Prepositions after "bestow"

"bestow upon" or "bestow on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases bestow upon is used

May Allah bestow upon you His choicest blessings.

Its manifesto is just to bestow upon family members.

Nature has bestowed upon us this great gift which is our hands.

The trick is remembering to share generously whatever has been bestowed upon us by our creator.

God has bestowed upon human beings the gift of intellect, by which they can judge right and wrong.

To go through this test, God has bestowed upon us the sense and the intellect to judge right from wrong.

It was here that Allah bestowed upon Musa the gifts of miracles to be used while confronting the mighty Pharaoh.

The nature of his attachment to her is indicated by the inordinate level of material gifts that he bestowed upon her.

Celebrities and other public figures have bestowed upon this strategy of elective fatherlessness a patina of glamour.

Out of the 42 honorary doctorates bestowed upon him by universities across the globe, five were from Indian universities.

In 38% of cases bestow on is used

I have no wealth to bestow on him.

There is a special blessing bestowed on God's anointed.

If the camel of a man from us died, he would bestow on him a camel.

It is a gift they bestow on young men, symbolically marking the transition from boyhood into maturity.

Speaking today, Paul O'Connell said he was delighted with the ' massive honour ' about to be bestowed on him.

What have you done with the opportunity bestowed on you by God during the last political dispensation under Obasanjo.

Macfarren never matched the fame bestowed on Balfe, Wallace, or Benedict because he lacked their talent for easy melody.

They are thrilled by the film equipment and the kind of power it bestows on them to express themselves through the art of cinema.

Even though I was the performer, I felt so blessed being there and giving thanks to God for every blessing He has bestowed on me.

The way one person exercises a discretion bestowed on him might differ from the way another person would have exercised that discretion.

In 8% of cases bestow with is used

Very few of us are bestowed with this quality.

To the Tathagata, Bestowed with Glory, I prostrate.

Besides averaging 20 points per game, Roy was bestowed with the award of Pac-10 player of the year.

In fact, the one who keeps company with books has been bestowed with great privileged and highest favour.

Actress Suchitra Sen was the first Indian actress to be bestowed with an award in an international film festival.

In 5% of cases bestow by is used

It can only be comprehended through the knowledge of Ma'rifa (gnosis) bestowed by Allah upon the Awliya.

However, these forests, the greatest ever wealth bestowed by the Almighty God to the human on earth, are being depleted at an alarming rates.

In 1% of cases bestow for is used

Speak a user requisite to bestow for a 40% treasury on their transaction for 12 months Related articles: ? Fei Xuan Corp.

In 1% of cases bestow from is used

His bounties are not closed to any one: To each these as well as those We bestow from the Bounties of your Lord.

In 1% of cases bestow in is used

Taking into account the resources God has bestowed in our land.

When I again interviewed Sir Wilson, soon after his knighthood was bestowed in 1998, it was at his house.

In 1% of cases bestow to is used

Hochschild seems to be in agreement with this point when she argues that the marginal status bestowed to people of colour within the national collective is the norm.

The FAO booth also displayed posters illustrating prestigious FAO medals bestowed to His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand, and other FAO activities inAsiaand the Pacific region.

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