Prepositions after "unearth"

"unearth from" or "unearth by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 40% of cases unearth from is used
    In particular, the four-season clothing unearthed from Tomb No.
    Silk Shoes Length 26cm width at head 7cm unearthed from Tomb No.
    Written articles were once unearthed from the foundations of the pagodas.
    The more than 100 pieces of textiles and clothing unearthed from Tombs No.
    Lacquer Tray with Cloud Design Height 5cm length 78cm width 48cm unearthed from Tomb No.
    Lacquer Tripod with Cloud Design Height 28cm diameter at mouth 23cm unearthed from Tomb No.
    Brocade with Piled Circles in Geometric Pattern Length 60cm width 24 cm unearthed from Tomb No.
    Gauze Gown in Plain Colour Length 128cm overall length of sleeves 190cm unearthed from Tomb No.
    Lacquer Fang-Vase with Cloud Design Height 52cm side length at belly 23cm unearthed from Tomb No.
    During all the big house cleaning recently, some cleaning products were unearthed from blogging conference swag bags.

    In 26% of cases unearth by is used
    While deferring this formal development and experimentation to Section 3, we now give two examples of the bursty phenomena unearthed by our algorithms.
    Under the law the evidence unearthed by an investigation that specifically looked into this leak would be shared with the defendants who would likely make it public.
    Fact, as Sir Winston above says, that is unearthed by rather more prosaic work than sitting in a coffee shop on D'Arblay Street shooting the breeze with a bunch of agreeable mates.

    In 18% of cases unearth in is used
    The employees were unearthed in the ongoing staff audit.
    Evidence that giant sauropods set off on epic journeys came to light when scientists examined fossilised teeth recovered from the remains of beasts unearthed in Wyoming and Utah in the US.

    In 8% of cases unearth at is used
    Fragments of a six-stringed lyre were found in the 7th-century burial ship unearthed at Suffolk in England.
    It is my professional opinion that the fossil unearthed at Glen Rose, Texas, is, in fact, a petrified human finger and.
    Part: Boar-Shaped Bronze Zun from the Shang Dynasty Height: 40cm; Length: 72cmunearthed at Chuanxingshan, Xiangtan in 1981 Zun is a kind of wine vessel.
    Part: Buffalo-Shaped Bronze Gong from the Shang Dynasty Height:14cm; Length: 19cm unearthed at Baojiataizi, Hengyang in 1977 Gong is a kind of wine vessel.

    In 4% of cases unearth during is used
    The skeleton of the late Stone Age man, unearthed during excavations in the Czech Republic, is said to date back to between 2900 and 2500 BC.

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