Prepositions after "barefoot"

"barefoot in" or "barefoot on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases barefoot in is used

Being barefoot in warm weather.

Don't go barefoot in the bathrooms.

A man walked barefoot in the grass.

He traveled barefoot in all kinds of weather dressed in rags wearing a cardboard hat.

If he or she is barefoot in their home, take off your shoes too, without being asked.

DW: I heard you were going to do another challenge, running barefoot in South Africa.

I remember him a few Christmases ago, standing barefoot in the sea with his trousers rolled up, squinting in the sun.

The fleas may also be deterred by a repellant applied to the skin, although walking barefoot in dirt quickly removes it.

She founded Barefoot in the mid Seventies and has been the designer of rural fabrics and handwoven products of Sri Lanka.

As a boy Frank McCourt ran barefoot in the post-war slums of Limerick rummaging for food and coal for his hard up family.

In 23% of cases barefoot on is used

Walking barefoot on cool grass.

She squatted barefoot on the hard mud.

Do not walk barefoot on hard surfaces.

Genevieve got up off the sofa and winced as she stepped barefoot on to a Lego brick.

Casual, bikinis, swimwear and shorts aloud aswell as going barefoot on the beach too.

The indigenous population can not even walk barefoot on the land like their ancestors.

Stephane Garon was returning from a camping trip with his wife, when they spotted a man walking barefoot on the trail.

If, like Zola Budd, you grew up running barefoot on a South African farm, your tissue tolerance would adapt over time.

Questions that Nic answered for WP Rugby What is your earliest rugby memory? Playing barefoot on the Dale Junior fields.

In 7% of cases barefoot through is used

I love running barefoot through the grass and digging in rich soil.

He walked barefoot through Canterbury while monks lashed his bare back.

And like I should stop writing and go outside and walk barefoot through the grass.

Those who want to save this country will walk barefoot through broken glass to remove him.

Whom have you seen? Ixion: It was a young man, who was walking barefoot through the forest.

While I walked barefoot through the incoming tide Angie braved the cold water for a brief swim.

Wang said that a large number of the officers and men were marching barefoot through mud and gravelly places.

During winter he would visit the churches barefoot through snow and ice, frequently leaving behind bloody footprints.

We hurried barefoot through the alleys, slipping through cow dung, and bumping into sacred animals and soldiers smoking.

In 7% of cases barefoot for is used

Otherwise, they may end up going barefoot for real.

He walked barefoot for 20 kilometers to get a good education.

They put me down there, in my underwear, barefoot for a month.

Ergo, there is nothing more natural than running barefoot for a long, long stretch.

Most people go barefoot for this class, some wear a soft dance slipper or jazz shoe.

Cody Lundin from the Discovery Channel's Dual Survival has walked barefoot for 20 years.

I only walked barefoot for half an hour at Bhavan and I needed 1 hour just to have the sensation back in my feet.

For instance, Scotland had nothing against barefoot soccer! One Mohammed Salim played barefoot for Celtic FC in 1936.

Jasper traveled to Africa and walked around latrines barefoot for 2 weeks, hoping to become infected with hook worms.

Kami's belief is that children should run barefoot for as long as possible to ensure strength and stability in the foot.

In 5% of cases barefoot with is used

Try standing barefoot with your feet parallel, hip width apart.

I enjoy making DX contacts barefoot with just a G5RV in the trees.

He hunts Cheetahs on barefoot with a menacing glare as his only weapon.

Three weeks ago, police found Zina Haughton at a gas station, barefoot with her face bruised.

Here, a lone figure stands barefoot with his arms outstretched, mouth open in a silent cry to arms.

On top of a mountain, she lived in a teepee, sat in sweat lodges, and danced barefoot with her hippie self.

He was barefoot with torn off jean shorts, and an unbuttoned shirt showing a tan chest smudged with dirt and sweat.

We have come over dirt roads, passing women and children walking barefoot with water jugs, wood for fuel, and other bundles.

When the curtains are down, what would people be surprised to know about you? I like to be barefoot with boxers and a tank top.

There's something to be said for wandering around barefoot with only a cheese baguette and a football to your name, without a care in the world.

In 4% of cases barefoot to is used

They would go barefoot to hell and back for me.

