Prepositions after "bend"

bend on, to, over, in or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases bend on is used

We are hell bent on taking our time.

Al Qaeda is still bent on carrying out terrorist activity.

She was bent on expurgating us from the claws of dynasties.

Unfortunately it seems the leaders in the community are bent on recreating old mistakes.

Their ranks are filled with uneducated cronies, who are bent on taking as much for themselves.

In no way did I want to insinuate that Midgley was an evil genius bent on destroying the world.

I was made to feel like I was a hrdened criminal hell bent on hurting the officer and the destruction of all that is good.

This Mara, or Maradevaputta, is not only a very powerful deity but is also bent on making life difficult for holy persons.

We will continue to believe that scientists are agents of the United Nations, bent on perpetrating the global warming hoax.

The LTTE and the State are bent on sacrificing the people of the North and East, by forced training and by recruiting home guards.

In 13% of cases bend to is used

So if you can't bend to the floor, no worries.

Secretary General is bending to the white man to get another crack.

Rating 4 out of 10 The plank Lie down facing the floor with your arms bent to 90 degrees.

Maybe she believes she deserves better and doesn't want to bend to the greying soon to be geriatric.

Because in old age, we tend to develop hardened hearts and stiff-necks that refuse to bend to God's ways.

The jailbreaks expose a side of Mexico's broken prison system, where wardens either bend to organized crime or face death.

They are bent to hell and back, you would have to perfectly bend them back which would in all likelihood further distort them.

My focus in historical fiction as a writer and reader has shifted, more broadly than the Middle Ages and with a definite bent to GLBT! themes.

The president's stock among Palestinians has risen markedly over recent weeks as he has refused to bend to international pressure to withdraw the statehood bid.

In 6% of cases bend over is used

Nearby, women are bent over looms making traditional Berber rugs.

Silverbolt went to charge the phone, found Fireflight and Skydive bent over the computer.

One is bent over a tray of beautifully colored flowers, delicately plucking the finest petals to decorate a dish.

He had twice stabbed his victim, and was bending over him, when in my horror and indignation, I struck him to the ground.

No matter what your training schedule so tight, you should take exercise two groups barbell bent-over row or bent over dumbbell lateral raise, you will find that time spent is worth.

In 5% of cases bend in is used

Or the time bends in the opposite direction, and you are the one out of sync and in slow motion.

As for his predominantly liberal bent in politics, that would be reflected in our discourse this evening.

A: Unfortunately, there are those who are hell bent in continuing with their ideological line; whether it is Mr.

So what am I getting at? Well, it seems our esteemed lawmakers are hell bent in making sure no new thinking be put into action.

I see that many people from the West (sorry this is not discriminatory remark) want investment in return for money are all bent in the wrong direction.

In 4% of cases bend at is used

Atmospheric vacuum breaker -- This elbow-shaped device is bent at right angle.

Lie on your back with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle, feet flat on the floor.

The affectionate mother bent at her son besseching him to eat something to take a few draughts.

SINGLE-ARM DUMBBELL ROW Grab a dumbbell in your right hand, bend at your hips and knees, and lower your torso until it's almost parallel to the floor.

Perhaps, our confusion of division makes it more vulnerable for being bent at the periphery by lots of garbage, that the energy does not enough oscillate.

Reuben Buhari, said the governor was saddened that while all efforts were being made to ensure peace and stability in the state, some people were bent at perpetrating evil.

Peter Crouch has played the most at 3559 minutes, followed by Grant Holt at 2981 minutes, Andy Carroll with 2491 minutes played, Darren Bent at 2452 minutes, and Danny Welbeck with 2450 minutes.

Problem fields contained plants that were goose-necked (bent at the plant-soil interface) and lodged (tilted in a pronounced manner ), which are characteristic of feeding by corn rootworm larvae.

In 4% of cases bend upon is used

Calder so bent upon criticizing and proving Osho as a cheat.

Remember the evil dose of Mara when the Buddha was bent upon achieving self-realisation under the Bodhi tree.

Heres his comment: There is this neighbour of mine (in Bangalore) who is bent upon spoiling the peace and quietness of the road we live in.

The machinations of some senior Congress leaders, who were bent upon cutting down Rawat to size, politically, left no room for him to stay in the party.

It is, however, highly upsetting as to why the government is bent upon Capital Gains Tax (CGT) which has badly impacted market activity without gaining any revenue.

That the government is bent upon promoting FDI in retail at the cost of domestic interests is clear from the dilution of the conditions set for FDI in single-brand retail.

In 3% of cases bend by is used

First, light rays from the Sun are bent by the Earth's atmosphere.

Leaning on his stick, his form bent by care and age, his eyes downcast, and his steps trembling, the gray-haired Medon slowly approached towards the gladiator.

Light from the blue sky just above the horizon off the end of the runway which would have hit the pavement is bent by this density change upward and enters your eye.

During this current series of events, two of these pins have been bent by kite pull; see photo; one by a Crab, the other by a Bol- unbelievable- but Tanja doesn't tell lies I'd sure.

Although he couldn't measure directly the mass or the electric charge of such a particle, he could measure how much the rays were bent by a magnetic field, and how much energy they carried.

In 3% of cases bend for is used

Men should not be expected to stand or indeed bend for that.

It is important to keep both hips parallel and knees slightly bent for balance.

Not sure how Romney can be hell bent for cuts earlier and then get so indignant here.

In 3% of cases bend with is used

This allows a person to move or bend with no pain in this area.

A well-meaning friend, in fact a patron, and a highly placed one, advised Parsa to bend with the times.

This week, prop a pillow behind your back for support and keep your legs and knees bent with a pillow between them.

Try to avoid raising large physical objects and don't bend with the stomach because this positions stress on your back muscles.

In 2% of cases bend towards is used

The situation was made worse by the government's natural bent towards thuggery.

For example, if you put a plant next to a window, it will bend towards the light.

The bishop's impassioned testimony and his bent towards hyperbole gave multiple points of contention for Burger.

In case of a positive atmosphere of the conversation, women bend towards the speaker, while men bend their head towards the side.

In 1% of cases bend from is used

This 600x600 coil made from plastic overflow pipe and bends from B &Q; has 4 turns of 7/0.

The double double walks to the thunder nearby and bends from the waist to pick up the box on the ground a to throw into space passage.

An atmospheric visual mirage is caused by light bending from its source to your eye but you are so used to thinking that light travels in straight lines that your brain gets confused.

In 1% of cases bend into is used

The curvature was gentle enough that the plywood easily bent into position.

This is the same horse as the one above, but bent into a different pose, which shows how flexible the foil is even at this stage.

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