Prepositions used with "bar"

"behind bar" or "of bar"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases bar behind is used

Assange is behind bars in the United States.

If I did these things I would be behind bars.

Sakoor has already served 16 years behind bars.

He is also to pay a fine of Sh2 million or serve an extra year behind bars if he defaults.

If really there are no scams then why ministers are behind bar and CBI is filing chargesheet.

He who claims to be an inventor, should be put behind bars for bringing bad name to Pakistan.

The visual aesthetics were not the best of a kind -- a concrete floor and plastic chairs, the bar counter behind bars.

Yasmine was sentenced to seven years and two months behind bars, while Whitney was jailed for five years and four months.

Chandrachud, the judge who heard Trivedi's case, has pointed out, the day filmmakers and playwrights are thrown behind bars.

In 27% of cases bar of is used

See our review of Bars in Manila for more on this.

Nearby is also an abundance of bars and restaurants.

Everywhere people stumbled out of bars and along the street.

Like Playa de Bossa which has the longest stretch of beach with huge number of bars and cafes.

This is the reason gold in type of bars are regularly sold at the foundation of their purity level.

The Comanchero made several plays last year to take over a number of bars in Kings Cross but failed.

I know I owned a free-standing set of bars to hang clothes off of, but it was a walmart one and broke after about a year.

Free nightly live music is followed by dancing and DJ sets, as well as a host of bars and food stalls to keep the party going.

Lan Kwai Fong in Central has a truly eclectic mix of bars, clubs and restaurants attracting Hong Kong residents and visitors alike.

In 14% of cases bar in is used

The chromatic bass line in bars 21-25, etc.

I wasn't some guy hanging out in bars or a bum.

I don't drink much, so I don't hang out in bars.

There was a live band and they were playing songs I usually play in bars, so I was delighted.

It had been more than ten years since she'd been single and had met up with men in bars for real.

I talk about in bars, on the train, in quiet suburban restaurants while my boyfriend and I have lunch.

She eventually moved to Toronto for better opportunities and spent years working in bars and then 60-hour weeks as a hairdresser.

Then of course, sell the drinks at discounted rates, all these people who watch EPL in bars and restaurant will be pulled to stadiums.

Kerouac in parodic Florida retirement, hounded by unlooked for visitors, beaten in bars, drinking himself grimly to the finishing line.

In addition to practical skills, substantive courses are also taught on criminal law, common law, and taxation, civil and criminal procedure in Bar vocational Course.

In 6% of cases bar at is used

I do not drink, smoke, so drugs, hang out at bars etc.

At bars, the price can be triple that amount, thus leading you to pay nearly $40 for a crappy drunk.

Since their debut at Offside in May, they've been building a strong body of work playing a monthly at Bar 355 in Oakland.

Hearts in Space The cinematic and sweeping rock of Hearts in Space sometimes got drowned beneath the crowd noise at Bar Standard.

The militants have threatened the journalists at Bar Kulan and those working for the state run Radio Mogadishu, according to the journalists.

In most cases, as in the case at bar, there will be little difficulty in distinguishing defamatory speech relating to private conduct from that relating to official conduct.

By not hitting on her right away, you're coming across as unique, and different than the hundreds of other guys she's met at bars who run around kamikaze style trying not to get shot down.

In 6% of cases bar on is used

And no we do not all sit on bar stools in the Bronx and sign Sen South.

On the second day Nelson was third on bar, second on vault and second on beam.

As I did the lad on the front, decked in Strada shorts and tri clip on bars looked agog.

In step 4, Hannah Bloomfeild placed first on vault, beam and floor and third on bar for first overall.

They are still concentrating on bar chocolate, however, which adds things you don't need in your body.

You can pull up on bars, rings, fat bars, ropes, towels, suspension straps, beams, Eagle Loops, and even baseballs or softballs hanging from a chain.

In 6% of cases bar with is used

PCs with bar code readers and label maker hardware.

The classrooms were converted into prison cells and the windows were fitted with bars and barbed wire.

Dips: I can do 25 dips while using one chair with 1 leg raised, but I haven't tried it with 2, or with bars.

Great details with bar graphs and detailed explaination on various points that are pressing the people of this nation.

The surrounding area of Pickford's Wharf is now awash with bars and restaurants that cater for the city's many visitors.

As a teenager and young adult I tried to fill the empty hole inside me with bars, drink-ing, men, exper-i-ment-ing with drugs and more.

The separate kitchen with bar is rustic and equipped with all cooking utensils, a fridge with freezer, a gas stove and oven, powered by bottled gas.

I wasn't initially a fan of the complicated overlay with bar charts of each team's defensive and offensive stats, but it turned out to be pretty useful.

In 3% of cases bar for is used

If you're looking for bars, clubs, or discos, don't go to Penghu.

Before heading out, only bring enough cash for bar cover and a cab home.

The original scheme evolved into our awards programme for bars, hotels and restaurants.

Location was great, straight onto Millenium Square and then onto Harbourside for bars and restaurants.

Step 4 The specifications for bar code type, size, placement and quality depend on where the code will be scanned.

Video of Thai bar girls in Phuket This video was shot in Bangla Road in Phuket, one of the hotspots for bar girl nightlife in Thailand.

In 3% of cases bar to is used

This means that men prefer going to bars more than women do.

BUT being so close to bars and restaurants there are lots of screaming and shouting people late at night on the street.

The most surprising thing about Guest Of The Government is that it's not political -- it's an ode to Bar Bloc, the Glasgow venue where Louis hosts an open-mic night.

In my old apartment I had it down to a science -- prepped items went from counter to bar stool (I had two) before moving on to the stove or oven, as space was at a minimum.

What started as a single roasting machine producing a blend that they sold to bars, hotels and restaurants, culminated in the opening of their first shop in Vauxhall Bridge Road.

In 2% of cases bar from is used

We recently resigned Mike Pearson from Lions and also have a full squad to choose from bar James Frener so I think my squad is now complete.

Starting from bar 4 (the RH entry ), it will be very helpful to hear the bass line thus, and to give more weight to these notes than the rest of the LH sextuplet group: Bass Line (bars 4-8 ), etc.

In 2% of cases bar into is used

I've handed my CV into bars and restaurants.

So beats are organized even further by grouping them into bars, or measures.

Revealing that she still likes to ' feel a little irresponsible and act like I'd nineteen ', Gaga said she likes to sneak into bars and dance topless, or have sex on the beach.

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