Prepositions after "bear"

bear in, on, with, by or out?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases bear in is used

Bear in mind that I'd no expert.

Bear in mind shape and lifestyle.

That was one thing to bear in mind.

Let's also bear in mind that these figures correspond only to the numbers of applicants.

You should bear in mind that there are many others for whom things take a little longer.

Bear in mind that above-average dividends are usually a pointer to below-average growth.

Bearing in mind school examinations and other requirements, we will make every effort to accommodate such a request.

I recommend you use this strategy in addition to the second one, but bear in mind that it is a lot harder than it seems.

It should be borne in mind that relatives in this context refer to those relatives with whom marriage is h arm forever.

One must bear in mind that a crematorium is offering a facility to a large number of families in a relatively small area.

In 10% of cases bear on is used

In conclusion, we are still bears on the solar industry.

But the decisions you make have little bearing on your own life.

Any pertinent Statement bearing on the special characteristics of the.

It is not sufficient to establish pressure or importuning conduct bearing on the deceased.

Then, there has to be a broad overview bringing all relevant knowledge to bear on policy-making.

But this is a pet issue of mine, so I guess it is time I brought my talents to bear on the matter.

For readers, what matters is the way in which a given letter has bearing on the work, or what kind of bearing it has.

Welfare reports provided by the Court Probation and Welfare Service can bring independent expertise to bear on welfare issues.

It's true, libertarians *could* bring an interesting perspective to bear on environmental issues, but in practice they never do.

Gain public recognition that persons who hold such a worldview can bring principled actions to bear on matters of civic importance.

In 10% of cases bear with is used

Confused? Bear with me, and read on.

Bear with me and I'll check back here.

Bear with me as these can get complicated.

So i ope you can bear with me for a few months whilst i give this some serious thought.

So you see I'll do my best but you'll have to bear with me because I'd not a big writer.

This is quite long but I just wanted to make sure I cover everything so please bear with me.

To understand why I think this way, bear with me for a few paragraphs about what makes venture capital firms successful.

Thus it connects with individual's desire and intention, bearing with the essence of narrow utilitarianism and self-interest.

During that time, Sharapova went through excruciating pain and after a certain point of time, she just couldn't bear with it any longer.

It's quite possible - bear with us, this is brave stuff - that gender roles actually spring from innate differences between men and women.

In 8% of cases bear by is used

All other costs are borne by the purchaser.

These costs will be borne by the tour member.

All expenses are to be borne by inward remittances.

The cost of the transmission is borne by the company/ organisation applying for the fascility.

Life and Letters 1887 - sandra, Liverpool England, More False Witness Bearing by creationists.

People belonging to this group strongly held the view tax burden should be borne by all citizens.

If such events occur whilst you are already travelling in Sri Lanka the costs of such arrangements will be borne by you.

Rates and Management Charges Although not an invariable rule, rates and management charges are usually borne by the tenant.

The proper training given by this mother of mine to me, and the numerous hardships borne by her for my sake elevated me to this position.

Risks once borne by corporations and the government, Hacker noted, like unplanned health costs, are now the responsibility of Mom and Pop.

In 2% of cases bear out is used

It is most often borne out of fear, shame and misplaced guilt.

First, many gays are, in fact, married with children borne out of that marriage.

I know this will be seen as borne out of disappointment and that's true but hear me out.

On foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail, he said that the decision has to be borne out of the political leadership.

Blood might be thicker than water, but favouring her entirely unsympathetic family over her husband seems to be a move borne out of duty rather than love.

Zamfirescu said that Workshop Weekend manages to pay for itself, but ultimately the enterprise is entirely volunteer-run and is borne out of love of learning, not money.

This was borne out of our fear that it would be seen as bigging ourselves up, exalting The Remission Flow and of doing something that others might view as being egotistical.

What, they've generously charged less than the market will bear out of their kind little piggy hearts? This argument is a total line of malarkey every damned time you hear it.

In 2% of cases bear to is used

It is not that Ruoxi didn't think of it, she just couldn't bear to.

I still can't bear to part with the ones that I used for my wedding.

She is certain that Lennox could have been offered a new life in the US but that the council couldn't bear to back down.

In any case, such issues (why a particular dog will go to Jannat?) do not have any bearing to the noble teachings of Islam.

Lu Ka and the gram receive virtuous is the good friend who mutually hands over for several years, Lu Ka cant not bear to the heart kill him.

First we decide on the course we want and then we turn across the channel and take a back bearing to something as close as possible behind us.

The people around you will hold you hostage to their conceit and spin an illusion of a reality around you that has very little bearing to the facts on the ground.

According to the same principle, when produce diminishes and rents fall, though the amount of rent will always be less, the proportion which it bears to capital and produce will always be greater.

In 1% of cases bear for is used

There is no sacrifice to those who love, in what is borne for the one we love.

The chief value of Mad Women is the witness it bears for younger women about the snobbery and sexism their mothers and grandmothers endured.

In 1% of cases bear from is used

Moses, therefore, had much to bear from their weakness, and the merciful Lord was long-suffering.

The bearers moved swiftly on, and the unfortunate Ione was soon borne from the sight of her weeping handmaids.

Creativity is something borne from experimentation with the familiar, not spending three weeks with ProTools to create half and hour of music.

Donate now One of the most enduring legends of South East Asia is the Pontianak, said to be a bone-white lady, with ruby-red eyes, who is borne from her death in birth-giving.

A working mother, grandmother, colon cancer survivor and a woman who has lived life in all its modes her poetry is infused with a depth of wisdom and insight borne from experience.

In 1% of cases bear of is used

This is the kind of thinking borne of passivity and mental enslavement.

And the claims that child marriage or genital mutilation are borne of religion (ie.

Like many entrepreneurs ' products before hers, Spanx was borne of the frustration of product unavailability.

Alan Smith seemed made for the anchorman's responsibility but was exposed by poor positional play borne of a lack of guile and experience.

Song chant incessantly to the accompaniment of the didgeridoo or clap sticks relates the story of events of those early times and brings to the power of the dreaming to bear of life today.

She is a woman in a patriarchal culture and a male-run church who strove to be heard, who struggled to offer her own wisdom and gifts borne of the experience and suffering of women of the past.

It's the constant hassle you get -- the sort of behaviour that's borne of the seemingly widely held belief in Egypt that Western women don't need to be treated with the respect afforded locals.

However, their teammates remain deeply suspicious that their motivations are borne of self interest as they chase more votes or try to add another achievement to their gloriously overflowing CV.

In 1% of cases bear upon is used

In addition to differences such as these in the nature of the war itself, there were others which bear upon the historian.

As showing the diversity of opinion, we place before reader some of the views, --especially where they bear upon the subject of Irish religion.

Brahmins incorporated the aboriginals deity into mainstream Hinduism by making caste system harsher and more bearing upon the lowest; the equality through inequality.

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