Prepositions after "usher"

usher in, into, To, out or across?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 69% of cases usher in is used
    They may just usher in a new attacking era of Springboks rugby.
    But that's for another week, not one that ushers in the New Year.
    So let's hope he has the strength and spirit to usher in the peace.
    The Dakshinavarti Shankh is believed to help usher in riches and remove negative energy.
    Many Nigerians were looking forward to ushering in the New Year in a matter of hours.
    What is to be done? What key factors will help Ghana usher in an agricultural revolution? 3.
    I think many who visit this site also backed that lady in 1994 to usher in a country with no terror and no corruption.
    But more importantly, the NCPA's energy may work to usher in a new stage of the centre's relationship with its native city.
    China began to usher in a new era in mid November as Xi Jinping took his place as the new leader of China's communist party.
    I never thought that the mere fact of my election would usher in peace and harmony -- (laughter) -- and some post-partisan era.

    In 11% of cases usher into is used
    As I was ushered into my studio it felt odd to realise I was being asked the questions rather than the other way round.
    Enter El Bulli, and we are quickly ushered into the kitchen to meet the man himself, Ferran Adria, the best chef in the world.
    The Governor and I arrived at the south entrance of the White House at eight o'clock and were ushered into the Oval Room on the ground floor.
    After seconds of an awkward silence and on learning of the presence of journalists, they were ushered into the house for further consultations.
    As if the idea of visiting an alternative care specialist was not intimidating enough, the next shock probably came when you were finally ushered into the treatment room.
    Twenty-four year-old Mary arrived in the wilderness in the back of a van in pouring rain with her baby daughter in her arms, and was ushered into a small 10-foot wide tent which flapped in the wind.

    In 8% of cases usher To is used
    We were ushered To our classroom and after a while, the teacher came in.
    Upon reaching the gallery, I was ushered To the farther seat in the front row.
    Within seconds I was being ushered To a corner table by a lovely grey haired gentleman wearing glasses.
    When you get there you are quickly ushered To waiting minibuses (7$) who shuttle visitor to the free tour.
    On arrival, we were greeted by no less than five ladies at the door and were promptly ushered To our seats.
    We gathered with other members of the official family in the Senate Chambers until time to be ushered To our special seats.

    In 2% of cases usher out is used
    He looked like he wanted to have a couple of them ushered out of the chamber.

    In 1% of cases usher at is used
    My father was a Knight, Holy Name member and usher at Sunday Mass.

    In 1% of cases usher by is used
    Later in the evening, the looters returned, and the diners were ushered by the staff to the safety of the downstairs wine cellar.

    In 1% of cases usher from is used
    Before my brain had a chance to adjust to the fact it was daytime, I was quickly ushered from the airport to Batangas Pier which was about a two hour van journey away.

    In 1% of cases usher on is used
    The reality is that it was in fact the powerful who were able to set the stage and even ushered on the first act, but it was all of us who played our roles to the hilt.

    In 1% of cases usher through is used
    Organisers say they were just nine people short of breaking a five-year attendance record for an Eisteddfod opening Saturday, which was set in 2009 when 18,216 were ushered through the gates.

    In 1% of cases usher towards is used
    Visitors are ushered towards the facade by the 66-step staircase flanked by a cleverly decorated garden.

    In 1% of cases usher up is used
    They headed straight to the North Portico of the White House, where Truman was ushered up to the family quarters.

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