Prepositions after "underscore"

underscore by, in, with, between or during?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 73% of cases underscore by is used
    The importance of the trial was underscored by the presence of the U.
    The ensemble's uniqueness is also underscored by many prizes won by the young quartet.
    This statement is underscored by the significant growth in the breadth and intensity of U.
    Much of the disc is underscored by excellent field recordings that Brand uses judiciously.
    But it's a methodology that works, underscored by the huge uptake of the recently released Humble Frozenbyte Bundle.
    Starting off with a powerful drum beat, the song progresses into an anthemic chorus underscored by woozy feedback electric guitars.
    His mark as a distinctive administrator was soon underscored by the clearing of Oshodi in the early part of his first time in office.
    The pressure on Spain was underscored by new figures which revealed almost one in four Spaniards are jobless, with half of the country's young people out of work.
    Going through it reveals wave after soft wave of liquorice, clove, cafe crme, milk chocolate, toast and florentine notes, underscored by Barola Chinato medicinal dried herb notes.
    In Hebrew thought, the historicity of an account is often underscored by its poetic nature, and historical accounts are pregnant with theology, which builds upon their historicity.

    In 9% of cases underscore in is used
    The risks of using Good Lab Practice standards as the defining mark of good science were underscored in the government evaluation of BPA, a review by 100Reporters has found.

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