Prepositions after "bizarre"

"bizarre to", "bizarre for" or "bizarre in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases bizarre to is used

Straight from bizarre to wierd.

It all seems a bit bizarre to me.

The sentence seems bizarre to me.

I guess it seems bizarre to some of the drivers that people actually live along 15th.

Enlisting the help of Popeski, we discussed a few ideas from the bizarre to the workable.

I'll tell you why I'd sharing it with you, for I'd sure all this will sound bizarre to some.

It was so matter of fact (yet bizarre to the casual observer) that it was funny and had quite a bit of shock value.

That kind of behavior just seems incredibly bizarre to me, but then I suppose MY behavior was pretty bizarre (ahem.

The idea of giving your daughter to your son as a slave is so bizarre to me that I can't even get my head around it.

In 15% of cases bizarre in is used

But just to keep things bizarre in L.

The incident was bizarre in a lot of ways.

Then again, what hasn't been bizarre in U.

To describe the decision to go the the UK next rather than Canada is bizarre in the extreme.

Today's ' climate scientists ' are equally, if not more, bizarre in their utterances and claims.

They felt very elaborate, with solutions that were clever and unexpected, but sometimes bizarre in their complexity.

Life, to him, was a never-ending stage play, and he would discover something bizarre in even the most mundane event.

I find your statement bizarre in the light of talking about children, toddler and babies curious to explore their world.

In 11% of cases bizarre for is used

It was bizarre for many reasons.

This is bizarre for a number of reasons.

This made it all seem a little bizarre for me.

To those of you who think these are fake, maybe they're just to bizarre for you to believe.

Marrying a white woman and becoming a General was seen as bizarre for a Black man to accomplish.

His behavior was just too bizarre for an aging, short, fat, kurmudgin who spent the previous 24 hrs.

My wife thinks I am patently bizarre for being in any way interested in this, but this is why I always win at trivia games.

It seems contextually bizarre for the alien species IF one uses a sexual connotation, but rape is not isolated to the sexual world.

Dalrymple, it seems a little bizarre for someone of your intelligence and sensitivity to be throwing the Guardian this kind of meat.

Anne S: Yes, I have to admit I like his modern concept much better than his original version which seemed just a little too bizarre for me.

In 7% of cases bizarre about is used

There's nothing bizarre about it.

There is nothing bizarre about that.

What's really bizarre about this is that the U.

It's pretty bizarre about the GK issue with me.

Badu there is nothing bizarre about such a statement.

There didn't appear to be anything brave or bizarre about it.

What's quite bizarre about the PM's statement is that he notes (3.

What I found a bit bizarre about this place were the bathroom facilities.

That's what I find every so slightly bizarre about our own path to happiness.

There is something quite bizarre about the human condition in the 21st century.

In 7% of cases bizarre of is used

There's one more example of interfaith discrimination, possibly the most bizarre of all.

Perhaps their romance serves as something to soften the brutal and bizarre of other scenes.

That in itself gave leeway to the most bizarre of students, with the most bizarre of talents.

Hearing Dick Cheney has got to be the scariest and most bizarre of all possible uses for words.

The thought that their bufoonery actually carries any weight at all in Holyrood is the most bizarre of all.

This jail break was one of the most bizarre of escapades that one can come across in any revolutionary movement.

Most bizarre of all, however, was that it seemed to have three pairs of legs, and each foot had five or six toes.

The divine gave me I think 5/6 times to meet mytwinflame in the most weirdest and bizarre of places when i was growing up.

It's bizarre of some to think that we can warm the planet, but it's equally bizarre to make predictions that we will be cooler too.

Well, you can slap me silly right now, because I met our CEO, he's not Sean Connery and I first met him in the most bizarre of rooms.

In 4% of cases bizarre as is used

WM These articles just keep getting more and more bizarre as to what is going on in America.

We now work for platforms and as impersonal and bizarre as that is, it's true and something we must embrace.

Bizarre as the manner of their final victory looked, they effectively won the game from inside their own half.

His outward appearance comes first: There are certainly no other trees which look as impossibly bizarre as the Baobabs.

Meanwhile, your refusal to take responsibility for your own statements is just as tiresomely bizarre as the statements themselves.

This is important as there is nothing at all horrific compared to obtaining high quality content with bizarre as well as irrational styles.

Bizarre as the connection seems, Bolton and Manchester had a lot in common with New York's Greenwich Village as the twentieth century unfolded.

I don't know if Anderson is a gamer by any means, but I would certainly like to see what he could do with something as insanely sprawling and bizarre as MGS.

Mundane situations can be made bizarre as the reader is forced to regard the situation in the way the author wants them to rather the way that they are accustomed to.

As Arlene becomes transfixed by the dead girl, she becomes increasingly erratic and bizarre as the lines between the brutal reality of the crime and her own unconscious grief become blurred.

In 4% of cases bizarre by is used

A couple of nights previously we had heard How Bizarre by OMC.

The system being introduced is extremely bizarre by international standards.

Pop Crush The David Petraeus sex scandal gets more bizarre by the second, so here's a handy guide to the weirdest details so far.

It is Harris's very down-to-Earthness which is bizarre by today's standards but this probably has a lot to do with the group's longevity.

