Prepositions after "underpin"

underpin by, for, with, of or other?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 88% of cases underpin by is used
    The 200m cost to the insurance industry will be underpinned by the government.
    All their work is underpinned by an absolute commitment to Fair Trade principles.
    Consider Mixed Martial Arts, underpinned by the UFC promotion, which has come to dominate combat sport.
    Do ensure that your estimates are underpinned by living within your means and saving whatever surplus there is.
    The growth will be underpinned by sustained expansion of domestic demand by both private and public expenditure.
    Again, my work is underpinned by his thinking, this time I am studying consciousness within the scope of mindfulness psychology.
    Call him an auteur (he's undoubtedly a filmmaker whose body of work is underpinned by his creative influences) and he might deny it.
    The federal EcoEnergy home retrofit program, underpinned by nearly $200 million in subsidies, only tapped into 6 per cent of Canada's housing stock.
    On the other hand, the relationship between India and Russia continues to remain strong, largely underpinned by enduring military sales to New Delhi.

    In 4% of cases underpin with is used
    They need to be underpinned with extensive safety training -- and students need to come to terms with a high risk environment.

    In 2% of cases underpin to is used
    They fear a non-statutory system is unstable, and there has to be statutory underpinning to prevent backsliding in the future.

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