Prepositions after "whine"

whine about, like, to, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 72% of cases whine about is used
    At least I don't sit and whine about it.
    Again you get people whining about that.
    And then whine about missing a better ' life '.
    I also was gobsmacked when she whines about being popped for fradulent ad practices.
    Actually, they've been whining about it for a couple of years but now they're getting serious.
    Osho people can only insult, dance around issues, use childish language, and whine about those who tell the truth.
    And, no man, i wouldn't be the first one to whine about Rose getting hurt if he was there, cuz I wanted him there.
    America listens to it's President whining about those who have succeeded since he entered the Oval Office in ' 09.
    All you Atheists who whine about an individual God, a personal God argue only the peripheral **25;8411;TOOLONG sects.

    In 6% of cases whine like is used
    Yeah lazer, most fans whine like anything, but won't pay the 3.
    The engined howled and whined like tired children in a supermarket.
    Even worse is that some male staff whine like children during meetings about supposed unfairness, but the director of the place does not tell them that such public grumbling is unacceptable.

    In 6% of cases whine to is used
    With all that cash they could developed some new, proprietary DRM format for all music record companies to use or something, instead of bitching and whining to the Supreme Court.
    Oh yes, I sorely miss that part of my life and have been whining to my husband about how I may never make it to that part of the world again, especially since the baby will be arriving soon.

    In 3% of cases whine for is used
    Buck simply smothered him by virtue of superior weight, and cut him up till he ceased snapping and began to whine for mercy.
    And new toys are bought only when he earns them by consistent good behaviour, homework done without whining for a week, food eaten within half an hour for a week, room tidied up consistently.

    In 3% of cases whine on is used
    But the mouse slid underneath the bedroom door, and the cat started whining on the other side.

    In 2% of cases whine at is used
    You sound like you hate it, can't stand the people, can't not whine at others and then act like your job is so difficult that others can't do it.

    In 2% of cases whine in is used
    I never heard children whining in public places.

    In 1% of cases whine from is used
    The system simply isn't going to respond whining from a marginalised minority group.

    In 1% of cases whine till is used
    Netanyahu can whine till doomsday.

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