I dismounted my bicycle and walked barefoot to the tide pool.

She pulled on her housecoat hurriedly and ran barefoot to the back door.

We used to run barefoot to school and so the rumors of missing boy filled us with fear.

Second, they run barefoot to school and if they are late, they get physically punished.

I walked about twenty kilometers (12 miles) barefoot to school and sometimes went without food.

He heard the squeak of the pool gate and looked down to see the hippie man and woman padding barefoot to the pool.

To thank the patroness of the galleons, the weary warriors walked barefoot to the Shrine of the Virgin of the Most Holy Rosary in Sto.

Have to say I think your vet is brill too, I wish mine had known/been willing to suggest barefoot to me when my boy's problems started.

And my father stood by me in the same way, from the time when I wanted to cut off my hair and go barefoot to the time when I began to study law.

In 4% of cases barefoot at is used

No wonder I go barefoot at home.

He's walking around in the snow barefoot at one time.

BAREFOOT AT CAPEFEST Nikki: Filmmaking is not fast food, Dawson.

Loves travelling, backpacking, trekking and running barefoot at the beach.

With flowing white hair and long beard, he was known to walk barefoot at social gatherings.

I coordinated my brother's wedding and was able to wear shoea to church, and remained barefoot at the reception.

In de Valera's Ireland, the comely maidens lived happily in cottages on little farms and danced barefoot at the crossroads.

Hindu devotees cross a red-hot coal pit barefoot at the temple as part of a religious vow in exchange for a wish or blessing.

Do not walk barefoot at Chek Jawa as the marine creatures will defend themselves in an unpleasant manner should you accidentally step on them.

We have seen many youngsters leave home with empty pockets wearing yellow panjabis, and walk the streets barefoot at dead of night, emulating one of his characters called Himu.

In 4% of cases barefoot over is used

Regret your decision as you stumble barefoot over crags and crevices.

I'd walk barefoot over hot coals to get to the sequels (yes, Lynch is on #3).

The merchant rode his donkey, but the young swami walked barefoot over sharp rocks.

He ran or walked barefoot over dirt and rocks to get to school or to the grocery store.

This period of his early life is covered in his first book BAREFOOT OVER THE SERENGETI.

You who'd walk barefoot over broken glass before attempting to compose a simple sales letter.

As requested we take off our shoes and walk barefoot over the cool, clay tiles, ever so gently.

Or the rubber replicas of his feet, worn in scenes where he is running barefoot over broken glass.

Barefoot Over The Serengeti by David Read, an Englishman, describes growing up among his Maasai warrior friends.

Those who truly love these things will run through fire barefoot over broken glass and jump deadly snakes to reach them.

In 3% of cases barefoot across is used

She wanted people to see her body as she skipped, jumped and ran barefoot across the stage.

Explore the textures, colours and patterns that emerge as you walk barefoot across the park.

One day, I hope to run barefoot across that entire 14-kilometer stretch -- from end to end! 4.

You walk barefoot across the leaf's nerves, which serve as a blueprint for the route you will follow.

Participants will walk barefoot across hot coals or climb ladders with runs made of sharpened blades.

Tellman Knudson is running barefoot across the country to raise money for youth homelessness in America.

The sisters, injured and frail after days of running barefoot across rocks and bushes, settled in the caves.

The models walked barefoot across a clay runway and not even one white hemline was tampered with in the process.

In 2% of cases barefoot along is used

On my second date with N, because I was too drunk, I was walking around barefoot along Kamias Rd.

She was walking barefoot along the street holding a bag by one hand, and picking up and putting the bits into the bag by the other.

B/L/D Day 6: Abel Tasman National Park Walking barefoot along sandy paths around the lodge it's easy to see why Abel Tasman is New Zealand's most popular National Park.

Walk barefoot along the long stretches of white sandy beaches or take a dip in the tropical crystal clear waters before relaxing and watching the sunset from your sun lounger.

In 2% of cases barefoot into is used

Anandamar leapt from the prow, barefoot into the acid waves.

He crept barefoot into the home and was now hiding under her bed.

Have them immediately stand barefoot into the shoes with the orthoses.

Later, when he passed barefoot into the bedroom, he stung his soles on bits of cereal ground into the carpet.

