Prepositions used with "border"

"across border" or "of border"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases border across is used

Our goal is to provide affordable and relevant mobile communication solutions across borders.

More visuals follow with a globe showing live transactions displaying PayPal transactions across borders.

The released Palestinians were caught in roundups and transported across borders contrary to international law.

The task would fall to the infant working class, which needed to organise across nationalities, and across borders.

He hailed the steps EAC member states have made in working to create a common market allowing citizens to move freely across borders.

It stinks of COVER UP!!!! patriotforrevo So 0bungles let more weapons walk across borders and again an American is murdered with them.

The types of services most prevalent are not the kind that China can trade across borders, like restaurant jobs or domestic consultancy services.

Adding to the food insecurity situation at the time was the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Somalis within their own country and across borders into Kenya and Ethiopia.

Conflict across borders Finally, a war with Iran would be not be like conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya where the fighting was constrained to the borders of the country in question.

In 19% of cases border of is used

Commission to establish a system of border observers.

The 15th round of border talks in this new framework was concluded in New Delhi in January 2012.

The minister added that the long stretch of border along Karimganj town in the Barak Valley is yet to be fenced.

And yes, their musical backgrounds are other than ' Irish ', but the tunes cross all kinds of borders, as does people's ideas about accompaniment.

A key problem as seen by the Tamils was the protection of border areas such as Trincomalee, Mullaitivu and Vavuniya, where the resources of the state had been used in settling Sinhalese.

In 9% of cases border in is used

But when they start taking POLITICAL stances in border conflicts, calling for boycotts, opposing pipelines or mining projects.

Meanwhile, Penn National Gaming, which is based in border state West Virginia, is afraid the new Maryland law will take money away from West Virginia gambling.

Turkey and Syria should avoid interfering in each other's internal affairs and should make every effort to maintain peace in border regions, Firouzabadi stated.

In addition the programmer could simply wrap an tag with an tag and remove the border of the image by setting it's border attribute to zero as in border = 0.

In border counties and further West most people rely heavily on England for ' legal brains ' and legal support being it the use of Solicitors or Barristers to assist with whatever case they may have.

In 8% of cases border at is used

Only in exceptional cases may visas be issued at border crossing points.

On a trip coming back from Montego Bay after visiting one of my brothers and his family, we stopped at Border in St.

Entry Requirements - Travelling on from South Sudan by land Visitors intending to travel by land to neighbouring countries should first check the visa requirements for entry at border crossings.

In 8% of cases border for is used

So much for border security wrt hazardous goods.

Art Gallery fabrics are all beautiful; I used some for borders on a small name quilt.

He added: ' There has been some interest in these from member states for border-surveillance purposes.

At the moment we are holding demonstrations to see if these aircraft are a viable tool for border surveillance.

It is likely that Wanta/Ameritrust funds earmarked for border protection could lead to the indictment of high ranking US officials.

In 7% of cases border without is used

It shows us that we do live in a world without borders now, this is actual proof of that.

And it can't be forgotten how bad McCain was on trying to push through a really bad immigration reform bill that provided amnesty without border security.

The struggle for African self-determination is the struggle for Africa without borders and united under a single government led by workers in alliance with peasants.

In 5% of cases border beyond is used

Our expertise goes beyond borders.

By their very nature, small military engagements tend to get larger, and wars tend to spread beyond borders.

In 3% of cases border near is used

Farmer Durul Huda, 52, was shot dead by BSF along Ajmatpur border at Shibganj in Chapainawabganj on May 16, when he went to work on his rice field near border pillar number 181.

If a traveler is denied permission to bring in the firearm, there are often facilities near border crossings where firearms may be stored, pending the traveler's return to the United States.

In 3% of cases border with is used

He did a song with General B about his incarceration and followed that with Border Clash.

It is unclear if this is connected to more wide-ranging concerns with border security, perhaps in relation to Baluchi guerillas in Iran.

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