Prepositions after "bewildered"

bewildered by, at, as, with or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases bewildered by is used

He was totally bewildered by this.

Bewildered by God's lack of action.

Bano is bewildered by Jeevan's presence.

Queen Victoria was simply bewildered by the oratory of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan.

The butterfly is bewildered by the changes that have taken place in the mown field.

She is bewildered by his sudden presence and questions if the interview is a set up.

People who are under the influence of an impersonal conception of god are essentially bewildered by God Himself.

Rebel fighters, most of whom have come into the city from the countryside, are bewildered by the mixed reception.

I'd shady, I've never used a touch-screen phone before, so I was a bit bewildered by its touch sensitive large, 4.

Dublin bus is a perfect model of this and always feel like it's quite dazed and bewildered by information delivery.

In 12% of cases bewildered at is used

I got a bewildered at some point, which.

He sounds a little bewildered at how his week has turned out.

Bewildered at what had just happened, she looked at the twins.

It's still my favourite Kate Bush album, I was bewildered at its lack of popularity.

Still, fellow contestant Helen Flanagan looked bewildered at Bristow's mental agility.

Angry at the fact we had no strikers, and just bewildered at all things Everton at that time.

Conservative) is increasingly bewildered at reports of sightings of him here and there, when he was somewhere else.

I'd a little bewildered at your reaction, since you don't seem to be new to the Times or the wild world of medicine.

Ian Black must have felt bewildered at the extent of the fans ' acclaim, since they had once considered him a pariah.

In 8% of cases bewildered as is used

So I am bewildered as to what fine they refer to.

Many people are bewildered as to what to say or do.

People are confused and bewildered as to what is happening.

I became utterly bewildered as to what I should do, for I had no options before me.

If anything, it leaves me even more bewildered as to what Asura's Wrath actually is.

Sometimes they are so strong and formidable that I am bewildered as to how to check them.

We am bewildered as to why the Dons have not called for his resignation for incompetance and telling numerous fibs!

I'd still bewildered as to how this formless, two-?? set piece of leering chipboard rot sucked up over a million dollars.

Murpurgo sounds bewildered as to why this situation has come about and seems not to have asked his children why this is the case.

In 4% of cases bewildered in is used

Sometimes confused and bewildered in its searching and its seeking.

He was lost in gullies, entangled in thickets, bewildered in morasses.

Even the intelligent are bewildered in determining what is action and what is inaction.

Bella's wide chocolate eyes were not bewildered in this vision, but still full of secrets.

Now being armed with this kind of reasoning this person is not bewildered in the situation.

With some bewildered intention of summoning aid, he left the body and made towards the town.

Aside from missing the country music I am bewildered in their decision to change the format.

Their ground game is immaculate, leaving the Jamaica Labour Party JLP bewildered in the dust.

The bewildered in life can return to joy because the LORD keeps watch over him now, and forevermore.

Bewildered in between these two extremes present day man is anxiously looking for a panacea of his ills.

In 4% of cases bewildered with is used

Tom was absolutely bewildered with the whole situation.

I am still bewildered with myself I could have done that.

However, the music industry is bewildered with numerous challenges.

The saying fiber optic patch cord is often bewildered with the saying fiber optic jumper.

As a first-time delegate to an NUJ national conference I was similarly bewildered with the complex procedures.

Bewildered with exhaustion, and having lost my job, I began to question the presence of technology in my life.

I was stiff with long sitting, and bewildered with the noise and motion of the coach: Gathering my faculties, I looked about me.

Perhaps as an apology for capitalism the reader is bewildered with a comment to the effect that humans are inherently and incurably unequal.

And here I am lying quite helpless and bewildered with that my odd field in my bed and there to all appearances the God is making jokes on me.

The thought of leaving them bewildered with no clue as to her whereabouts or as to her reason of leaving almost tormented her but she shrugged it off.

In 3% of cases bewildered about is used

Its members become confused and bewildered about what is expected of them.

It is leaving people bewildered about where all this money is coming from.

However, the doctors, who say Gul Meena is about 18, were also bewildered about what to do with her.

But now he is bewildered about what the signs point to: they might also be about Pat and his marriage.

Amy tells Reader's Digest Asia that she's a little bewildered about how her book has struck so many nerves in the US.

I am a freshman at college at the moment, and just like yourself, I, myself was bewildered about where my life is going.

While he was bewildered about obsession with shoes, he insisted he did not hold purses while the three young ladies tried on clothes.

I'd like to give you a blow-by-blow account of what transpired during the show's frenetic 22 minutes, but I'd utterly bewildered about what just happened.

Two trillion dollars this year also explains many things we are bewildered about -- and why the UPA is looking clueless about inflation, or corruption or what reforms to pursue.

In 2% of cases bewildered on is used

Nowak looked bewildered on the bench and unable to handle the game.

People were bewildered on seeing the product, which is currently online on www.

Can it actually happen? I do not blame someone who feels bewildered on reading this.

In 1% of cases bewildered after is used

Therefore it's hard to see women as demanding one or the other, especially first time moms who are bewildered after the extraordinary process of giving birth.

In 1% of cases bewildered for is used

He was totally confused and bewildered for some time.

A very confused blend of horror genres, that leaves the viewer bewildered for a finish.

In 1% of cases bewildered from is used

Twitching and bewildered from their surprise collision with the reflective glass, the sparrows blinked their last.

After I became ill with ME, I originally went to my doctor asking for help, deeply distressed and bewildered from my unexplained ongoing severe symptoms, only to receive a shrug and a blank look.

In 1% of cases bewildered of is used

What good does a dead Ajmal Kassab bring to this trial and how does his death serve justice to the bereaved of the dead and the bewildered of a nation.

In 1% of cases bewildered over is used

Looking over the terms for the roaming services, I'd somewhat bewildered over which roaming services to choose.

They had left the downhearted and confused band of disciples who were afraid and bewildered over what had happened to Jesus on Good Friday.

The rejected parent becomes the victim of false allegations and may feel frustrated and bewildered over the changes in the childs's behavior.

All the other eyes, except mine, were focused on me; passengers, the driver, conductor and policemen, bewildered over how a seemingly respectable senior citizen aged about 60 could be a petty thief.

In 1% of cases bewildered to is used

As you can see here, I'd bewildered to the joys of using an umbrella whilst backpacking! I woke at 4.

On this site, it can become technical at times leaving you bewildered to what this means or what that means.

My partner is still bewildered to this day, as it has never been like me to go absolutely ga-ga for a movie star/celebrity or whatever you like to say.

Research shows that when asked to distinguish between 47 ever-so-slightly different mobile phone packages chimpanzees became angry, depressed or in some cases bewildered to death.

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