Prepositions after "bark"

"bark at" or "bark in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases bark at is used

Now they let the dogs to bark at our courageous leader.

He went a bit crazy though and started barking at me a lot.

That old man scolded Doggie but Doggie continued to bark at the dog.

As they approached the courtyard I was sitting in a dog got up and started barking at them.

While angels slew the Egyptians, not so much as a dog should bark at any of the children of Israel.

And if a little kid comes over wanting to use it, start barking at them until they run away crying.

And leaving it on during the day helps keep him from barking at outside noises, so my townhouse wall-mates are appreciative.

That's when Lady P barked at the blind man measuring each step slowly emerging out of the shadows, a duel of balance and resolve.

I thought about pointing out to him where he sat before he decided to go and bark at the tourists, but then I thought my Urdu would not go very well with him either.

Once I reached home, I wanted to use soap to wash off the clorox &; detergents on my hands &; feet but Doggie barked at another dog passing by at the street outside.

In 23% of cases bark in is used

So the tribal women keep these roots and barks in stock for the whole year.

They can become destructive by chewing and ripping apart your house, as well as constantly barking in their frustration.

I know I'd really good at it because my mum and dad tell me so whenever they come out and throw toys at me or bark in that really loud voice of theirs.

Whoever wrote this message is surely a stray dog who only barks in his gully, there is no court for corrupt politicans, sportsmen, and people like you.

Some hide and cower from intruders while others seem oblivious to the danger until violence erupts and then they too, hide and cower or simply bark in fear but take no action to protect.

In 4% of cases bark about is used

Its so sad that black people spend so much of their time barking about skin color when blacks have so many other IMPORTANT issues they need to discuss.

In 2% of cases bark on is used

So, its time for you to bang some more money out for barking on her behalf.

In 2% of cases bark with is used

Stop all the carbs, cut out the chocolate, prevent the paps from barking with a juicy wink.

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