Prepositions after "basic"

"basic of" or "basic to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases basic of is used

It was the most basic of events.

That is the basic of human needs.

Life insurance, the basic of all.

It is the smallest and most basic of our lodges and accommodates three twin mattresses.

You probably didn't even skim through Wikipedia for a even the most basic of knowledge.

Unfortunately, this most basic of rights has become a privilege of sorts in Bangladesh.

They do not see Israel as fascist ideology who undermine the basic of human dignity/sovereignty of Palestinian people.

How would you classify that thought process? You seem unable to answer the most basic of questions on almost any topic.

They also had their own animals, the care of which formed the basic of education during one complete year of the course.

I do not think this is difficult as one who goes through a technical course studies basic of these engineering subjects.

In 24% of cases basic to is used

It is really basic to the debate.

It is basic to who and what they are.

R: That is basic to the human situation.

Around Mulu Park there are several accommodation options, from basic to very luxurious.

Having the right to show up and speak are basic to survival, to dignity, and to liberty.

After a final night of programming, Allen got on a plane to deliver their BASIC to MITS.

Podolski -- a perfectly good CF that is mobile and can score everything from your basic to most spectacular of goals.

Paul What a fascinating look into a kind of service so basic to the gospel, yet not at the top of mind for most of us.

What the Statement does do is reiterate the fundamental case for social justice as basic to the practice of our faith.

From the science to the art, from the basic to the never-even-heard-of-it, this book lays it all out from soup to nuts.

In 9% of cases basic in is used

All mathematics are basic in the model.

It was a good hotel, very basic in every way.

I think it is the basic in almost all sports.

I started with Apple II Basic in probably around 2nd or 3rd grade and never looked back.

The DNA of those who deny the glaringly obvious seems to be much more basic in structure.

This was a great step forward for Android handsets as earlier email clients were pretty basic in terms of functionality.

How Do You Talk to Your Kid About Sex? The best way to approach sex talk with young kids is to stay basic in descriptions.

There are one or two Ghanaian texts for chemistry, which are reasonable but again dated and pretty basic in their approach.

Genius belongs to what is ordinary and basic in the human condition and has the potential of being as common as pig tracks.

In 7% of cases basic for is used

I created the basic for the track.

Two is basic for dramatic conflict.

Start by writing Basic for the Altair.

It really is nothing new and pretty basic for every club even semi pro teams will do it.

The characteristic of human sperm becomes the basic for the method on how to have baby boy.

I'd sure the reasoning behind this is very basic for anyone who has studied electronics but THIS ARTICLE spells it out.

There are also many similarities between VB3, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Access Basic (as used in Access 1.

Their rooms may be a bit basic for some people, but at 250,000 IDR (about $25 CDN) per night, you can't really go wrong.

Kwing Marcel Havenith Thanks for this article! I'd sure this guide is too basic for many people but for me, it's perfect.

In 3% of cases basic with is used

Yes, you can make a basic with WordPress.

The rooms are above basic with quality linens.

Good drinking water should be basic with a PH 7.

The barbecue stuff was at best basic with prawns and chicken as the main attractions.

Set out in the box below is a summary of how this basic with child support formula works.

Only problem now is I need a new phone, so either I go for something basic with no data on prepay.

The text on a Quarto was very basic with some stage directions but did not include the detail of a First Folio page.

The room was very basic with a bed, tv and a bathroom but as it was just a bed for one night we didn't mind too much.

The garden bungalow was basic with outside shower and toilet, on a night time there were ants which were large all over.

With this watch I am going to leave my iPhone behind when doing my run and back to basic with no tangling wires or music.

In 2% of cases basic as is used

WHY THE HELL NOT! Why remove something so basic as the backup?

Even if its something as simple and basic as an instant cup noodle.

RAID options are basic as the card only supports mirrors and stripes.

Additionally, a lanyard or custom lanyard can come in the form of something as a basic as a strap.

This is especialy important when considering the effects of a principle is basic as the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

What exactly is most important to note relating to this bag is the fact it is more basic as opposed to Paddington.

A basic assumption in your work is that if two people behave in consistently different ways, there must be something different about their brains.

Other people in the basic as well as nearby family and friends could also need to supply marriage toasts throughout the party marriage ceremony for the husband and wife.

Especially when that blogger is easily exposed for their cherry picking methods and lack of understand in even something so basic as the definition of climate sensitivity.

In 2% of cases basic like is used

Alcohol is pretty basic like usual all incl in egypt.

On one hand you say get a something basic like X2-01.

I just want to hear something bare and basic like a drone.

We were doing short story writing in English, basic maths and I mean really basic like timetable basic.

I programm in a basic like scripting language and think i can help you not with code but with suggestions.

