Prepositions after "black"

"black in", "black on" or "black with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases black in is used

Firstly, it was black in color.

Screen goes black in normal mode.

The sun went dead black in Kansas.

Starting with the lower strand, Black in my case, create a loop UNDER the other strand.

I was wondering, does there have to be more white then black in the final masking step.

It's beautiful when the light gets black in the nighttime and you look up at the stars.

So stop painting Nigeria black in front of the world because there are other Nations that are far worse than Nigeria.

You have to be a 44 year old black male actor, and the black in that sentence means so many things to so many people.

I used staple pieces of grey and black in my wardrobe, but mixed colour in with tops, knitwear, jewelry, scarves etc.

The un-scattered incident waves appear as a bright spot (black in a photographic plate) at the center (Figure 13-04a).

In 19% of cases black with is used

Need to fight black with black.

The leather was black with age.

Some are black with black spots.

The surace of the gravity well needs to be a white wire grid pattern over black with.

According to my tutorial, now you have to replace the code in BLACK with code in RED.

I hate seeing men white or black with pants that are almost down around their ankles.

Hens have no red on the head or eye area, their underwing coverts are green, but variable to black with some green.

A young man scrambled up a tree where he hung the independence flag -- green, white and black with three red stars.

The color used in this wall decoration is black with little golden makes the wall more elegant in decoration style.

On the other hand, some associate black with submission, as priests wear black in submission to a higher authority.

In 16% of cases black on is used

Patches of black on the orange.

Anonymous black on black racism.

Black on white is good contrast.

None of them are really turning black on the cap, but they have seemed to stop growing.

Black on Both Sides -- Mos Def One of the best records of all time regardless of genre.

This is the side I want to paint black on the inside so you cant see into it from here.

Anonymous Ask rham and his media lapdogs who refuse to report the black on black crimes going on in Chicago everyday.

These two straps are both made with the black leather and the Chanel logo is located in black on the side of the bag.

An example is shown in the chart of euro-yen below which is trending up and has an up-trend line drawn in black on it.

Our concept of wearing black is not any different to Christians wearing black on funerals or the Hindus wearing white.

In 8% of cases black for is used

I had my hair black for 2 years.

Everything is black for a while.

It is available in black for 149.

You might also need few skeletons look purple or black for just a punk-inspired staff.

He wore black for the proscribed time, but he never really stopped mourning Elizabeth.

It was just black for about five seconds, then it went blurry again and got a lot worse.

I wish the hell that Allen West should realize that he is no more than ANOTHER TOKEN BLACK for the Republican Party.

Why does Steps stay black for minutes before becoming usable? This can happen when Steps is being run from the server.

Again, Congratulations to the New Glorietta Vibe and thanks to AVA and Tattoo Black for powering up this fashion show.

Thomas Mlynarczyk wrote: > Hello, > > I have the problem that my screen suddenly goes black for a few seconds.

In 5% of cases black to is used

The rest are black to the world.

Being black to him is being inferior.

No one should wear black to a wedding.

When I interviewed Mike Pickering he said it went from being black to white in 6 weeks.

The face of chimpanzee adults: Hair is black to brown, and there is no underfur present.

Accommodation is free at our home as long as you promise to wear black to the big match.

Setting this layer to Hard Light allowed the black to interact with the grey from the layer below adding more shading.

Do I still have to wear black to a funeral? No however you should at least be dressed in a somber colour out of respect.

It is a home of this Super Race, which has a population of people who are mixtures of White and Black to various degrees.

On the verandah the ladies clink their white wine glasses and the scene fades to black to the trill of violin and harpsichord.

In 4% of cases black from is used

Select white or black from Colors.

The black from the sleeve band ran.

He is dressed in black from head to toe.

I would have enjoyed the ending much more if the scene went to black from Tony's POV.

Sir Colin was an All Black from 1957 to 1971 and played 133 games in the black jersey.

There was at least one Egyptian royal mummy that was obviously black from the woolly hair.

This is a result of either the printer generating the black from mixing colours or a cast applied in post-processing.

Its singers wore black from head to toe; its orchestra The London Philharmonic -- sheltered below deck from the wind.

Ive had people tell me they thought my eye was normally black because it seemed as if my eye was always black from him.

