Prepositions after "bless"

"bless with" or "bless by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases bless with is used

Rene and Ann are blessed with three kids.

I am so blessed with this week's message.

This country is blessed with so much talent.

While some people are blessed with bright, white teeth, most of us aren't so lucky.

The area is blessed with good weather virtually guaranteed for 10 month of the year.

We've been blessed with the weather, of course, but it couldn't have been any better.

A good vintage, blessed with unparalleled beauty, charisma, a huge sense of humour and generally good health too.

Born Tolu Oniru, but well known as Toolz, she makes many men go mad with what she is blessed with at her backside.

I don't care about a model who was blessed with a nice body, or even one that worked hard to look good for a cover.

Mary was very delighted with her final look and really enjoyed her big day that was blessed with excellent weather.

In 19% of cases bless by is used

I truly have been blessed by all of you.

Come to be blessed by God, and to bless others.

Believe in God or not, know that we all are blessed by Him.

The warriors would be blessed by elders, who would spray a special liquid on to them.

Natural Israel is restored to a place of blessing by becoming part of the New Israel.

For those blessed by Him will inherit the land; But those cursed by Him will be cut off.

Despite all the grief he gave me, as a people-watcher I still felt blessed by being able to study such a unique person.

Alhumdulilah I believe you are blessed by Allah(SWT) so you don't what is money for poor families, Ask a poor about it.

All three kinds of love are represented in the Bible, which means that all three are considered to be created and blessed by God.

With a size of this magnitude, many people in Thailand and visitors will be able to get a glimpse of this holy image from a distance and be blessed by it.

In 4% of cases bless in is used

Asked anyone you meet, they all seems to know Jah Bless in Fond St.

So far, we've been extremely blessed in the pediatrician department.

May your right hand protect me, since your name is blessed in Heaven and earth.

Blessed Florian strengthened them, and in this way all those blessed in Christ were killed.

The Book of Mormon teaches us God's plan and shows us how those who live according to His counsel are blessed in this life and the next.

They would be blessed in city and country; in their offspring and the offspring of their flocks and crops and in protection from their enemies.

In 3% of cases bless for is used

May received communion and the Bishops blessing for her journey and the work she would be doing with the mission.

Because I want to be a part of His Ultimate plan of blessing for my life, I work hard at letting go the things that He asks me to.

My life has been blessed for having spent time in prayer for your sweet little boy and by the faith you have shared so openly as you wrote about your journey.

From June to September usually we are having them and we are blessed for their visits are always giving us such encouragements to do better upon running the orphanage.

In 1% of cases bless as is used

Jesus was looking forward to the time when the Jews would be converted and restored to their place of blessing as part of the New Israel.

Their second major record, and the one I bless as the one that introduced me to the band, Arrows and Anchors was released last year (2011) and packs even more punches.

In 1% of cases bless beyond is used

You will be blessed beyond belief.

Many of us are blessed beyond our dreams.

I pray that you are blessed beyond measure.

In 1% of cases bless from is used

This can include blessing women whose lives are more difficult, even if you don't know them, you can also bless from a distance.

Due to their kindness and untiring efforts, we are able to visit, enjoy and receive blessing from this awe-inspiring Buddha statue.

These temples are supported by the Malaysian-Thai and devotees in the surrounding area with the blessing from Malaysian and Thai government.

Imran is a real gift and blessing from All Mighty ALLAH to the struggle of People of Pakistan In fect is a living legend and fulfilled what ever he competed so far.

In 1% of cases bless of is used

To be remembered of God is to be blessed of God.

Heart of Mary, blessed of all hearts, Pray for us.

In 1% of cases bless on is used

There is also a strange fact about Tucker that he was blessed on a Peppermint farm.

However, the CofE was perfectly happy to let me have my register office wedding BLESSED on its premises.

In 1% of cases bless over is used

I am so blessed over the top to know you are my sister in Christ.

I have been INCREDIBLY blessed over the course of Will's life to still have an active social life.

In 1% of cases bless to is used

This complete New Israel will bring great blessing to the world.

This explains why the conversion of the Jews brings blessing to the world.

When a reporter asked the driver, the driver said; I think it is blessed to Chairman Mao.

Blessing to the World God has always dealt with Israel as a nation, so salvation will come to it as a nation.

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