Prepositions after "ban"

ban from, in, for, by or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases ban from is used

He was not banned from keeping animals.

As a result, he was banned from the team.

I would post the links but they are banned from this site.

It is not unreasonable that Mary Kennedy was banned from the Kennedy Hyannis compound.

During the last five years of his life, Kaufman was banned from most of his old haunts.

Stephen Goddard was banned from WUWT because he made so many false and unreliable claims.

It appears that there's no truth to the claims that Tamihere was banned from Labour's conference over the weekend.

We can see it, can't we? Peruvian, venezuelan and argie-flagged vessels banned from entering South American ports.

Bidding, no go -- just the same as if they had been banned from bidding because the auction owner has blocked them.

The chain had been banned from Iran following the 1979 Islamic revolution, but a restaurant popped up in Karaj yest.

In 17% of cases ban in is used

I want the burqa banned in Australia.

However, it can not be banned in public.

Many of them are banned in the Mainland.

The film remained unbanned in all European countries too, including France and the UK.

Corporal punishment in schools was supposedly banned in 1949 along with all other kinds of CP.

The drug RU-486 is still banned in America even though it would enable women to have safe abortions enduced at home.

Television was all but banned in favor of homework, debates about the issues of the day and improving games of chess.

In addition Google is in the process of seeking a similar sales ban in the US through the International Trade Commission.

David says: 10:21am 30/05/10 Purely from a public safetey and security point of view, it should be banned in banks and shops.

In 16% of cases ban for is used

He could have been sent off and banned for 3 games.

Mandatory life time bans for first time doping offenders.

Or if thats impossible, immediate life bans for first offence.

Teachers should be banned for hitting a child point blank For Parents where do you draw the line.

Fine the company heavily and/or ban for future application if 90% of the H1B visa are not being used.

He could have done it in the past when they gave him that ban for a red card in a pre-season friendly.

Liverpool forward Suarez was banned for eight matches for racially abusing United defender Evra at Anfield in October.

However, doctors and coaches who are found to have provided doping products or advice should be completely banned for life.

He was subsequently banned for a year (which eventually was rightly extended to two years ), a ban which ended last summer.

Oct 23 - 11:00 AM He was banned for one match for a check to the head of Avangard Omsk defenseman Nikita Pivtsakin on Monday.

In 11% of cases ban by is used

This book is banned by Congress Government).

The book has been banned by the Chinese government since 1999.

Dear Kalu, Shaun and others! LTTE was banned by the USA in 1997.

Toyota's ad for the GT86 has been banned by the ASA for encouraging dangerous driving.

That's ideally hydro, which is banned by the environmentalists / water spirits people.

Many times congress extended the ban on SIMI which first banned by BJP in September 2001.

It was banned by Radio Eireann at the request of Kevin's Mother and was not played on the Irish Airwaves until she passed away in the late Fifties.

Soon after its publication, the book was banned by the Kuomintang regime, but two years later, in 1936, he had it republished under another name Snow.

CP is still lawful in both public (government) and private schools; in government schools it was banned by administrative regulation, not by legislation.

EXTERNAL LINKS: (these will open in a new window) GITEACPOC states that school CP in Bhutan is in fact lawful, but was banned by administrative notice in 1997.

In 7% of cases ban on is used

Faheemuddin, Nagpur Ban on SIMI - justice V.

The ban only applies to Galaxy products that run Android 2.

This was evident with EHOME's banning on Pudge (last year's winning hero for Navi).

Anchoring of the golf club -- not only putters, but any golf club -- will be banned on Jan.

There are some careers with blanket bans on diabetics, such as the armed forces of many nations.

He ordered the police to ensure that ban on aerial firing at marriages and other social functions was obeyed.

The ban on handguns has not led to a dramatic fall in gun-crime, as the recent spate of shootings in London demonstrate all too plainly.

Also, bans on meetings of more than three people, for fear of political agitation, made public dances dificult, and the dancing went underground.

Mayor Bloomberg has already succeeded in a total ban on smoking in private places like bars, regardless of the wishes of the owners of such private property.

In 2% of cases ban of is used

The use of such deceptive optimization methods may result in banning of the site.

I think the uproar the whole event caused and subsequent calls for first removal of those pics and then banning of Facebook was absolutely justifiable and fair.

Various governments in the past took measures including banning of the organizations that created hatred and chaos, but this twin-menace of extremism and terrorism could not be controlled.

In 2% of cases ban under is used

Cluster bombs are banned under a 2010 U.

It should be banned under the UN Trade pact.

The organisation was banned under Labour, but ex-members have regrouped under different banners.

Related Articles The organisation was banned under Labour, but ex-members have regrouped under different banners.

Al-Ghurabaa and the Saved Sect are the first two organisations to be banned under new laws outlawing the glorification of terrorism.

Erection of public street signs in Irish were effectively banned under laws by the Parliament of Northern Ireland, which stated that only English could be used.

In 1% of cases ban due is used

One user who was targeted confirmed they had been banned due to a perceived terms of service violation.

The former Italian international has received a ten-month touchline banned due to his part in the match fixing scandal.

In 1% of cases ban to is used

The oppression was devas-tating in its effects as able? bodied men were hanged on the gallows, burned at the stake, and banned to the galleys.

After this period then all teams are told to sack any riders who are caught, and stringent bans enforced, maybe increasing the current 2 years ban to 3 or 4 years.

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