Prepositions used with "airport"

at, of, in, to or from airport?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases airport at is used

Try looking at airports in nearby cities, or alternate airports in the same city.

Plus the 1000 NWS stations- most of which are at airports and only update once an hour.

At Airports and TUCSON stations, rainfall is measured by ' tipping buckets ', these tip when 0.

And it's only natural to resent the chain's status as near-monopoly supplier of water at airports.

On Friday, we didn't land at Murtala Muhammed Airport 2 but at airport 1, specifically near the bush.

Country after country, he was welcomed as a state guest, often welcomed by heads of states at airports.

Even after checking in, seats can be changed at airport kiosks and on some airlines ' mobile applications.

The goal is to grow a fuel, have it work in a plane and be available at airports for airlines to rely upon.

Itinerary Day Route Places Visited Over Night Hotels 1 Airport/Colombo Pick up at airport and transfer to hotel in Colombo.

I've read reams about the sports science measures they've taken, with blood tests at airports and skinfold tests in hotels.

In 20% of cases airport of is used

Tell your children what to expect out of airport security.

Airport Design Another related innovation is in design of airports.

The cost of airport security (a public service) is covered by a uniform tax (currently $7.

A broad range of high-level speakers spoke on the central theme, taking in the myriad areas of airport activities.

The reason is this: what is the essence of airport? Airport is pivotal; aviation itself is pivotal to economic growth.

Moran, unable to be present because of airport delays, describes experiencing an overwhelming sense of joy on their arrival.

Recently, hares have taken up residence along the grassy verges of airport runways and often run alongside planes at take off and landing.

Let's move toward landside and airside design of airports that reduce congestion and frustration at all points along the way for travelers.

Due to recent changes in the security policies of airports it is very likely that a wrapped present will be opened to investigate its contents.

In 14% of cases airport in is used

Larry Craig Toe-Tapping In Airport Bathroom Sen.

And people in airport lounges should be a whole lot quieter.

Daniel has a Bachelor of Aviation Management and extensive experience in airport operations.

Also, same case when you are forming a line in Airport when boarding plane, boarding bus or in a Bank too.

Price range? It's wholesale price so it's definitely cheaper than price in Tang, Isetan, or even in Airport.

Their plan is to install this molecular-level scanning in airports and border crossings all across the United States.

And now that he's ' transferred to AC Milan ' (so the internet says ), it means a whole load of him flying around the place and looking fit in airports.

Established in 1910 in the US, the luggage maker entered the Chinese market in 1997 by mainly selling its products in airports and high-end shopping malls.

Steel consumption in India, the world's second-fastest growing major economy, is being driven by increased usage in airports, railway coaches and automobiles.

The service specialists in Airport collections to Dublin and back, and for Walking Groups in the area who want to have their own bus service at their disposal.

In 13% of cases airport to is used

Light snow and minor fender-bender for taxi on way to airport to leave.

It also provides benefits like lounge access to airports, insurance policy etc.

Sound mirages aren't a safety factor, but they can cause problems with neighbors to airports.

This is important to airports as they facilitate being in one place today and another tomorrow.

I know how precarious their positions are; many are delaying payments to staff as well as for purchases and to airport authorities.

Shuttle bus connection to airports from train stations can work well when trains run when people fly which will be needed at LAX without decent rail connections.

Ideas so far include mobile phones with chemical weapons detectors and brain scanners fitted to airport sniffer dogs, so that security staff can read their minds.

In 8% of cases airport from is used

Total 60 minutes from airport to the door.

The coach journey both ways to and from airport are pretty horrible.

The team works in different countries and different architectural fields, from airports to housing.

Once in the car en-route to our house, I relax and observe the traffic on the main Avenida Aviadores del Chaco route from airport to town.

This was all a customized itinerary where I only got drivers to pick me up from airports and drive to places based on what I wanted to see, so plan with an agent.

My one word of advice is to go direct through either Bishop Joseph or his Son James and they will arrange everything for you from Airport pickup to accommodation whilst in Nakuru.

Eleanor says: Peter says: 01:32pm 25/05/10 Eleanor, i reckon we should ban western style clothing from airports and banks because ive never seen a terrorist or a bank robber wear burqua's.

Our luggage was immediately taken care off after that, from airport right to the room, without us having to even touch it! We were asked to wait for a while until they gathered the whole group.

In 7% of cases airport for is used

Experts suggest looking at fares for airports within a reasonable radius of your destination.

The present market size for airport and ground support equipment is estimated to be $ 440 million.

This is particularly so for airports, which face a ' double blow ' for each lost unit of traffic.

I appreciated the style, the taxi service from and for airport, kindness of people and breakfast very comprehensive.

Good environmental stewardship can't be a long-term goal for airports; Sustainability, or at least steps toward sustainability, is expected by today's citizenry.

So traditionally, passengers board the planes from the left side and all aerobridges for airports around the world have to meet this conventional practice for standardisation purpose.

The councils are now preparing evidence for a new aviation commission, headed by Sir Howard Davies, which was launched by the Government to examine the case for airport development across the UK.

In 6% of cases airport by is used

It takes about 45 minutes from the airport to the station by Airport Express Railway.

Also, you could then develop the vast tracts of land taken up by airports, make loads of dosh and save the world.

According the Airbus, high level of congestion faced by airports creates demand for bigger airplanes to reduce the airport congestion and resulting inefficiencies.

In 4% of cases airport through is used

This wind has blown across airlines and swept through airports, bringing irreversible change.

That means that it can be used systematically on everyone passing through airport security, not just suspect or randomly sampled people.

However, it wasnt a problem, and the engine passed through airport security without a jerk, on its way to the LA Auto Show, from Detroit.

It grants tourists/ visitors the authorization to enter the country through desiganted entry points on the border, through airports and harbour stattions.

In 3% of cases airport including is used

His career background is predominantly in infrastructure businesses including airports, ports and electricity.

An American official said in the past, militant groups in the Middle East had succeeded in obtaining western counter-terrorism technology, including airport screening devices.

In 2% of cases airport as is used

For longer journeys, such as airport and mountain transfers, these tend to be around USD 5- 10 to the driver.

The 4,000 (3,236) EyeSee mannequins, made by Italian company Almax SpA, use software typically reserved for high security locations, such as airports, where law enforcement track the public.

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