Prepositions after "unfold"

unfold in, before, on, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 43% of cases unfold in is used
    What is continuing to unfold in Assam is soft Jihad.
    I kept clicking the shutter as happiness unfolded in front of my lens.
    The events unfolding in NYC and the region right now area look pretty bleak.
    As I write, the entire events unfold in front of me and it's very much like watching a film.
    So ends one chapter in the saga that has unfolded in pieces on television, Twitter and YouTube.
    It unfolds in a fascinating way, and you'll actually have some very real agency in how that plot unfolds.
    They interpret the law, assess the evidence presented, and control how hearings and trials unfold in their courtrooms.
    So I needed a story approach that would fit that style: Something realistic, straightforward, unfolding in real time.
    The people who are lucky enough to be near a flashmob are obviously delighted to see these scenes unfold in a familiar place.

    In 9% of cases unfold before is used
    The world unfolded before their gaze.
    By observing life itself, as it unfolds before our eyes.
    All of this is unfolding before our innocent and unsuspecting eyes.
    Best of luck to you -- I hope that the indexing revolution continues to unfold before your eyes.
    We should really be patient enough to be able to witness great and beautiful things unfold before our eyes.
    I may not have known what was completely unfolding before me, but I did know it was peaceful and relaxing.
    After all, she is so very, very stupid that most scenes unfolding before her very eyes still require explanation from her only slightly less idiot of a husband.
    For Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, it is a nightmare unfolding before his eyes as he tries to stop a celebrity stalker who will stop at nothing to see her dead.

    In 8% of cases unfold on is used
    I thought it was interesting that it unfolded on air.
    It is almost certainly unfolding on the farms which produce your food.
    The entire episode unfolded on the streetside opposite Mehendale Garage around 3.
    Helen Levitt, Jerome Liebling and Sol Libsohn chronicled small dramas unfolding on sidewalks.
    And join us HERE for all the live action as it unfolds on day one at the Games Good evening, Mr Bond.
    Magic, music and an egg combine in this charming story which unfolds on a tiny, rustic set, exquisitely constructed out of twigs, feathers and shell.

    In 7% of cases unfold at is used
    The days just seem to unfold at their own pace and I'd really enjoying doing things on a whim.
    Well, after watching what unfolded at White Hart Lane on Saturday, I don't think he can have too many complaints.

    In 4% of cases unfold for is used
    This is going to be such a bad story once it unfolds for 5 or 10 years.
    The conflict is probably a precursor to unpredictable security and political developments to unfold for the coming months and years.
    Lang shares with his readers the many insights that have unfolded for him through his self discovery and progress within the religion of Islam.
    The events unfolded for more than a year behind the door of an ordinary-looking semi-detached council house Now, the episode is to be revisited in a film, planned for release at Halloween next year.

    In 3% of cases unfold with is used
    Our night unfolded with another trip back to the ER for an IV, pain meds and X-rays.
    You'll never walk alone A new chapter in Andr's discography unfolds with his album You'll Never Walk Alone.

    In 3% of cases unfold as is used
    Perhaps he foresaw the combination of pure class and fragility, that would unfold as the story we are left with.

    In 3% of cases unfold from is used
    As Andrew carefully avoids going to ground on the field, Christian watches the action unfold from the touchline.
    No doubt the more astute among you could probably even come up with a better story arc than what actually unfolds from this point forward.
    We follow Keye through every process of her investigations and together with the help of her boyfriend and Atlanta cop Aaron Rauser we see the investigation unfold from two great vantage points.

    In 2% of cases unfold over is used
    Is that a little late given the, the situation that's been unfolding over the past sort of forty eight hours or so? JB: No, our staff have been working round the clock there.

    In 2% of cases unfold during is used
    The locations of herds are not predictable and we therefore try to monitor the migration as it unfolds during the year.
    The decision makers? Our esteemed councillors who probably don't commute in anyway and will have never witnessed first-hand the bedlam unfolding during rush hour.

    In 1% of cases unfold to is used
    It'll swiftly unfold to several parts on the body.
    I unfolded to him those divine allegories which expound her religion.

    In 1% of cases unfold under is used
    We can expect much high drama, haunting themes and tear-making tradegy as the plot unfolds under the shadow of great hidden evil that still pervades the castle.

    In 1% of cases unfold via is used
    The technology means anyone can watch the discussion unfolding via YouTube on the Lost Sheep TV (NZ) channel.

    In 1% of cases unfold within is used
    In this blog I am really sharing my adventure into the power of chakra healing as it unfolds within my own life.

    In 1% of cases unfold without is used
    It found information provided by debt collectors was woefully lacking and that consumers, by and large, let the process unfold without ever actively participating in it.

    In 1% of cases unfold near is used
    It became unruly and you know the Court was in session and the whole drama unfolded near the vicinity of the court.

    In 1% of cases unfold like is used
    Picture an enzyme in solution, floating unfolded like a mop head suspended in a water bucket.

    In 1% of cases unfold into is used
    Oh my! All that cactus around Arizona will unfold into a beautiful tree.
    Living systems are not static, they are continually unfolding into new forms.

    In 1% of cases unfold beneath is used
    I have watched the harsh landscape of the Sahara unfold beneath me as I flew to South Africa.

    In 1% of cases unfold around is used
    But as the day unfolded around the picturesque seaside area of Mission Beach, it was the races within the races that added so much excitement and intrigue, as athletes vied for Olympic selection.

    In 1% of cases unfold ahead is used
    All of this unfolded ahead of Limerick's game against Dublin in Cappamore last weekend.

    In 1% of cases unfold after is used
    I wouldn't blame to be apprehensive judging by the recent events that unfolded after this meeting was announced.

    In 1% of cases unfold across is used
    The moving applause came as scenes of celebration and reflection unfolded across the U.

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