Prepositions after "uphold"

"uphold by" or "uphold in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 47% of cases uphold by is used
    The case has now to be upheld by the Lahore High Court.
    Those values are an important position that should be upheld by every nation particularly Indonesia.
    The film portrays the trial and later conviction, upheld by the Supreme Court, as a miscarriage of justice.
    Regimes that had previously had their authority upheld by the church would now lose that leg that they were standing on.
    Well over half the complaints made against the taxman are upheld by HM Revenue &; Customs ' own internal complaints system.
    Think Eric, Rio, Evra, for gods sake Wayne once got a three match ban for being sent off in the Amsterdam tounament, upheld by the FA.
    This is clearly wrong, since a tamarind rod sentence was carried out, having apparently been upheld by the Court of Appeal, in late 2008 (see above).
    This view is upheld by the excellent website, FullFact, who regularly delve into the confidently-expressed (but often misleading) stats broadcast in the media or given by politicians.

    In 27% of cases uphold in is used
    This view was upheld in Abdul Qudir and Abdul Aziz v.
    The judgement of seven judges of the Hon'ble Supreme court has upheld in L.
    Feminism, to a woman, is not a principle, a golden rule, a point of honour to be upheld in all phases, and in all situations.
    However, treaties conducted between the USA and various tribes dating back as far as 1776 are still recognized and upheld in courts.
    Some nonrelative values and rights such as life and liberty, however, must be upheld in any society and regardless of majority opinion.
    Her application for compensation was rejected by the Home Secretary, a decision later upheld in a subsequent judicial review and appeal.
    Still, many of these patents were upheld in courts and actively enforced, thus proving to many that software patents were a significant threat to innovation in the field of software.

    In 7% of cases uphold of is used
    I'd not an anti-development junkie, nor a proselytiser for the eternal upholding of custom and tradition.
    What they describe as discrimination and marginalisation of Christians is in fact the proper upholding of human rights and equalities law and principles.

    In 3% of cases uphold at is used
    If a complaint is upheld at the hearing, the Commission will make a determination, though the matter may have to be pursued in the Federal Court for enforcement.

    In 3% of cases uphold on is used
    This view has been upheld on Sant Singh v.
    Airaghi appealed against his conviction but the original verdict was upheld on April 4, 1991.

    In 2% of cases uphold as is used
    Conversely, those who champion multiculturalism are upheld as the paragons of ' progress ' and humanitarianism.

    In 2% of cases uphold through is used
    The national interest needs to be perpetually upheld through a sustaining of law and order.

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