Prepositions used with "bay"

At, of, in, from or with bay?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases bay At is used

As for my other exes, I keep them at bay.

He kept the rival extremist muslim groups at bay.

Frequently a young bull will turn at bay for a moment.

That guilty feeling will then be held at bay, pushed to the margins of one's consciousness.

I take pieces out a little at a time, thinking it will keep winter at bay a little longer, lol.

Afterwards, Big Sam conceded that his team had not reached the standard required to keep Roberto Martinez's side at bay.

But in 1939, after keeping danger at bay for so long, a threat greater than they can imagine is moving closer and closer.

Not only this, dark chocolate is also a great source of antioxidants which can help to fight disease and keep wrinkles at bay.

Washington is believed to have used every pressure tactic to keep Islamabad at bay from the project and that seems to have worked.

In 8% of cases bay of is used

Thomas O'Reilly, of Bay 5, Kilbarry.

From this location, the line will run along the south side of a narrowed Queen's Quay in a design not unlike what is proposed west of Bay.

I discussed this scheme in my previous post on Harbourfront transit, but since then, more details have emerged about the street design east of Bay.

Staff and owners of local Tim Hortons and Georgian Bay General Hospital came to the new Tim Hortons at the corner of Bay and Midland Avenue to celebrate the event.

East of Bay, the proposed LRT route will initially operate to Parliament Street pending the connection of Cherry Street through to a re-aligned Lake Shore and Queen's Quay.

It also boasts of bays and coves that make up for more than 300 picturesque beaches that can be enjoyed given that the temperature remains to be within the comfortable 25 degrees Celsius.

In 7% of cases bay in is used

The second was unveiled during a ceremony in Bay de Verde on Nov.

In 2004, the UN reported more than a hundred dead zones in bays, estuaries downstream and seas.

On the return voyage, the shallop was wrecked in Bay de Verde and the five crew were forced to walk to Carbonear.

Unlike other Thai sleepers, the berths are arranged in bays of 4 in door-less compartments opening onto a side corridor.

George's Bay and Conne River in Bay d'Espoir (Anger 1988; Bartels and Janzen 1990; Jackson and Penney 1993; Martijn 1989).

Martin was created Alvin Morris in Bay area on December twenty five, 1913 to be able to Hattie and also Edward Clarence Morris, nicely-off Jewish immigrants through Poland.

From March to October in 2011, a string of 20 sexual assaults happened in Bay Ridge, Sunset Park and Park Slope and the victims were all young women (The New York Times, October 19, 2011).

In 3% of cases bay from is used

Baywatch -- The 8km (5-mile) trip from Bay St.

It was sent from Bay Bulls in 1680, by a ship's chaplain, John Thomas, who had interviewed local settlers.

She says she is a teacher of physical culture and dance schoolteacher and recently came here from Bay City Michigan.

In 2% of cases bay with is used

The cars are open-plan, with bays of seats either side of the aisle.

The problem with Bay's direction is that it's rarely commensurate with the overall needs of the scene.

Charter bus parking would be provided under the Gardiner with bays on Queen's Quay for loading and unloading of passengers.

The units will also have domestic quarters with attached toilets and utility rooms, large kitchens, dining rooms with bay windows and the larger villas have entertainment space too.

In 1% of cases bay as is used

In some cases, such as bay window or closet areas, it may be necessary to reverse directions or back-fill an area.

In 1% of cases bay for is used

It stands for bay breezes, beautiful blondes, fitness, beer gardens, footballers, four-wheel-drives, hyphenated surnames, optimism and the free market.

In 1% of cases bay on is used

Catharines, Sarnia, Tilbury, Toronto Atrium on Bay and Windsor Park.

This incident took place outside Red Beach School which is on Bay Vista Drive.

Even without Tom Yates who is on Bay of Plenty representative duty, the side has a strong.

In 1% of cases bay round is used

I have some distance from this despite spending a lot of time round Bay Area " libertarians " and " liberals ", folk close to things.

In 1% of cases bay to is used

In 1898, she moved to Bay City, Michigan from San Antonio, Texas.

From York to Bay, Front will undergo a major transformation to be much more a street for pedestrians and taxis, not a through street for motor traffic.

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