He said that after a day of picking tobacco, a worker's hands and clothes will be completely black from the tobacco tar.

In 3% of cases black as is used

Their eyes black as the haor water.

His face was black as a thunder-cloud.

I like the orange on black as a signature color.

These were primarily created in vivid solid shades, with black as the predominant color.

When she looked at herself she was black as an African, and on her head there was a horn.

This brings back blue into the Reds color scheme but also keeps black as a 2nd accent color.

Black -- How can you go wrong with a black shoe! All black as well as black and purple are the two popular color options.

I agree with the shutters- I recommend them in black as well as a bright colored door either red or even a deep periwinkle.

The color(s) of the gradient come from the two color patches in your Tools panel (usually white and black as the defaults).

In 3% of cases black at is used

The whole area is black at night.

A wolf's tail is often black at the tip.

She says the flour was black at the time.

Black at funerals symbolised man's link or association with the dead, not sorrow or loss.

And probably more important, that black athlete is back on the basketball team this year.

Porsche appears confident of remaining in the black at the end of the current fiscal year.

Therefore I don't agree that we need to wear black at the Lord's Supper as if we are to emphasize that we are mourning.

The flag is divided into two panels - black at the hoist equal to one third the length of the flag and the other in ochre.

I'd female and I saw the semi-clad woman (lower back) at first -- but then realised that the black at the bottom was shoes.

The net effect is something that looks black at an angle but reveals a shiny pattern at the right angle and in the right light.

In 2% of cases black against is used

We saw three ravens, very black against the snow.

I liked the black against the nude, it worked well.

They were big and black against the huge white dawn.

She could just make out Mike's outline, black against the deep, dark gray of the room.

As the gale blew and lightning flashed, the gibbet stood out black against the skyline.

A few feet away three wild horses, black on black against the nightscape, wandered past.

The cover illustration of the couple silhouetted in black against the vibrant green background is very effective.

It topped the crest of cliff, black against the sun, like a battle-chariot rushing to destruction in some wild epic.

If it is something against a black he will prosecute it but if it is a black against a white he will not consider it.

Here poor will be set against rich, black against white, young against old, newcomers against established residents, etc.

In 2% of cases black of is used

The son who was born was black of hue.

Although hopefully less black of heart.

Every All Black of the last eight years knows that.

In Europe and elsewhere one often sees the whitest of women with the blackest of men.

And then, on the blackest of days, as he described it, he fell prisoner to the Kurds.

The blackest of all characteristics is the tradition of the cheapness of Jewish blood.

The reason why I have has chosen Barack Obama is because he is the first African American or black of the United States.

Spirits were high but NUIG knew that they had an arduous battle in front of them wearing the yellow and black of Carrick.

For by this philosophy, which is the same as that of the blackest of Puritan heresies, we all died before we were born.

He said it was ' a chance to reflect and remember ' a day when ' perfect blue skies turned into the blackest of nights.

In 2% of cases black like is used

The color was nearly black like a whale.

I know all of them and them not black like me.

Her hair was black like a raven's wing - glossy blue-black.

Here, where I live, Ghanaians are black like charcoal, no dress sense and very timid.

In time, her people were Black like Ethiopians because they mixed blood with Africans.

Black like never before Artists start with a white canvas; televisions start with black.

Kurek? s experiment was similar to one taken by white journalist John Howard Griffin for his 1961 book,? Black Like Me.

Passing on an opportunity to end Obama's anti-Christian agenda solely because he is black like you is a Judas betrayal.

Griffin's most famous book, Black Like Me, told of his unique experience in the segregated American South of the Fifties.

Two or three men, looking little and black like monkeys, leapt over the edge as they had done and dropped on to the beach.

In 2% of cases black by is used

The sky was completely black by 7.

You can change it back to black by calling g.

I guess John Kerry is black by ALLEN's reconing.

Once the hands of a companion of the Holy Prophet became black by working with a hammer.

So the (garden) became black by the morning, like a pitch dark night (in complete ruins).

In addition they used carbon (Lamp) black by collecting the soot from burning animal fats.

Back to Black by Amy Winehouse This song is extremely likable folding in itself the sweet bitter occurrences of life.

For example people of India were as far back as the 18th century referred to as black by the ruling British colonials.

Still, he and the treasurer say it will be difficult to get Oberhausen into the black by 2016, as auditors are demanding.

