Prepositions after "wield"

"wield by" or "wield in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 61% of cases wield by is used
    It's wielded by the elected representatives of an ostensibly free people.
    Add to this potent mix of history and reverence, memories of the power wielded by the medieval bishops of St.
    He ruled behind a series of puppet presidents who served no other purpose than to disguise the power wielded by Batista.
    The Hammer of Evolution is not to be wielded by the unlicensed, which is a shame, because the people who try to pick it up and swing it around are usually the least qualified.
    But in either case, as with the phalanx, as with the gladius, it tends to work only when massed in large numbers, as a weapon wielded by a unit rather than by an individual in a duel.

    In 18% of cases wield in is used
    The leaks are amusing but don't change the world or the way power is wielded in it.
    Hence the symbolism in both traditions of the sword of discrimination which she wields in many of her iconagraphies.
    This sleeping bag also works well as a body pillow or as the most threatening weapon you can wield in a pillow fight, and makes a cool gift to compliment a shark week marathon sleepover party.

    In 4% of cases wield over is used
    Unfortunately, I doubt they will do so in time, largely because of the control Israel wields over the international monetary policies and central banks.

    In 4% of cases wield through is used
    Spanish control, wielded through the force of arms and proselytization, eventually set in.

    In 4% of cases wield with is used
    In the case of LBWs, DRS is, as I have tried to show, a blunt instrument, wielded with a heavy hand.

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