Prepositions used with "launch"

at, of, after, on or for launch?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases launch at is used

PheonixBlayne81 Got the game at launch, came home and immediately loaded it up.

Examined from a distance, Buran looked strikingly similar at launch to the American shuttle.

If the prototype launches, that's great! Your next project will be to iterate on that launch.

Tear also said that the BB10 will offer more apps than any other operating system has at launch.

Some of these features won't be available at launch but will be added down the road as time permits.

We next spent some time creating the essential message of what she wanted to say at launches and events.

If Woodhill had a clue he would know the Malibu has two additional engines that weren't available at launch.

I'd not getting a Wii U at launch but it's one of most interesting looking of the launch games in my opinion.

That's important, because at launch it only had voice dictation but just as potent a chipset as the iPhone 4S.

Siri was another big new feature that has been criticized, with both Siri and Maps feeling half-baked at launch.

In 17% of cases launch of is used

What I've got is a bad case of launch fatigue.

So this seems to me to be a problem of launching, not with the products themselves.

Don't fatigue me, bro As an audience member, it's easy to reach a point of launch saturation.

The timing of launch windows gives astronauts 18 months on the Red Planet before they can return.

Lots of cliques, lots of selfish marketers, lots of launchers, lots of takers, but very little givers.

I'd simply saying that what the OP says here is true, which is that we're in danger of launch fatigue.

Vista didn't flop either, in fact it outsold XP on a like-for-like comparison of the first month of launch.

Someone else wanted the Nexus 4 on the day of launch as well, but unfortunately didn't manage to get hold of one.

The result is a constant launching and capturing of balls, mid-orbit collisions and negotiations of launch priorities.

In 13% of cases launch after is used

Allow 20 minutes after launch to proceed to the start.

Push that, push that, push that, it can go in after launch.

However, over a year after launch, 3G subscriber base remained low.

In space news we have launch after launch after launch! A bunch of GPS satellites were delivered.

The XUV still turns heads, over a year after launch, and that's quite a feat Mahindra has pulled off.

The Nexus 7, manufactured by Asus, has also seen a successful start with the tablet selling out soon after launch.

The Nexus 7, manufactured by Asustek Computer Inc, has also seen a successful start, with the tablet selling out soon after launch.

While retail stores sold out of the Lumia 920 shortly after launch last week, there appeared to be plenty of stock available online.

I bought my 4s right after launch day last year and AT &T; says I can purchase at full retail and that I might get a discount in May ' 13.

In 11% of cases launch on is used

Crossing my fingers hoping all this goes smoothly on launch day.

Because of that, I wasn't able to order on launch day last Friday morning.

All over website it said join us now and you can easily switch to EE on launch.

You may wish to check with the Asus representative for your country on launch and pricing details.

T-mobile got my business on the back of a promise made that can switch straight to EE on launch day.

Peugeot are onto a winner along with the striking 3008 - Ryan Johnston from Essex We bought a 5008 on launch and it's been the worst car I have ever owned.

I had a dream the other night when I went back to several different points in time and bought every single Nintendo console on launch day, then went back to the present and kept them as a collection.

In 9% of cases launch for is used

JP, who has been in Indonesia for around six years, unveils plans for launch.

Supports private and shared image libraries, including pre-bundled applications ready for launch.

And Europes Cryosat-2 is scheduled for launch on April 8, so hopefully they will not take long to calibrate and start getting real data.

They are rolling out a more skill based system, but it wasn't quite ready for launch so until then they are using the system in this article.

They have turned to India for launch of their 712-kg earth observation satellite SPOT-6 using a launch vehicle, the technology for which was originally developed by France.

When this engine is going to be offered by Ford in India, is yet to be seen but it is expected to make its way into the upcoming Ford EcoSport which is due for launch in 2013.

In 9% of cases launch to is used

From prototyping to launch, you'll have ownership over each step in the creative process.

The media took up the story, but the critical coverage served only to launch Jobbik into the mainstream.

It is often considered the beginning of the finale for L-B-L but still too far from home to launch a serious attack.

In 6% of cases launch Before is used

Has anyone from EE even thought about how you planned to deliver the promises you've made before launch? Because it doesn't look like it to me.

The next step is getting prototypes into gamers hands -- she says Valve already has a production line for short runs, making a beta possible -- and iterating on design before launch.

This is not to say they do not test their products with users, but the testing often happens with the final product just before launch and only helps in making small, last minute changes.

In 6% of cases launch with is used

I only help with launches of stuff that I like, and I am never, ever ever financially compensated for them.

I only help with launches of stuff that I like, and I am never, ever ever financially compensated for them.

Reason of battery dilemma with launch of Android iOS 6 There are lots of complaints that are launched on technical support forum by customers regarding these battery problems.

In 4% of cases launch from is used

Available from launch in either Coupe or Volante body styles, DB9 13MY clearly has a strong breadth of appeal.

Nintendo 3DS games Nintendo says there will be around 30 games available from launch up until June, just in time for E3 2011, where we are likely to hear from more 3DS game developers.

In 4% of cases launch in is used

For those LOTRO players who are also wider gamers, the change in launch date simply means more time to focus on Guild Wars 2.

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