Prepositions after "wrap"

"wrap in" or "wrap around"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 62% of cases wrap in is used
    His left thumb is wrapped in a bandage.
    Everything was still wrapped in plastic.
    wrap in waxed parchment paper and serve immediately.
    Not, as they had the 4 try bonus point wrapped in 26 minutes, the fastest this season.
    Under her tiny clothes was a very round belly; her head was wrapped in a faded blue scarf.
    Finally we settled between the wheels of a truck trailer, wrapped in sleeping bags, looking to catch up on our sleep.
    In Israel, the body parts of every suicide bomber, after swept from the street, are collected and wrapped in pig skin.
    All shirts are wrapped in a special garment bag, packaged in a nice handmade paper box, and placed in a beautiful PYE eco-bag.
    After a lot of argument, a large bundle wrapped in a large dirty cloth was produced and the contents were dumped on the ground.

    In 22% of cases wrap around is used
    He only has a towel wrapped around his waist.
    It wraps around the rib cage and fastens in the back.
    At that time the line was still wrapped around the building.
    Let him hold you up against the wall with your legs wrapped around his lower back.
    What I meant was, Thanks! Strong sentiments that wrap around me like a warm, cozy blanket.
    Here the juicy chicken breast was wrapped around rich foie gras and blanketed in Iberico ham.
    Then muscular cells that are selected from amongst the tissue around the bones come together and wrap around the bones.
    It is stated in the verses that in the mother's womb, the bones develop first, and then the muscles form which wrap around them.
    I did not expect such a long, it was already wrapped around the corner and I ended up standing up in front of Mountain Fitness.
    The 86th-floor Observatory has a patio deck that wraps around the building as well as the 102nd floor is the top point in Manhattan.

    In 5% of cases wrap with is used
    The seats are wrapped with Nappa leather.
    This can be wrapped with aluminum foil if necessary.
    Glass Items should be wrapped with cardboard to ensure safety.
    Form dough into a ball, wrap with plastic and flatten into a disk.
    wrap with foil to keep warm or put in a toothpick to keep it from unwrapping.
    Also gone are the GT's 18-inch alloys, replaced by 16-inch items wrapped with 205/60 Yokohama touring rubber.
    They are just assumed to be paragraphs of text, and when converted to HTML, they will be wrapped with


    Next they are painstakingly hand wrapped with our developed resonance controlling membranes several layers and type/s thick.
    The middle part of the headphone wire has a sub-line design, can effectively finishing wire, less prone to winding phenomenon; handle end of the wire is also wrapped with rubber material, which.

    In 3% of cases wrap into is used
    It's a seven game series wrapped into 60 minutes.
    What I'd really like is a stylist and a budgetist, or maybe both of those wrapped into one.
    A mortgage loan fee can cost between $500 to several thousand and gets wrapped into your closing costs.
    MASSAGE: When giving body-massages, heat crystal salt first, wrap into a piece of material and give the massage with it.

    In 1% of cases wrap between is used
    Her ruby slippers have been traded in for clear stiletto heels and the only tin she's been seeing these days is a metal pole wrapped between her legs.

    In 1% of cases wrap by is used
    Getting our van wrapped by Adventure Branding was one of the best things we have done and I would highly recommend it to anyone setting up or looking to advertise their company.

    In 1% of cases wrap for is used
    I am doing the chicken wraps for starter and the cowboy pie for main.
    I just recently attempted to make these Rolls, and I had make a few alterations in your recipe I used egg roll wraps for the pancakes.

    In 1% of cases wrap over is used
    Yongzheng sat in front of a table with a quilt wrapped over him.

    In 1% of cases wrap up is used
    wrapped up it be in tissue paper like a mummy.
    The project wraps up May 19 when IMLS posts a summary of the discussions.
    Khaleda, also leader of the opposition in parliament, announced the programme on Monday afternoon wrapping up a two-day road march to the port city.

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