Prepositions after "biased"

"biased towards", "biased against" or "biased in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases biased towards is used

Your reviews are so biased towards Apple.

To them it means ' biased towards Celtic '.

Is it biased towards the West? Undoubtably.

I love all their songs, I don't even know, if it's because I'd biased towards them.

Bob Crooks says: YES, YES, YES! The CBC is so obviously biased towards the Liberals.

When I studied the material, I followed this book and hence I am biased towards this.

I am biased towards Zuma in general so I will resist the temptation to respond to some of the issues you raise.

In my opinion, the accusations in this article are very biased towards these kids and are being over-dramatized.

Coz honestly, I am biased towards TVXQ duo but you don't see me posting biased comments on JYJ news or anything.

If his bias is to overweight the biased towards Obama polls he may be way off and Romney may have a 90% probability.

In 19% of cases biased in is used

You are so biased in your posts.

Perhaps I'd biased in my perception.

And maybe I'd biased in favor of my colleagues.

Why? He's no more or less closed minded or biased in the way he shuts out information.

Recommendations: However, I'd biased in favor of blogging, eBaying and currency trading.

I notice many comments are very biased in favour of Bravissimo and prejudiced against M &S.

Engadget, bgr, very, technobuffalo and others so we can stop getting biased reviews or atleast biased in rims favor.

I am biased in this: I was told that Ross Parish came up with the spike idea when he was a post-doc fellow at Chicago.

The reason why we were important to our following will thus get bleached and we will look biased in their eyes (tweets).

In 18% of cases biased against is used

It is biased against Hindu religion.

Which leads me to be biased against fascism.

Now we seem to biased against Latino/Hispanics.

People become partial towards the upper class and biased against those of lower class.

I know I'd biased against Amelia, but I honestly find all her scenes incredibly boring.

For one, it is linked to articles that are equally (or more) biased against Dr Tony Tan.

All four debates were biased against the President and Vice President because the moderator did not control Mr.

If the result had been different I am sure they would have pointed to those incidents as a biased against them.

Moving away from legal categories for a moment, other statements of the religion also seem biased against women.

As His creatures, we should be biased toward things our Creator is for and biased against those things He is against.

In 7% of cases biased to is used

Your opinion seems biased to me.

They are over biased to the far left.

EUR risk appears biased to the upside.

What he fails to realise, however, is that the BBC is currently as biased to the left as it ever was.

Also, these are very biased to americans and some of them are not very well known, never mind ' iconic.

God bless America! I think Zakaria is an intelligent man however he is obviously Liberal biased to the Max.

In fact, even though I'd biased to the Japanese version, I have to admit that Sulli is much less annoying than those two.

If I had one criticism it would be the the time line seemed biased to ward the youthful side with only a little on the older side.

The fact is that current demand is much more biased to the opposite side of the fund spectrum with daily, weekly or monthly liquidity.

It is I think biased to libertarian but over the years when I take the quiz it puts me about where I think I am (soft right/libertarian).

In 6% of cases biased toward is used

The truth is, we are all biased toward our own family.

Many search algorithms seem biased toward older established sites.

Also, the fashion advice in this book is decided biased toward America.

You are as biased toward your liberal cover ups and you accuse everyone else of being.

Being a commenter, I'd biased toward valuing the commenter's contribution higher than bloggers.

He makes money from selling himself on that site! No wonder it's so biased toward his own opinion.

I am biased toward educational programs that have you build a professional portfolio (most do not require this).

Even though Obama is very biased toward Pakistan due to the ill advice that he gets from his adviser including Ms.

The FDA is very biased toward generic drugs, and they seem to be loathe to take action on complaints about generics.

Now they have a lot of help in that of course because the media, and pop culture are so biased toward the liberal side.

In 5% of cases biased by is used

Maybe I am biased by my own research field, theoretical physics.

I was even, unfairly, called biased by certain people, for pushing these Canon digicams.

Biased by fear, angst and myopia of the immediate perspective, it provides little reliable information.

Now Since the diode is reverse biased by an amount for Ge devices, it follows that the current through D is.

Biased by what? fact? or are the numbers reported by the Herald also biased? Owen, I'd not disputing your figures.

But if the polls are all biased by, say, two per cent, then the actual voting numbers would be between 51% and 54%.

We are all biased by the information we expose ourselves to, through our friends, our reading, and our choices in life.

It is not that Bangladesh society is biased by androcentric sciences but more biased by economic condition of the family.

Once reporting becomes too biased by opinion it fails to be reporting and becomes gossip, i can get that from the postman.

As for Wilson, he's less clear about his stance but equally biased by a ' natural selection ' reading &; interpretation of data.

In 3% of cases biased for is used

I'd an INTJ and am very biased for action.

Precious, sensitive and biased for us Aussies.

