Prepositions after "banish"

"banish from" or "banish to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases banish from is used

He had to be banished from the realm.

For five days I have been banished from thy presence.

Sara was banished from the studio by the rest of the band.

Eomer is banished from the realm by Grima, who sees Eomer as a threat.

Unlike certain Guardian columnists, I don't think that religion should be banished from public discourse.

Nor did he sink into the abyss of despondency when the next morning he was banished from the kingdom for 14 long years.

The Ramayana, which describes the wanderings of Prince Rama banished from his kingdom, has something in common with the famous Odyssey.

For this act of disobedience to God, they were consequently banished from the garden; however, later both repented and were forgiven by God.

The NGO, which works for the welfare of children, ran foul of a guerrilla outfit in Bangladesh, which issued a death threat against Marchand, who had earlier been banished from Bangladesh.

In 29% of cases banish to is used

The daughter-in-law did not die, but the woman was banished to Gambaga nonetheless.

Not so easy with an audience, so they were banished to the hall to prepare their speeches for the party.

Banished to his room, the film reverts to 2D animation to depict a silhouette of a small Vincent ascending a massive, misshapen staircase.

He was removed from all his responsibilities and banished to Ubeda, in the province of Andalusia, in the south of Spain, where he died on 14 December 1591.

All the hotel guests had dinner there, and the adults gathered in the garden for drinks in the evenings, after our generation had been banished to their rooms.

If charged and convicted of possession of alcohol, Nasheed could be sent to jail for three years, banished to a distant island, placed under house arrest or fined.

Boat arrivals are to be banished to Nauru and Manus (or another centre in PNG) and held there for as long as they would have waited had they not attempted the sea voyage.

In 9% of cases banish by is used

They are banished by the establishment for their trouble.

Corruption can not be banished by going on high profile fasting every now and then.

In 2% of cases banish in is used

Anyone who disagreed with those in control of the police could be banished in the land.

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