Helen was pulled out of the car and made to walk barefoot into the building, making her feet dirty, damp and cold.

School was behind me and I felt like a freed slave sloughing off my shackles ready to run barefoot into the future.

There is nothing more disconcerting than getting out of bed in the morning and stepping barefoot into a spiky clump of feline molting.

She opened the fridge, poured another glass of wine for herself and walked barefoot into the living room, plopping herself down on the couch.

After all, the online classifieds is still the best place to find good deals and bargains, provided you don't run, ahem, barefoot into scams and spoofs.

The quick-witted girl raised the alarm, whereupon her mother morphed into a giant shrieking chicken and climbed barefoot into the safety of the kitchen sink.

In 1% of cases barefoot without is used

In addition, you also may wear barefoot without socks.

The hoof can also flex, contract and expand just as it does when barefoot without a boot.

A city ordinance states that a person can not go barefoot without first obtaining a special five-dollar permit.

The kids pee in the ditch and run around barefoot without diapers or even pants, laughing as they step in pig poo.

On the negative side of that is accidents happen when you walk barefoot without looking down --- especially in areas shielded by large rocks, not that privacy seems to be much of a concern.

In 1% of cases barefoot out is used

He later walked barefoot out of the county jail wearing scrubs and a University of Texas ball cap.

In 1% of cases barefoot like is used

I want them to grow up barefoot like my dad did.

This also means it is very flexible and it will give you an almost barefoot like feel.

He and his partner spent three weeks training outside Kabul, becoming accustomed to walking barefoot like Afghans while toting weapons underneath their jackets.

In 1% of cases barefoot from is used

If I could live again, I would begin to walk barefoot from the beginning of spring and I would continue barefoot until autumn ends.

I use a voice-to-text voicemail service, so here's the transcript: This call is for Darren Barefoot from the Royal Bank Security Department.

It is also established that from the day of His enlightenment till He passed away at Kusinara, the Buddha walked barefoot from Buddha Gaya to Kusinara.

Some keen devotees undertake to walk barefoot from home to one of the shrines of Lord Subramanya, bearing the Kavadi all the way and collecting materials for the offering.

In 1% of cases barefoot down is used

Brought back memories of walking barefoot down country roads.

I went happily barefoot down a hardwood church isle on June 9th this year with it on.

I was walking down Graham avenue at 11am when I noticed a vagrant with dreadlocks in front of me walking barefoot down the sidewalk.

In 1% of cases barefoot by is used

I really like runnin ' barefoot by means of the old cornfields and I love that nation ham.

A handsome young Jamaican with bulging pectorals strides up to three middle-aged women strolling barefoot by the sea.

Food There are six on-site restaurants: Bayside, Dino 's, the Sundowner, Kilmonos, Barefoot by the Sea, and the Sandals Cafe.

In 1% of cases barefoot as is used

So Isaiah walked naked and barefoot as a sign of the captivity of Egypt and Ethiopia, Isaiah 20:3-4.

Had I known that going barefoot as a child would doom me to an adulthood of only being able to wear clunky orthopaedic shoes, I would have kept my shoes on.

I'd sold!!!! What about Parasites? Every single time I'd walk around barefoot as a kid my parents would remind me of all the potential for contracting a parasite.

In 1% of cases barefoot around is used

I found the story of the man who went to Africa and walk barefoot around lakes only to get infected very interesting.

A gentle and kind man, he slept outdoors and walked barefoot around the country planting apple seeds everywhere he went.

Lead by priests chanting and holding their sacred relics before them, the entire army marched in slow, solemn procession barefoot around Jerusalem.

I'd barefoot as soon as I get home, and go barefoot around the yard and stuff, but not in public as dirty things and shards of who-knows-what scares me.

But then a priest had a vision of the deceased Bishop Adhemar, who urged the Crusaders to fast and then walk barefoot around the city to atone for their sins.

I was also surprised when I heard the story about a man that went to Africa walking barefoot around lakes to find hookworms and get infected just to cure his allergies.

In 1% of cases barefoot after is used

Mirren remembers the cast and crew were slammed by the Townsville press when they arrived barefoot after three months filming on Dunk Island.

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