Prepositions after "wreck"

"wreck by", "wreck on" or "wreck in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases wreck by is used
    Both the SA and the SSP were wrecked by the SP and SWP.
    I know several whose lives she nearly wrecked by such preaching.
    Hard drives can get corrupted, stolen, or wrecked by fire or water.
    While Obama's presidency could be wrecked by foreign policy developments, it can not be redeemed by them.
    The control tower and terminal had been wrecked by the earthquake, and operations were centered on a grassy strip next to the runway.
    Anyone who has worked out in northern Uganda knows well how the healthcare system just like other systems was wrecked by the more than two-decade LRA war.
    Who knew the Fish would score fewer runs than any NL team other than Houston, with Logan Morrison's season wrecked by injuries and several other players badly underachieving.
    The British have always refused to do this because the marbles would have been wrecked by the corrosive acidic smog from the industrial plants in Piraeus and the endless Athenian traffic jams.

    In 11% of cases wreck in is used
    And I think for them there is a kind of morbid fascination with watching a train wreck in slow motion.
    On the return voyage, the shallop was wrecked in Bay de Verde and the five crew were forced to walk to Carbonear.

    In 11% of cases wreck on is used
    The survivors were shipwrecked on the Island for 18 months, until they were rescued by a passing Whaler.
    After ten days at sea the ship was wrecked on the west coast of the Auckland Islands in the early hours of the 14th May.

    In 3% of cases wreck along is used
    The planet is being wrecked along with society and all you want to do is continue fiddling, albeit a slightly different tune.

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