Prepositions after "wonder"

"wonder about" or "wonder at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 58% of cases wonder about is used
    I just wondered about his size.
    I wondered about Michael's VIP.
    I've wondered about this issue.
    I bring it up because for the longest time I've wondered about how I do things here.
    Now, you may wonder about that, because I seem to be the administrator here, which I am.
    It is great to be able to keep your important belongings safe while you are out wondering about and sightseeing.
    Country Girl Aren't pie charts grand? At first glance I was wondering about housing too, but you cleared that up.
    It was a bizarre and unpopular decision, one that (again) makes you wonder about the competence of judges in boxing.
    I myself have been wondering about an answer to this question and with experience in life I got an answer for this.

    In 16% of cases wonder at is used
    I have to wonder at what drives his agenda.
    So I wonder at the relevance of an extract from P.
    Instead, I watch my son channel his grandfather and wonder at the miracle of genetics.
    I began to wonder at this point if the clean vocalist is supposed to sound out of tune.
    Here, even European tourists can be seen wondering at the exoticness of the facility.
    All the while I wondered at the majestic beauty of the place, at the dark rearing cliffs, the thunderous waterfalls.
    I grieve for the plundering of the planet, and wonder at our species inability to recognize our place in the biosphere.
    And Mrs Timothy's mind still had some room to think, to wonder at how much bigger Yasmin had become, why, she looked quite the grown-up.
    One wonders at the police policy of allowing a suspect out of eyesight, especially considering the allegations concerning illicit drugs.

    In 6% of cases wonder for is used
    Walking does wonders for wellness.
    An apology does wonders for the soul.
    It's done wonders for Wall Street bonus payouts.
    I also find that a little nurture does wonders for plants and the same is true for people.
    Paying off something, anything, truly does wonders for your self-esteem, which was probably pretty low.
    You will probably wonder for a time if the one you choose is the best you can do, or if you can afford more.
    I have been wondering for a long time if Microsoft (in its current configuration) was going to be around in the next 10 years.
    The return of Constable Plumb's shattered cadaver to his home off the Albertbridge Road in Belfast must have done wonders for community relations.
    I have wondered for close to a half century why Americans never bite the bullet and do what needs to be done to stop the robbery and pillaging of our country.

    In 4% of cases wonder in is used
    Anger does wonders in loosening the tongue of the person.
    In Finland bears end up wondering in peaceful neighborhoods and wolves eat their own.
    In the first place there is the notion of ' underground ' economy, and one wonders in how many seminars Prof.
    Herr's narration, which hails directly from his style in Dispatches, works wonders in connecting the dots of Willard's emotional disintegration throughout the whole of Apocalypse Now.
    For this reason, magic systems in games have a tendency to become bland and boring, placing all of their hope for luster or wonder in whatever spectacular visual effects accompany them.
    As i wondered in the other thread - when will we see if the re-habbing guys get moved north to Lansing to continue to get live at bats? Cole actually spent two years away from the game.

    In 4% of cases wonder to is used
    While Obama has been famously pragmatic, many wonder to what end.
    So many people today run from one set of signs and wonders to the next.
    When Clara went back home, her father - Gary is there and wondered to where she went.
    I wonder to what extent this is because people are just embarassed by being not as skilled at something as someone else.
    wonder to the lake to the right of the tram stop, thats essential Zurich, and you can see snow capped Alps, and brattwurst stalls and swans galore.

    In 2% of cases wonder as is used
    I have always wondered as to what stops them from doing so.
    Youth of today who have not seen Gandhiji are left wondering as to how a person could have been so truthful and honest.
    I must wonder as to the uncertainty range for the amplitude-period plot fot the multi-proxies and for the GCMs for that matter.
    Foreigners, traveling to the mystic lands, often wonder as to what would be the time in Malaysia, comparing it with their native countries ' time.

    In 2% of cases wonder of is used
    I'd beginning to wonder of it was Victoria's publicist! I'd taking a break.
    And let the present wonder of this glory make way for the eternal enjoyment of it in its beauty and fullness.
    Still I wonder of what danger lurks within this jungle at night, and how would I deal with them if I ever had to.

    In 2% of cases wonder on is used
    The Jabra Clipper works wonder on both devices.
    Amante's phone is with Gary and he wondered on why Alvira is calling Amante's phone.
    Alvira then wondered on who is capable of doing this to Amante and Gary comes to his mind.
    When Lupe arrived at Amante Del Valle's (Bobby Andrews) house, Amante wondered on what is the important thing Lupe needs to tell.

    In 1% of cases wonder after is used
    Posted by: Joinamerica September 16, 2012, 3:17 pm 3:17 pm Who would ever wonder after viewing and listening to Ms.

    In 1% of cases wonder by is used
    These suspects were later identified as ' Al Qaeda operatives ' (one wonders by whom).
    The body wondered by Giwa's killers are yet to be found and called for urgent investigation.

    In 1% of cases wonder with is used
    To his credit, Villas-Boas has also done wonders with Tottenham this season and is showing signs of the managerial ability that he showed at his time at Porto.
    Sandeep feels Nobbs and physiologist David John have done wonders with the team's physical fitness and the two have brought about some positive changes to the team.

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