It's made even more bizarre by Freddie's aggressive but infantile spells; throwing fruit at challengers and making fart jokes like Dodd's poorly trained circus animal.

The social system we evolved to accomodate our un-apelike food habits seems utterly normal to us, but is bizarre by ape standards and is virtually unique among mammals.

All this is still a little bit away yet, and the idea of fiscal expansion will be dismissed as bizarre by those same people who told you a few years ago that there was no problem with the euro.

In 3% of cases bizarre at is used

The combination seems bizarre at first glance.

That was pretty amazing and bizarre at the same time.

Ambrose gets a little bizarre at the end of this book during his conclusion.

But I find his behavior in all of this to be really just bizarre at this point.

His play-calling has been bizarre at times and his team often looks out of sorts.

Whilst I felt the set order was a little bizarre at times there can be no denying it was a fantastic gig.

If the use and abuse of tobacco seems bizarre at face value, the way we used writing implements isn't that far behind.

I can not see too far off from the distance because of the trees, but this absence has proven to be bizarre at the very least.

At 15, she did that in public high school every day! how terrible!! Bizarre At 13, she publically did this EVERY day! How obscene.

Your Daddy thinks that sarcasm and dry wit is the funniest of all humour! I don't always get it, my friends find him bizarre at times and so will you.

In 2% of cases bizarre on is used

I really hope they get more bizarre on this next one.

Ravin January 1, 2007 at 5:16 pm I really hope they get more bizarre on this next one.

All that matters is that you must look elegantly beautiful and not bizarre on the occasion.

It was bizarre on the face of it - that left them with no fullbacks, and a three-man defense.

It seems bizarre on such a beautiful fall day that beginning tomorrow evening we could get 10? of rain or 2? of snow in a 48 hour period.

This would have been bizarre on so many levels but for the fact that it is 25 million pounds a season and it's hard to turn down that sort of cash.

A power-point presentation won Meek the Chapman Tripp best male newcomer award in 2008 for the bizarre On the Conditions and Possibilities of Helen Clark Taking Me as her Younger Lover.

Early on in Soul Eater, Liz Thompson briefly remembers her and Patty's Backstory, saying that her life took a turn for the bizarre on that day that she got high and tried to mug a Shinigami (Kid).

In 2% of cases bizarre with is used

This surreal tale combines a wonderful sense of the bizarre with standout design and strange humour.

The next twenty-five minutes were bizarre with hue and cry all over; the plane was caught in a storm.

I only saw the first 5 rds and I had Hatton ahead by two or three, so I can't see what would be bizarre with Hatton being ahead after 8, or level.

Firstly the Selection of the Team was bizarre with Imran Tahir left out for an all pace attack that included debutante Rory Kleinveldt with J P Duminy to bowl spin.

In 1% of cases bizarre beyond is used

The whole thing is just bizarre beyond words.

What happened next is bizarre beyond explanation.

I read this last night and thought it bizarre beyond words.

Instead, we had Vladimir Putin lecturing us on Press freedom, an experience bizarre beyond satire.

This is bizarre beyond anything I've ever read, I could have had my husband charged hundreds of times and likewise he having me charged.

The situation at Fukushima and in Japan is bizarre beyond belief, and unless you take the time to learn about it, much that is true will seem like hyperbole.

The pretense that there's nothing which can be advocated because the current office-holders won't give you what you advocate is frankly bizarre beyond belief.

In 1% of cases bizarre considering is used

Why we do not finalise Walcotts contract by now is one of the bizarre considering our history with this sort of stuff.

I have had no contact at all since which is bizarre considering the amount of knowledge and experience I have about it.

This is especially bizarre considering Zoidberg is himself an alien from the planet Decapod, so humans should be aliens to him.

Our rooms were serviced late in the afternoon but not on Sunday at all as it is marketed as a Sleep in Sunday which is bizarre considering its a ' kids resort ', what child sleeps in on Sunday.

In 1% of cases bizarre from is used

The afternoon would only grow more bizarre from there on.

Kicks grew stronger and turned into alien baby rolling that looked most bizarre from the outside.

My experience as a foreign journalist in Azerbaijan during Eurovision was bizarre from the moment I stepped off the plane.

Four piles at the base, is a large power grid pylon, can look bizarre from an aircraft (these are aerial photos, not satellite).

Again, this is bizarre from an intruder angle, especially because the autopsy report had ruled out violent sexual assault of any kind.

The Czech media present the American election rather anecdotally, like a great spectacle containing a range of elements which seem bizarre from a European perspective.

In 1% of cases bizarre into is used

De Witt throws in these seeds of the bizarre into the gritty dirt and mud of the old frontier.

Ebay wonders of the modern world -- Just type totally bizarre into the eBay search bar -- and I'd saying no more! 4.

In 1% of cases bizarre like is used

She says she would like to do theatre, either contemporary ' or something really bizarre like Eugne Ionesco '.

Changing the name from something cool like Blackwater to something bizarre like Xe said to me that there was history that needed to be escaped.

He does not come across and insane or bizarre like Palin, Gingrich and others but he really did not answer the Moderators direct questions, even when she pressed.

In 1% of cases bizarre over is used

Don't get me wrong, I've said and done my fair share of bizarre over the years but day to day life is pretty average.

The experiments with the corpses became more gruesome and bizarre over time and included necrophilia and cannibalism.

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