Prepositions used with "description"

"beyond description" or "of description"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases description beyond is used

New Zealand is beautiful beyond description.

The power of the Rosary is beyond description.

You are simply too amazing beyond description.

So the importance of SEO is beyond description.

I was seized with an ecstasy beyond description.

My passion for music and radio was beyond description.

The importance of SEO optimized headings and subheading is beyond description.

The importance of link building is beyond description to get high PR to your site.

Undoubtedly, housing has been the biggest problem and the way it is encountered in some cases goes beyond description.

In 25% of cases description of is used

Beyond the power of description perverse.

Passages of description suddenly become much more specific - and effective.

They may or may not show field marks but usually give some kind of description.

As I explained above, a link consists of the name of a resource and a bit of description provided by the linker.

It therefore fails to take account of descriptions of specific real-world instances that preoccupy policymakers.

Many paintings had a good amount of description with them, helpful to those (me) with little to no background in art.

In the Purusha-Sukta we also have some sort of description of the Cosmic Being conceived as animating the whole physical cosmos.

I think describing themselves as a brass band doesn't do these guys any favours in terms of description, but maybe that's just the Yorkshireman in me.

And because it had to be simple he decided its essence should be capable of description in one single sentence, which later movie producers would call a logline.

As an additional axis of description, species-dependent information should be determined, for example, for the various model organisms and findings specific to them.

In 11% of cases description for is used

Take a look at the links for descriptions of them.

Please see the section on generic font families for descriptions of these families.

HermiT HermiT is a free (under LGPL license) Java reasoner for OWL 2/SROIQ with OWL 2 datatype support and support for description graphs.

After turning on your pen, double tap the center of a Nav Plus and your pen should display Main Menu (see your Pulse Smartpen User Manual for descriptions of Nav Plus).

In 8% of cases description to is used

Pay close attention to descriptions as you pin and personalize them whenever possible.

The same remarks apply to descriptions of battles, the reports of speeches, and the other parts of history.

The comparisons are forced and the text is limited to descriptions of the various foreign cities, hardly mentioning Delhi.

Praise of cities such as Baghdad, Mecca, and Jerusalem normally carries a politico-religious message in addition to description.

The sub-numbers should be inputted in the subject field of the mail-logging system, and adjacent to descriptions of items of mail.

I thought oh great, the scene -- the actress is going to be sitting in that restaurant, and good, I'd going to do a little bit here and then I'd going to go to description of that wall.

In 7% of cases description in is used

Moreover, numerous other digital technologies would also be broad in description.

Don't forget to use your keyword phrase in descriptions or captions underneath the graphics you use on your page.

If your retailer does not market a low noise range or note their fireworks for noise level, look in descriptions for effects noted as the following which are often quieter: Crossettes.

In 7% of cases description With is used

But none of them really came with descriptions.

With description of their Collections and access to the Online Catalog.

In 6% of cases description about is used

On local business pages, your local information is shown instead of an About description.

You can change your About description in the new layout by going to your Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page.

With the new Facebook page design, your About description can be up to 170 characters and appears beneath your page's Timeline and profile photo.

In 6% of cases description from is used

Descriptions of the parts inherit information from descriptions of the whole.

Either photocopy drawings or photographs or even better redraw diagrams or draw them from descriptions.

There does not seem to be any awareness from descriptions I have seen that one can actively go get most of the data on line.

In 2% of cases description on is used

These are marked on the map and on descriptions.

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