errors.

Beside cancer, venerable is blind due to to a genetic eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa night blindness.

Finally would you do me a favor &; send your replies in large font as I am going partially blind due to a broken nose.

Because his father is blind and his mother is almost blind due to cataracts, he jumped at the chance to help them have operations.

She often played truant from school since her Mum had become legally blind due to a degenerative eye disease she'd had since birth.

In 1% of cases blind of is used

Apasyatam, blind of the value of life.

The Hoeman is weak of will and blind of vision.

I was blinder than the blindest of the blind.

Hey, that's the truth the devil wants you to be blind of and never to walk in the reality of.

It has a subtle hidden wisdom the intelligent are able to grasp, but the ignorant are blind of.

It's so blind of people to assume I'd receiving money off my parents or receiving money off of the government.

Your grasp of Darwin is childish, on a par with the blindest of religionist's emotional crutch-seeking blatherings.

The latest news regarding warming in the Arctic can now only be ignored by the most foolish and deliberately blind of human beings.

Now the second pull was for the poor, maimed, halt and blind OF THE CITY - the lowest classes of Jewish society - publicans and sinners.

In 1% of cases blind without is used

So let's just be blind without using any common sense.

He was unmoved when I said, but I shall go blind without them.

She could perjure herself blind without once uttering an untruth.

Even a person most learned in Scriptures is totally blind without His enlightenment.

The other reason why I have never been interested is because I'd blind without my glasses.

Just having the word of God is not enough, we are still blind without the Holy Spirit's light.

I was going blind without those bad boys! Following my good luck, I spent Tuesday and Wednesday celebrating with food.

Um awkward!! You get mugged blind without even noticing! You get asked out on a date walking out of a tabaccheria (smoke shop) Cops stop.

He told me that this is unacceptable as they are going in blind without bothering to find out more about the company's profile and core mission.

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