Prepositions after "bind"

"bind by" or "bind to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases bind by is used

We all do it; we're all bound by it.

Obey the principle without being bound by it.

Client is bound by the terms under this Agreement.

They will consider your complaint totally impartially and we are bound by their decision.

Once while in Bihar, he saw a very good looking young man and was spell bound by his charm.

All BJP leaders from Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Narendra Modi are bound by the policies of BJP.

This gave me the flexibility to maneuver around the obstruction and do the work without being bound by the restraint.

If the majority of the people believe that people should be bound by god, then we end up with a democratic theocracy.

By purchasing and using our product or products, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this license.

If you do not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you may not view or use any of epsychologist.

In 21% of cases bind to is used

No, priests will remain bound to secrecy.

OutSource Factor is not bound to one country.

In some cases keys are already bound to something.

They literally wait for the moment we can leave behind the obligations they are bound too.

I am not sure why PAP took this risk -- as it is bound to surface and they have to defend.

The killer binds to its target, aims its weapons, and delivers a burst of lethal chemicals.

Ran is converted to the active, GTP bound form in the nucleus and then binds to a conserved domain found in all karyopherins.

The balance of numbers had moved against us; it was bound to become increasingly unfavourable as more American troops came in.

Australian uggs received very humble inception because flatsoled offcuts bound to your toes involving Melbourne sheep shearers.

Roche )? You are bound to believe, sir, what your own senses and your own judgment will convey to you in preference to what Mr.

In 14% of cases bind for is used

You're bound for 2 years TO pay off that subsidy.

He was recaptured and put on a ship bound for Jamaica.

Our law is very clear and we are not bound for retrial.

This interaction induces cargo binding for exportins and cargo release for importins.

Surely, nine out of ten people in this wicked world are bound for a Godless, eternal hell.

The costs of imports have also increased due to higher insurance for cargo bound for Seychelles.

He also seems bound for another intensely political world: the upper reaches of international sports administration.

Express Bus 980 bound for Beijing from Miyun Bus Station - prepare exact change of 15 yuan per passenger and drop it.

One notorious case involved the British-owned slave-ship Zong, which lost its bearings while bound for Jamaica in 1782.

Omar Khadr left the prison yesterday morning on a military plane bound for Canada, CBC said, quoting a military source.

In 11% of cases bind on is used

The OPFR was binding on all tiers of government.

They are not binding on the investigating agencies.

If not specified, there is no dateTime upper bound on candidates.

In my lifetime the Free World has fought and beaten back two (3) ideologies bound on World domination.

Karan Thapar: Why? Ram Jethmalani: Why? Because, Mr Gurumurthy's views are not binding on the nation.

The study finds that commitments are binding on public policy only for social security and not the rest.

Rule of recognition: General agreement among those to whom a legal system is addressed that the law is binding on them.

As you already know, I lined the bodice and sleeves of this top, and I just used seam binding on the edges of the peplum.

If the standard specification bleaching is not binding on the manufacturer, the problem will never be able to resolve faded.

Any lawful action taken by the attorney under the power of attorney is binding on you, so It is important to appoint someone you can trust.

In 5% of cases bind in is used

He is bound in the abyss (20:1-2).

These were taken and bound in cheaper, utilitarian bindings and sold well.

It runs to 622 pages, with a family tree at the end, bound in blue cloth, pocket-size.

The object was said to have been bound in a red cloth and had a stopwatch attached to it.

Water was coming in from the top, and my hands were in it, but my arms were tight bound in the loops.

The journey on the path to enlightenment is achieved from within and not bound in the material world.

Where they will leave their schooling into an economy with high unemployment and massive taxes, bound in regulations.

Other demonic spirits which need to be bound include; Antichrist, Divination, False Religion, Sorcery, Unbelief, Witchcraft, etc.

In another devious twist of fate, cricket is played with a five and a half ounce cork ball bound in leather, which is both notoriously hard and expensive.

Featured here are all of the published photogravure images including over 1500 illustrations bound in the text volumes, along with over 700 portfolio plates.

In 3% of cases bind with is used

The affidavit states the victim's arms and legs had been bound with a metal cable.

But we are bound with the problem- we have to buy software if we are going with windows.

Now, Europe to me is no longer just a geographical place - but a people, and one that is closely bound with Asia.

On the basis of this rapid understanding, people bind with one another, closely and with ever-increasing closeness.

Tannins are thought to taste astringent because they bind with salivary proline-rich proteins and precipitate them out.

It is natural fibers and lignans in our food that are suppose to bind with bile, and help taking bile out of our intestines.

The rear guards had not yet entered into the field when a great number of the enemy was killed by the vanguard and many of them were bound with ropes and chains.

It is the story of a unique woman whose own fate was inextricably bound with the historical events of Karbala that have impressed upon mankind the true reality of living Islam.

The ladies were both attired in loose wide trowsers of fine cachmere, white striped with blue, the waist bound with a scarlet belt, a shirt of the finest cambric, with short sleeves.

In 2% of cases bind upon is used

The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties.

The transaction becomes official and binding upon signing the agreement.

This is based on the general principle of international law that every treaty in force is binding upon the signatories to it.

This Agreement will be binding upon and enure to the benefit of the parties and their respective heirs, administrators, executors, successors and permitted assigns, as applicable.

If it were permissible for people to follow other than the leader in all matters, while the orders of the leader remain binding upon them, then in certain cases this would lead to a serious problem.

In 1% of cases bind under is used

Goods bound under international commitments have been exempted from this cess.

Affiliates are bound under Clickbank's terms of service and affiliate enforcement must go through them.

Within sixty days after the issue of the cover note, a policy shall be issued in lieu thereof, including within its terms the identical insurance bound under the cover note and the premium therefore.

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