The region was described as ' Black by day and red by night ' by Elihu Burritt, the American Consul to Birmingham in 1862.

In 1% of cases black into is used

The others said of Squealer that he could turn black into white.

You can't put people like Black into novels because no one would believe their crazy kookiness.

He would then have a fairly typical position without having provoked Black into a time wasting.

He swung round quickly as the other pool player played a shot; black into the bottom bag, game over.

The Casual New Zealander The Casual New Zealander dress style incorporates black into almost every outfit.

He is the Man Friday for painting black into white and the Man you need when goodwill has been stacked high up against you.

He is capable of changing black into white in the finest flow of language and literature that will even humble the likes of H.

He has utterly no qualms in twisting, spinning and distorting the truth to make black into white if necessary for his purpose.

There was one ending we were toying with and that was having Kipps try to entice The Woman in Black into the light and Jane and James decided that it wasn't really going to work.

He laments the public image of Amiel leading Black into a web of ostentatious profligacy, symbolized by the photos of the pair dressed as Marie Antoinette and Cardinal Richelieu.

In 1% of cases black instead is used

Id like the partisan more if the edge was black instead of white.

The tracks were black instead of yellow and the end points were red.

AMOLED screens use a lot less power displaying black instead of white 1.

The particles created when rain hits these surfaces will be black instead of blue.

Speaking of miscolourings, Espio's spines in the OP should be black instead of purple.

When the asteroid begins firing on the Autobots, Perceptor's Autobot logo is framed in black instead of white.

How about you create NEW characters who are black instead of taking white ones and just switching the skin color.

Similarly, Voldemort's own Death Eaters wear hooded robes very similar to those of the Ku Klux Klan, but in black instead of white.

If you slide the slider to the right you make an image darker because you are telling lighter colored gray pixels to go black instead of white.

Same goes for the people in the cities where these teams reside, who depend on the cold, harsh winter to keep their business in the black instead of the red.

In 1% of cases black before is used

The world did Black before the white world.

I was shocked to learn that Obama was black before the election.

Suddenly the world grew black before his eyes, his ears began to buzz, and he knew no more.

Dying on the bloody rocks at the bottom, except things always fade to black before that part.

Africa was Black before the White World, Jerusalem My Happy Home, Jerusalem The Golden when shall I come to thee.

Fortunately, VAT on agriculture was withdrawn and the business was back in the black before too much damage was done.

As for Whyte, the day was black before this ride and it was blacker after it with each of his winning rides biting the dust.

Street hawkers also joined in the commemoration, making sure they wore a combination of red and black before setting out to sell their wares.

S T you are so right and Bob Hauser Who was the first to borrow money from China who put us in this mess? I do remember that we were in the BLACK before BUSH.

Everything went black before my eyes; I tottered and groped my way back to the ward, threw myself on my bunk, and dug my burning head into my blanket and pillow.

In 1% of cases black out is used

He pulled something black out of his pocket and pointed it at me.

Usually if you leave the black out it will also throw the face off.

Take 2 Ohio enjoy 4 to 5 buck gas too! It is time to black out MEDIA.

They can also cut layers into your hair to get the majority of the black out.

Also, when I walk sometimes, more recently, I've started to black out of vision.

Obama putted more the 25% of Black out of a job, I would vote for him if he put another 75% out of work.

Dan Rather and Mary Mapes of CBS were fired for less yet the Media has a black out of the Press Conference.

A woman's tendency to black out more easily probably results from differences in how men and women metabolize alcohol.

I just managed to get up and I reached the end of my desk when the sound got louder and nearer,? til I could see the black out of the window.

Everyone here is nice and there is no one racist in the faculty, although I am the only one AFAIK who is black out of some 190 or so total students (all years).

In 1% of cases black over is used

One thing not affecting the decision to choose black over white is price.

He could also see the blood red clouds tinged with black over the horizon.

Today's shirt is a cotton check in white and black over a light blue background.

He put something black over my head and placed the lighted candle on the bed next to me.

Their colour ranges from pure white to black over a variety of spotted and reddish brown colours.

Malevich contributed to graphic design by celebrating the supremacy of black over all other colors.

Their coats are almost white in color and shorter, the spots fades from black over the spine to light brown on the legs.