That let's people do things like mold a virtual piece of clay, or even something basic like pinch to zoom.

A lot of the time these patterns, these projections, are primal and basic like bears, like tragedy, like fangs and hooks.

Laying out components manually is a lot of work, especially given the lack of Visual Basic like interface drawing environments.

When he called to ask me out, the plan was to go to dinner and ice cream (or something basic like that--- I can't remember the details).

Even if you are doing something really basic like being on a journey, keep a lookout for interesting people you could base a character on, for example.

In 2% of cases basic on is used

Programmed in Hex and Basic on it.

Below the basic On Page SEO tips are given.

I taught myself BASIC on the Apple and Vic-20.

Tying it all together Make sure you cover all the basic on page and on-site SEO factors.

I got started in computers when I was 8 with my Grandfather teaching me Basic on a TI 99 system.

You might keep to check and eat your files email because this is where all the results and basic on a products used issue are being typed and alerted.

Pachter's a bit of a douche, it isn't complicated too stick something basic on a touch screen, if developers want to be more creative thats down to them.

Otherwise, you have options for a 5x digital zoom (which produces results that look like a digital zoom) and basic on / off / auto settings for the flash.

In 1% of cases basic about is used

Nothing was basic about his experiences though.

This Guide will Introduce the Basic about drawing a Miscrit.

You should have known something this basic about a database so important to your business.

Poetry makes me pause and breathe more deeply and to remember something basic about being human.

This definition suggests something very basic about the notion of the landscape when it is anything but.

With affiliate marketing, you can discover the basic about web marketing and try to getting used with them.

Perhaps I had understood something basic about what it felt like to be Athena at that moment: she was hungry.

I tell jobseekers to get these basics right but there is nothing basic about effective CVs and Interview skills.

Michael Phelps became the greatest Olympian ever but there is something brutal and basic about the 100m run that makes it far easier to relate to.

It is, in fact, despicable behavior, but the point is that how people respond to trolls reveals something so fundamentally basic about a person behind a fake online profile.

In 1% of cases basic at is used

It seems pretty basic at this point.

You must maintain the info basic at the same time.

Mind you, the saxophone of Abi Harding still seems a little too basic at times.

Czech trains, while a bit basic at times, are cheap and efficient and the journey is beautiful.

The catering facilities were basic at the least you have 4 of each plates glasses bowls, cutlery.

If you are somewhat more technically inclined it may appear a bit basic at the beginning, this for.

So, those are quite basic at the first glance, but noble essentially whilst its chamois upper, causes it to be instead durable.

Like a baby, if he's in the age of learning how to walk, then focus teaching him to walk well, not to run yet! Sharpen your basic at your age.

You may have no choice but to keep your answers basic at this stage, but at least your mind is exploring the artistic aspects of your learning.

NowSMS will verify that it can communicate with the modem, and that the modem supports several of the basic AT commands defined in the ETSI GSM 07.

In 1% of cases basic by is used

I mean, basic by modern standards.

Shifting automobiles each few years is made so basic by car leasing.

It was pretty basic by some standards, but had some interesting points.

Finding keyword phrases is usually produced basic by using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Praying 5 times a day is the basic level of deen, yes, but the other things I mentioned are not basic by any means.

My wife has been to all of these parks on two separate trips and she says that from her standpoint the information is rather basic by accurate.

Utilising this is basic by installing a memory card (up to 16GB capacity) you have the potential to shop thousands of music tracks on the telephone.

Care may still be basic by Western standards, but new midwives like Nasira Karimi mean that in 10 years Afghanistan has seen a staggering improvement in maternal health.

In 1% of cases basic from is used

Check out the Simply Basic from every angle.

However it is necessary to know the basic from the beginning.

I only think, maybe put altar on the floor is have basic from the Hindu scripture and i want to know which one.

If Karuna was not split, it was not, I think, in the invertible, it was basic from personal characteristics, not very nice, but it was what happened and it made an enormous change.

In 1% of cases basic plus is used

A basic plus subscription is only $49.

You can also get Zenfolio basic plus plan for $30 per year.

The take-home pay move forward technique is additional basic plus a little unique.

We pay 67 a month and get 100mb internet a home phone with free calls and the basic plus channels.

It was such a problem the gov decided to pay them all an allowance, basic plus extra for extra responsibilities.

Typically the 3 bundles you need to decide upon tend to be: QuickStart, Ms Office 2010 Professional, Company Basic plus Venture.

This seems like the basic plus objects that come with micro-soft products? I mean you can use shapes and size them with turning them.

I was hiring for my company some months ago (18k basic plus bonus in an outer London suburb) and there were half a dozen decent applications out of about forty.

It is a basic plus tenet that: philosophers, when they become philosophers, take on the obligation of promoting both the limits and benefits of the development of human knowledge.

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