Prepositions after "wriggle"

wriggle out, for, in, on or around?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 62% of cases wriggle out is used
    I'd not wriggling out of anything, love.
    In the end he would wriggle out of it with only Carrie and maybe Sol knowing who Brody really is.
    I would be embarrassed to use this cover story as it's so obvious she's trying to wriggle out of the first story.
    Look at the yeye LIAR of a person trying to use style style to wriggle out of his mendacious hole that he has dug himself into.
    One female journalist -- who said the minister had refused to shake her hand -- gleefully noted that now he would no longer be able to wriggle out of it.
    Photograph: PR Last week, I discussed how Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars invoked the California Labor Law to try and wriggle out of their record deal.
    A bit of wit helps In case you feel that your arrogance has landed you in a spot, the best way to wriggle out of it is to see the situation in a humorous way.
    Yet these oligarchs of Capitalism try to wriggle out of the crisis by fudging the figures of the population which is below their understanding of POVERTY LINE.
    And Rosicky has class which will not easily be replaced on the cheap, his passing and ability to wriggle out of tricky situations are great attributes imo, and he puts in a lot of effort.

    In 5% of cases wriggle for is used
    It even stopped her wriggling for a few minutes.

    In 3% of cases wriggle around is used
    The Justice Department can wriggle around the first amendment, but can not find any evidence of fraud on Wall St (including MK Global).

    In 3% of cases wriggle inside is used
    Like many outwardly respectable families, a maggot wriggled inside the apple.

    In 3% of cases wriggle off is used
    All of which is just a way for you to wriggle off the hook.

    In 3% of cases wriggle to is used
    Epic contemporary string sounds and amazing synth work that's sure to get any head bopping and butt wriggling to the beat, and to top it off these tracks have.

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