We made a mess of Joanne's other hand as we used that as a trial run with silver on the nails and then black over the top.

SSE said that its household energy supply business, which returned to the black over the six-month period with profits of 48.

This is an extremely soft, combed, ringspun, Egyptian cotton red polo shirt with a small raptor silhouette embroidered in black over the left breast.

In 1% of cases black rather is used

So you'll save money by going with the black rather than any other color.

But it was not an ordinary rubric, and was printed in black rather than red.

The colour though is usually a muddy brown or black rather than the more desirable tones.

But overnight someone painted her six sheep red and black rather than the blue and gold of the Highlanders.

Black rather than white propaganda may be employed when the latter is less credible or produces undesirable effects.

Black dial has a higher value as people tends to go for Black rather than white as it has a better contrast and looks likes a Ninja in black.

Plus I used Krylon BBQ &; Stove paint - black rather than Rust-Oleum as suggested because I happened to have a can leftover from painting my grill.

Buxton who first drew attention to the paradox of animal coloration in deserts and of so many black rather than the expected white beetles in the Palestinian desert (Buxton 1923).

In 1% of cases black because is used

And your underarm does become black because of that.

The fire of Jahannam has turned black because of its heat.

The gumb is black because of rubber on shoes and dirt, pebbles.

But we still live in a world where a black is called a black because of his colour.

In some stories it is mentioned the corpse turned black because of the poisonous effect.

The print is all vivid and crisp in both color and black because of the great resolution.

Although brown, they seemed black because of the lashes, and her look came at you frankly, with a candid boldness.

The pupil appears black because of the layer of black pigmented cells that line the back of the eye and absorb the light.

Like that la I call leaders!!!!! Not like those we have here! A disgrace! By the way, he is black because his dad is black.

So that you could worship him because you could never see yourself honoring somebody Black because of the state of your mind.

In 1% of cases black versus is used

Like in Chess, Black versus White.

Black versus white; good versus evil.

It is always black versus white, good versus evil.

Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person's problem.

Perhaps there are differences but they exist in shades of grey, not black versus white.

She condemned them for being racially blinkered and adopting a black versus white stance.

Mortality rates vary by age, gender, disability status, years since becoming disabled, and race (black versus nonblack).

This was an attack by villains on yeomen, caused by the flight of the police, and only partially a black versus Korean race riot.

This week is typical, more of the unending psycho-drama of black versus white versus the very possibility of anything approaching a shade of grey.

Coming to America taught me racism still exists, for the first time I had to identify whether I was white or black versus whether I was a Jamaican or not.

In 1% of cases black vs is used

But please, don't make it a black vs white statement.

When you get to that point where you have ideological debates it is always going to be black vs white.

I like to be openly atheistic about black vs white, and not get into pointless heated arguments about it.

As someone who is neither black nor white, I find these Black vs White or we're downtrodden debates bemusing.

Say 40 years ago, the story of black vs white skin color involved two pairs of genes, based on a study in Jamaica, perhaps.

The following day we left Kruger Park heading for Johannesburg and the final event of the tour, the All Black vs Springbok test match.

A series of Interactive lectures which examine several contemporary issues including ' The Numbers: Statistics and Black communities ', ' Black vs.

Please be clear that I am not denying the existence of racial inequality within these areas, I am simply saying that it is not strictly a black vs white issue.

Our I remember when the black vs female thing (obama vs hillary) You get torn a lot because people automatically feel that you should identify with a certain minority.

In 1% of cases black after is used

BACK TO BLACK after 10 minutes.

Lord Krishna is black after all - Syama.

No one ever said a frame had to be black after all.

He was the University's third student All Black after John Hotop (1952) and John Buxton (1955).

Many hospitals are just learning to climb into the black after operating at a loss for many years.

I have been painting the trays matt black after seeing Ben Johnson's army in White Dwarf this month.

I was yet to see this car since its colour change to black after its old Leary purple colour scheme and I was blown away.

Robertson led 2-1 after a break of 100 and finally took a long fourth frame by potting the pink and black after missing two chances.

Lots-a-luck! Racist blacks voting for a black man because he is still black after four years has earned them everything they are about to receive.

I was part of a government that did the hard yards of finding savings to put our budget back into the black after Labor last had its hand in the till.

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