Prepositions used with "part"

as, in, of, to or for part?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases part as is used

Fresh approach As part of skysports.

Lying was part of his business plan.

As part of this process, last week U.

As part of this transition, the last print edition in the United States will be our Dec.

Advertising screensaver repellent PR, realizing the marketing as part of the production.

As part of this interview, Prince Harry says that he has always wanted to have children.

Attracting an audience traditionally transforms investment product, realizing the marketing as part of the production.

Buying and selling of the Directive covers the empirical pack-shot, realizing the marketing as part of the production.

Facebook hopes to change that by getting users used to the idea of giving small gifts as part of their social routine.

As part of citywide school reform efforts, the Board of Ed (BOE) has for three years conducted school climate surveys.

In 6% of cases part in is used

In parts of China, starvation occurred.

The climb is steady though steep in parts.

I am what I am at least in part thanks to Buffy.

Deforestation has been halted and reversed in parts of both Europe and the North America.

This resulted in part from the contemporary reputation of the earl of Tyrone in particular.

Yes- the Bible says that it is in this life that we see in parts, but when the perfect comes the imperfect would go away.

For young toddlers, they might choose between two options, while older kids will be able to fill in parts of the stories.

In parts of the Northern Region visited by Akufo-Addo's running mate, Mahamudu Bawumia, similar sentiments were expressed.

In 5% of cases part of is used

A list of participants is appended.

This is the list of parts you require.

Can I buy a kit of parts from you for this project.

He was given a junior Treasury Minister's office and put in charge of part of the exercise.

Bra consist of parts like Apex, strap, adjuster, hook and eye, cup, cradle, sling, wing etc.

Division 4 of Part 6 applies to the notice in the same way as it applies to a prohibition notice.

I had the chance to visit a number of parts of the country and to meet with a wide range of political representatives.

Additionally, they put up a wide range of parts and accessories to cater to the varying requirements of the customers.

My point was, to what depth? There's an absolute heap of parts flying around in shipping containers throughout Europe.

Although structure is the arrangement of parts, as was indicated previously, culture will influence how these parts interact.

In 4% of cases part to is used

Welcome to Part 2 of this feature.

It's huge and it's great to part of something.

Will be very sad the day I have to part with it.

Welcome to part one of the official and unarguable Confectionery Stall **40;7638;TOOLONG.

Note; test drive IS CRUCIAL before buyers decide how to part with their hard earned money.

During this work phase, access to parts of the Curator Artifact Collection is not possible.

Click here to go back up to parts summary Tier 8 and 9: Games are starting to take advantage of more than 4GB of RAM.

They started to part slowly, and Eira was blinded by the glare of the spotlights, deafened by the roar of the audience.

I had offered to paint something, but I'd not sure if I'd ready to part with my work yet (unless it's for a lot of money.

I would say however, that my experiences have made me unwilling to part with my pocket money for (bad) copying and pasting.

In 2% of cases part for is used

For Part 1, you can click here.

I had to hire someone to watch them for part of the next day.

For part of that time, the general served as deputy commander at U.

On the other hand, Duaba Serwa didn't disappoint me as she close the show for part one.

See next week's issue of Vows for Part 2 of our feature on Olivier and Mikhalia Michael.

Split Your Tickets - Not Your Journey Special fares are often available for part of the route.

The initial deductible for Part B services is roundly $150, a relative pittance, but there are no out-of-pocket caps.

You have to remember that besides a local plumber need to charge for labor, but they must charge for parts you need.

In the UK sparrowhawks are found everywhere, except for parts of the Scottish Highlands, the Western Isles and Shetland.

The problem with the car is it ’ s low reliability and need for frequent repair for parts that should fall apart so soon.

In 1% of cases part from is used

But ' he was from part socialist, part Chinese tradition of economic management '.

The wings are then taken by sea to be assembled in Toulouse from parts built across Europe.

Most are cultivars, which can not be planted from seeds; only from parts of the mother plant.

Many Latin American countries are populated by immigrants from parts of Europe other than Spain.

After Israel pulled back troops from parts of the West Bank, he and others were given refuge in Israel.

Also anyone contributing to research from part of the country and then not then receiving is not justifiable.

Laser liposuction is one of the modern techniques that are used to remove excess fat from parts of the body.

It is very different from parts of Delhi or Mumbai, which are drenched in history and the footprints of diverse races.

Sorry but pointing that someone from part of an ethnic minority was sent down by an all white jury is more than relevant.

You've probably never thought about things this way because database programmers have taken my advice from part 1 of the last section.

In 1% of cases part into is used

To divide into parts after disassembling.

Next Wednesday we'll dive into part two of the trifecta.

Obviously, spliting body into parts will not help either.

The right brain, in contrast, looks at the whole first, before breaking things down into parts.

Two of the most common ways to model is to either build up patterns or break wholes into parts.

The guns are broken down into parts, smuggled back into Afghanistan and delivered to the Taliban.

Suddenly the world was broken into parts that could be deciphered using mathematics, physics, astronomy, and biology.

A fractal is a rough or fragemented geometric shape of a unit of occurrence that can be split into parts from a whole.

We made a huge batch, using 5 whole chickens cut into parts, and prepared them more or less according to the original recipe, here.

In 1% of cases part on is used

Yeah, it's a little tricky on parts of.

It is time for some serious introspection and corrective action on part of all.

Let me further educate Akadu Mensema on part of the history of the Volta Region.

What I saw has been indelibly imprinted on parts of my conscience, sub-conscience, and maybe also my unconscious.

Indeed it sounds like the current Galway Advertiser offices may be on (or on part of) the original Hayes-McCoy site.

When LS occurs on parts of the body other than the genital area, most often there are no symptoms, other than itching.

Pointing out this misogyny on part of subaltern men doesn't dehumanize them, it shows they have and abuse power over whoever they can.

Karan Thapar: Can I ask you, wasn't it a bit silly on part of a BJP MP to make such a comment about lord Ram? Ram Jethmalani: I am sorry.

In 1% of cases part under is used

Is compensation payable under the Public Works Act? Compensation is payable under Part 5 of the Public Works Act.

It incorporates the prudential requirements already imposed under Part 5D of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989.

After the end of that period, non-disturbance requirements may apply by virtue of an investigation notice under Part 6.

Interception of Radio-Based (Cellular) Telephone Communications Interception of cellular phone calls is permitted under Part VI of the Criminal Code.

Appeals against a decision of the Industrial Court of NSW under this section are dealt with under Part 7 of Chapter 4 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996.

In 1% of cases part with is used

Talk of being with part with Pakistan or not is later.

They have dealt with parts only, but failed to deal with it as a seamless project.

Being able to work with part of a file in your favorite code editor is extremely useful.

Her classes leave students in touch with parts of themselves they may not have otherwise reached.

So just in case you started out with part 4 first and you feel as though you're missing something.

Finder's fees totaling $16,100 in cash and 322,000 2012B warrants have been paid in connection with part of the Financing.

Road vehicles such as coaches, spend a lot of time at steady speed with part throttle, which is where the best economy savings are.

Where the jury is provided with part of the transcript, fairness may require that they be provided with some other part of the transcript.

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