It's not rich in culture, its biased for tamilians.

Our nervous system is biased for the detection of change.

Your too biased for the army its a two way service both are.

I'd quite biased for Korean salons when it comes to digi perms.

IQ tests are a biased for a mulitude of reasons (research them).

Biased for one who gave all for the lost and for the glory of God.

However, most of these reviews appeared biased for us, which led myself to conduct my personal Phen375 review.

And if you'll look at the ones that were most biased for Romney's benefit, you'll find NBC, CBS, WaPo, and NPR.

In 3% of cases biased of is used

It is biased of you to just hear one side of the story.

BP: Surely the question of the biased of DSI was settled in 2010.

So what is the talk about? It is clearly about the perceived biased of Google.

Quite ironic that the post about being unbiased is one of the most biased of them all.

Only blind Freddie could argue against it - or perhaps the most politically biased of individuals.

I've had my own share of difficulties in his class so it's not biased of me to say what I have to say.

SPEAK, which I will admit I am biased of, because I obviously support the new lab and professional and ethical animal research.

Just because they made a poor decision in allowing the most biased of parties under the hood is solely the responsibility of Google.

I just think it's a little biased of Deadline to say it's ' anti-Obama ' because there's not a drop of propaganda in the film at all.

But to kick a player off simply for non-relevant fouls that have no effect to the game whatsoever, is something only the most biased of fans want.

In 3% of cases biased on is used

I'd biased on the stinky, sooty kero bit.

One of my favorites in here, but I am admittedly quite biased on that.

What is the best opportunity for innovation in education? I'd biased on this.

Content can be censured biased on the house rules of the forum and either aloud or removed.

I know, some ppl wouldnt be agree, much prefer Sungmin or Wookie, but im totally getting biased on Kyu! omg.

How healthy is that? Shrimp Toasts If you think I'd a biased on steamed dim sums, I also one fave from the fried ones.

Then my older brother's middle name is John, so I'd biased on that! I don't think 4 names including a surname is awkward.

I am biased on this topic as I am in Electrical Biomedical Engineering, which is a field that I am particularly interested in.

Margaret: 12 Mar 2012 10:48:42pm Thank you Paul!! Our media is so anti life and biased on this topic that we rarely, if ever, see the other side of this story.

In 2% of cases biased about is used

Not that I'd biased about that, of course.

Automatically, I'd biased about this person's income and possible answers.

I'd so biased about social networking that I have to be careful addressing this tip.

Unbiased Opinion Forum Posting Services can be very biased about the services they offer.

If you don't get biased about your film, toh samajh mein aata hain ke film kaisi bani hain.

I have chosen the scholars to help me produce an answer and I am biased about whom I have selected.

There is nothing biased about that -- watch Ras Noah again and see; then tell me where in Evan that was brought out.

Regarding the issue of Asian students: I do nt think I am biased about these students any more than I am biased about non-Asian students.

In 2% of cases biased as is used

I'd biased as a design nerd, so I do believe a strong design is an asset, but not at the expense of consistent.

Maybe I'd biased as a backrow but if you can get your fast ball, disrupt their ball, that about wins you your game.

Catch the Late Kick Off at **25;3995;TOOLONG 9 Responses You might say i'd biased as an Evertonian, but i'd be embarrassed to have him in my team.

I watched a youtub video in which Kehelmal as media man of the ruling regime was behaving very biased as the time Mervin son was about to catch by the police lately.

I could be wrong and biased as a woman; however the facts are many Africa men think they own their wives welfare and suppress their educational and emotional development.

I could be wrong and biased as a woman; however the facts are many Africa men thinks they own their wives welfare and suppress their educational and emotional development.

In 1% of cases biased at is used

I thought it was quite biased at the time.

It's pretty good, although it can be pretty biased at times.

It's kinda depressing whenever I see my biased at the back being silent and reserved while others are in front being the superstar and all.

In 1% of cases biased because is used

I'd biased because of Fever Freak Out Incident.

Personally I *LIKED* Wayne better and I think I'd biased because of that.

Of course, I'd biased because of the brand and sweet Adina, the lady behind A-England.

You seem to think I'd biased because of my bad experiences, and so you don't have to listen to what I've got to say.

And that one is that somehow Wilson's report is flawed or biased because of the relationship between Plame and Wilson.

In 1% of cases biased with is used

I am biased with quesadillas because they have cheese.

Your judgement is flawed and biased with every statement.

I think you have gone biased with ignorance and love for self.

Most female singers go that route, so don't be so biased with Kelly.

This is what journalism has become, unashamed biased with little research.

And though I am biased with Yunho and Changmin, I applaud you for being strong and equally supporting both sides.

There are more like cheerleaders to a train wreck and enjoy the spectacle, many of them biased with very clear agendas.

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