Prepositions used with "university"

at, of, to, in or for university?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases university at is used

D program at University of Texas.

Programme at university of Cape Coast.

I had my third son in my third year at university.

I used this site to assist me with Irish history which I'd studying at university.

It's like having access to a university library while no longer being at university.

I have taken one recently at university being scared it would be dramatically lower.

Further Education can give you more time in education or help you into employment or further study at University.

Brief translation of details: Forum Legacy of Alan Turing at University of Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Colombia.

I think this finding supports Steve's view that we're dealing with little overt discrimination at universities.

Chad Webb, 20 Chad excelled at school but dropped out of accountancy at university because he needed to earn money.

In 21% of cases university of is used

Joseph of University of San Jode-Recoletos.

President of University of Limerick, (UL) Prof.

Diversity is part of the fabric of university life here.

The great and necessary expansion of university places had to be paid for somehow.

A fund has been created on behalf of university teachers to support this struggle.

Every year, a few mainland students get kicked out of universities in Hong Kong.

In a number of university towns there have been two simultaneous encampments: one on campus and one off of campus.

More importantly, as the representative of the national body of university teachers, he is part of the mainstream.

But nowadays, there are a lot of Universities and business schools all over the world ready to accept this score.

I'd in my last year of University and doing my final year project and I am making a app on android and maybe iPhone.

In 18% of cases university to is used

My return to university looms large.

I helped to send my wife to university.

Put plans in place to go to university.

Get Some Experience Like many, Gareth left school thinking he would go to university.

If she wanted to go on to university she could do it any time, it's her personal choice.

We much not turn our universities into polytechnics and polytechnics into universities.

I was 29 and pregnant with my second child, and working part-time night shift and going to university full-time.

Not long after that he refused to let me go to University, see my friends or leave my house without telling him.

After graduation in 1925, his brother went to university, but Ba Jin was in poor health and gave up his studies.

Poorer students therfore rely absolutely on bursary ssytems to allow them to go to university in the first place.

In 11% of cases university in is used

I had enough of that in university.

I'd back in University and I couldn't be happier.

They are taught in universities across the world.

The purpose of spending two years in college is to spend a few more in University.

Now they are in University, they have no time to waste on long process of cooking.

Sure, some people in universities and some large corporations had Internet access.

Students who lived in University accommodation were most likely to buy food regularly from a University canteen.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL The International student Card is issued right after the students get Admission in University.

I started doing freelance photography while still in university and three years after I graduated, I was still broke.

In 8% of cases university for is used

The savings go to our nieces to pay for university.

For universities, this syndrome has three implications.

Now is as good as it will ever get for university funding.

Is this fair? Recently, the cut off point for university entry is raised to 75 points.

The keynote address was provided by David Willetts, UK Minister for Universities and Science.

What are the Universities you are representing in Ukraine? Contact us for Universities details.

In NFLD, when ancillary fees are factored in the equation, they pay less for university than students in Qubec.

It also offers English language courses to prepare students for University study via to advanced Masters Classes.

In addition, the call for universities to come up with a proper way of vetting their leaders was also brought out.

All candidates must have a level of academic academic attainment equivalent to that required for university entrance.

In 8% of cases university from is used

A sociology from University of Peshawar.

Com in Accounting from University of Dhaka.

Donald graduated from University of Malaya.

I also organise the occasional party -- Mixed Grill -- with a friend from university.

Denis holds a BA degree from University College Dublin and an MBA from Boston College.

Contributor After recently graduating from University, Joe has written for NintendoGamer.

A colleague asked him to speak to her class about how he was able to become a rapper and graduate from university.

He has a Master of Science degree (Major: Community Health for Developing Countries) from University of Heidelberg.

But how do you let go of everything you have? One night, my dad was telling me about a friend of his from University.

In 3% of cases university by is used

Scientists often get paid by grants and by universities.

A 2008 paper written, by University of Alberta economist Brad R.

The Student Volunteer Army was initiated by University of Canterbury student Sam Johnson.

Awarded an Honorary Doctors of Law Degree by University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in May 2009.

USA Awarded Honorary Doctors of Law Degree by University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in May 2009.

Unimpressed, Baba Gana Kingibe told Andy Uba that degrees are issued by universities, not courts.

Personally, I use Acnefree by University Medical which you can find at any Walmart, Target, or Kmart.

They are offered by universities in partnership with higher education colleges and further education colleges.

Best Adult Judge, trophy is awarded by University of Reading, with Best Child Judge to receiving a Raspberry Pi computer.

Out of the 42 honorary doctorates bestowed upon him by universities across the globe, five were from Indian universities.

In 3% of cases university with is used

Connect with University of the Western Cape and learn.

As females are most likely to leave school with University Entrance (section 7.

On the research side, she has worked with Universities such as Harvard, Yale and MIT.

We want also elaborate our cooperation with university within Africa and abroad as well.

By now he was comparing data with University of Plymouth marine biologist Richard Thompson.

He, with a country filled with universities, refuses to accept history and is dumb as a bump on a log.

It also recommended to the ICO that it engage more with universities and clarify how FoI law applies to research.

Besides, the government cooperated with universities to provide various Chinese courses and programs for NCS students.

This suggests the need for more student support services to address many of the stresses associated with university life.

Figure 4: Tertiary Destinations of Students who Leave School with University Entrance or a Level 3 Qualification (2005 School Leavers).

In 2% of cases university on is used

Radio calls, flyers and blood drives on university campuses.

Police found him a short time later hiding in some bushes on University Ave.

No doubt, Kristen knows this and could be part of the reason she is either delaying or passing on university.

Those looking for information on university requirements, courses, degrees and career choices will find it all under one roof.

Officers say they found him hiding under some bushes on University -- and when they invited him to leave his safe spot, he didn't go quietly.

In 2009, QS introduced a new university ranking focusing exclusively on universities in Asia, the world's biggest and most populous continent.

The good news is, nonetheless, former pupils may use financial products pertaining to move on university to help fund his or her course, cheap ugg boots.

The former university official declined to comment on the other problems hounding MSU, including the alleged proliferation of houses squatting on university land.

Policy The CUDN may be used to support the needs of conference delegates, coordinators, vendors, and guests while residing on University grounds and partaking in conference activities.

In 1% of cases university into is used

For people who couldn't make it into universities.

In the UK we are unable to use sporting prowess to get into university.

We much not turn our universities into polytechnics and polytechnics into universities.

Actually those who could not get into universities should break into the universities and do picketing.

I made it into University and barely was able to pay tuition, but through work and deejaying, I made it work.

However, The reason I am put into university isn't because my mentor is putting me on some lifelong learning journey.

In this cohort of students there is a group which is going into university study probably through discretionary entrance and certificate of university practice programmes.

An affordable way into university study The Exploring the Past Foundation Pathway offers a route into university that is not only flexible, open and inclusive, but also affordable.

Married to wealthy retiree Vladimir (Andrey Smirnov ), she is desperate to provide her layabout son Sergei (Alexei Rozin) with the cash which will pay her grandson's way into university.

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