Prepositions after "withhold"

withhold from, by, in, on or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 36% of cases withhold from is used
    That? s why the members of such a community promise to withhold from sexual intercourse.
    Geithner reportedly has the ability to set the amount in taxes withheld from a paycheck.
    Meanwhile, the enterprises can get 2% of the IIT withheld from the tax bureau as commission.
    I received an email from Amazon indicating that from now on only 5% tax will be withheld from my earnings.
    Much information is withheld from a person until s/he is a disciple, and still more until he is a pledged initiate.
    Ultimately, ' sovereignty ' can never be withheld from a people who wish to reclaim it, no matter what any law may say.
    Next year, your staff will have less tax withheld from their paychecks, so you'll need to make the necessary changes to ensure they're being paid correctly.
    Something we were withholding made us weak Until we found out that it was ourselves We were withholding from our land of living, And forthwith found salvation in surrender.
    Professional Services withholding Tax Income Tax withheld from payments for professional services is deemed, for VAT purposes, to have been part of the consideration received by the trader.
    The pages ahead will describe an ethos -- right from Murdoch's early days in Australia -- in which crucial bits of information were withheld from the public for commercial or political leverage.

    In 13% of cases withhold by is used
    ABC wonders if Rob's $600 weekly wage was withheld by the cops that week.
    If you do nothing, 30% will be withheld by Amazon and turned over to the IRS.
    Care must be taken when money is received through an agent that any amount withheld by the agent to cover fees, expenses etc.
    Amounts withheld by credit card companies from their settlements with traders are part of the taxable amount and should not be disregarded.
    Funds withheld by a ceding insurer under a reinsurance treaty, provided reserves for unpaid losses and unearned premiums are adequately provided.

    In 13% of cases withhold in is used
    However, the election has been withheld in the Jaffna district now.
    Data withholding in Genetics and the Other Life Sciences: Prevalences and Predictors Author Information Dr.
    Several research characteristics were significantly associated with one or more forms of withholding in one or both groups.
    Forty-four percent of geneticists and 32% of OLS reported participating in any one of 13 forms of data withholding in the three previous years.
    Several research characteristics were related to data withholding in our study, although with less consistency and power than might have been expected.
    Abstract Purpose: To better understand the variety and prevalence of data withholding in genetics and the other life sciences and to explore factors associated with these behaviors.

    In 10% of cases withhold for is used
    I said ' I'd a self-employed author registering for compliance with withholding for Amazon.
    He also said the results of 27, 266 candidates across eight states were withheld for various reasons.
    Do I just ignore it since I will be filling out W-8BEN tax withholding form while applying for Apple iBookstore pay account? Thank you for this, I am very grateful.

    In 6% of cases withhold among is used
    Male gender was associated with both types of withholding among geneticists, but not among OLS.
    Commercial involvement was significantly associated only with verbal withholding among geneticists.
    Receipt of industry research support was significantly associated with publishing withholding among OLS.
    Commercial activities were associated with verbal withholding among geneticists and publishing withholding among OLS.
    Other industry involvement was significantly associated with publishing withholding among geneticists, and almost significantly so among OLS.
    The number of articles published in the last three years was significantly associated with all forms of withholding among OLS, but not among geneticists.
    Formal instruction in data sharing also tended to be associated with withholding, with significant associations detected for verbal and publishing withholding among geneticists.

    In 2% of cases withhold at is used
    Many self-publishers (like me) were so aghast at the laborious process that they put it off, knowing that they could apply for a refund of the taxes withheld at a future point.

    In 2% of cases withhold under is used
    Seventh, report all who opt for withholding under the European Union Savings Tax Directive as being suspected of tax evasion, now, because that must be true.

    In 1% of cases withhold after is used
    Food and fluids will be withheld after midnight, or on the day of surgery.

    In 1% of cases withhold due is used
    The most notable inclusion is Adam Webster of Portsmouth who was called up to the England U19 squad back in September but withheld due to first team club requirements.

    In 1% of cases withhold of is used
    The determination of the percentage withhold of player salary for purposes of funding the player salary escrow will be determined at four separate points during the season.

    In 1% of cases withhold through is used
    However, we can not explain why investigators with only negative experiences were less likely to withhold through publication than those with mixed outcomes.

    In 1% of cases withhold throughout is used
    Information was vague, questions weren't answered, and information was withheld throughout the ordeal.

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