Prepositions after "blast"

blast in, through, at, by or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 18% of cases blast in is used

Karachi lost 100 people in 5 days to shootings, 2 or 3 bomb blasts in a single day can do that in Lahore.

Torture, mutilation, executions, loads of bang-bang, women blasted in the guts, and the murder of a child.

He was equally as good in a more advanced role, using his rocket right foot to blast in goals from all angles.

Mizengo Pinda told parliament on Thursday that the Wednesday night blasts in Dar es Salaam leveled several houses.

On the other hand, what is achieved by violence? If the rage is against the rich, the West or Israel, they will not be changed by bomb blasts in public places.

The development includes seven miles of tunnels and 24 miles of new track as well as tunneling and blasting in two boroughs roughly 15 stories beneath Grand Central Terminal.

After the German Bakery blasts in February 2010, it had come to light during investations that explosives were brought by terrorists from Udgir to Pune by a State Transport bus.

Further, a source in the investigation agencies disclosed that the total number of suicide blasts in Pakistan since 2002 rose to 140 (till December 21, 2008) while 56 bombers had struck in 2007.

In 14% of cases blast through is used

Congrats to Sam who blasted through the 48 million mark (you can see his score in the picture below).

Andy MurrayAndy Murray has always been susceptible to big hitters blasting through him on clay, eved.

We blasted through red lights, screeched around corners, zipped down alleys, parked and hid in a driveway.

Finally we have The Beatles we can blast through our speakers and completely obliterate any Justin Timberlake or Jonas Brothers our neighbors are playing.

It's a beautiful feeling walking through the roads and hearing several, sometimes every other shop 's, different latmiyas blasting through their speakers.

Third Story Exit A 16-ton salt spreader blasted through the fifth-floor wall of a Queens Sanitation Department garage and came within inches of plummeting 50 feet to the street.

Satchel's solo blast through many of British rock's defining riffs was a genuine highlight but it paled into insignificance when set alongside the standout moment of a magical night.

In 9% of cases blast at is used

The disfiguring caulk and much of the corrosion were removed by water blasted at medium pressure.

In 9% of cases blast by is used

No genius was ever blasted by the breath of criticks.

We saw the bones of Martin, the bones of the beloved community, blasted by the system in Memphis.

There has been legendary tales of people getting blasted by Sir Alex in the dressing room for their performances; the famous ' hair dryer ' effect.

I've been blasted by some for making negative comments about the products instead of offering positive suggestion, and for making adulatory comments about Apple's UI.

You walk in to a very open refreshing look for a restaurant, which unlike some places, where you would be blasted by AC or forced to suck down recirculated air, this was very refreshing.

One is the eggy bread pudding which comes piled high with batons of banana that have been lazily bathing in brown sugar and butter before being blasted by heat and become toasty and brown.

In 9% of cases blast from is used

The music will be blasted from your friends funky car system.

I don't believe Barack Obama is creating a Socialist society and no amount of blasting from Republicans will make me feel any different.

Monday, October 12, 2009 A blast from the past - Taiping Station (posted Nov 27, 2007 in Yahoo 360) Anyway Taiping as a whole is one town trapped in the past, like m any of her former inhabitants.

In 8% of cases blast with is used

A paper bag would have to be blasted with a water cannon for him to stand even the faintest chance of punching his way out of it.

On Sunday mornings, our neighbours were blasted with Rossini and Verdi played at such volume that even now I have an impulse to apologise.

In 5% of cases blast into is used

The surface of the white dwarf blasts into space, the star becoming temporarily vastly brighter.

Anderlecht of Belgium, scoring from a Hernn Crespo flick on which he blasted into the roof of the net.

The World Twenty20 belatedly blasted into life yesterday, as the Super Eights power-launched what has become a ten-day bunfight.

Bringing five tracks from their debut album Grind The Ocean, TSF jumped out of the blocks with a huge burst of energy, blasting into their opening number to an almost full Academy 2.

In 4% of cases blast to is used

I am talking about hammers to hands and shotgun blasts to faces.

He writhed in vain; he withered - he gasped - beneath the influence of the blighting breath - he felt himself blasted to death.

Will anything come close? Will anything come close to touching the comedy GOLD of watching MSNBC on election night as Romney blasts to a surprisingly easy victory of Obama? I don't think so.

In 3% of cases blast for is used

At least you held off on the soccer thing - I thought I would have been blasted for uttering the term.

In 3% of cases blast off is used

Massimo Ambrosini blasted off target from distance after the restart.

In 2% of cases blast down is used

Then I saw very young, very small children blasting down the side of a mountain without poles.

In 2% of cases blast over is used

Cavani was incorrectly flagged offside when one-on-one against Kevin Constant, while Antonio Nocerino blasted over the bar.

Maggio blasted over from a promising position and Mbaye Niang tested De Sanctis from distance, then El Shaarawy had his toe-poke smothered on the counter.

In 1% of cases blast near is used

Two persons were killed and sixteen others sustained wounds in twin bomb blasts near an.

In 1% of cases blast under is used

Sadhvi Pragnya is currently under arrest in connection with the 2008 Malegaon blasts under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

In 1% of cases blast other is used

The online mob could then have someone else to blast other than -- or aside from -- ABS-CBN.

In 1% of cases blast across is used

This man has sold Dubai to the world as the city of One Thousand and One Arabian Lights, a Shangri-La in the Middle East insulated from the dust-storms blasting across the region.

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