Prepositions after "undo"

undo by, in, against, during or From?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 71% of cases undo by is used
    The yoghurt sponge cake had good flavour but was completely undone by its consistency.
    Those on the scene swear there was no nick but the official was undone by one of his own kind and given out.
    From a 1934 business-backed plot to install a military dictator in the White House (undone by the integrity of one U.
    Italy had a much better tournament, making it all the way to the final before being undone by a magnificent Spain performance.
    Perhaps once one has an empire, that is true, but I've seen many a chef undone by the idea that it's all about the press, not about the cooking.
    Locke's further reasoning that the fact that none might be left over for others to make do with is effectively undone by the apparent tacit agreement of participants.
    Thousands in the world that now is, have been undone by ungodly marriages; for there is more likelihood that the good will be perverted, than that the bad will be converted.
    The hugely admirable sixth-wicket stand ended, after exactly four hours, when Prior laid back to hit a short ball but was undone by a lack of pace and looped a simple catch back to Ojha.
    Nothing that this country did or could have done within the reasonable limits of its capabilities could have changed that result; nothing that was left undone by this country has contributed to it.

    In 14% of cases undo in is used
    Do not be undone in sorrow and do not forget Him in happiness.
    Much of the good work achieved in attracting investment interest in Swaziland was undone in the red tape that followed.

    In 4% of cases undo during is used
    Icon allows variables in conjunctions to have assignments undone during backtracking, but does not reverse other similar operations such as assignments within lists and so on.

    In 4% of cases undo on is used
    It can be undone on the command line with the --emptybogons switch, or programmatically with **40;2300;TOOLONG.

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