Prepositions after "tune"

tune into, for, to, in or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 28% of cases tune into is used
    All that's left now is to tune into CNN.
    Michael, worth your while tuning into ABC News.
    Some people tune into frequency of mystical powers.
    Floods: Floods are pretty simple: tune into the radio and do exactly what you're told.
    So many people could tune into the frequency and heard the SONG and danced to the music.
    Like this: 6 comments so far Glad to hear that others are tuning into the radio stream.
    We just need to tune into our kids ' emotional worlds -- and give them the emotional and physical comfort they need.
    Maybe it's just that you start noticing how many cool things are really happening, once you tune into the happy channel.
    tuning into love as light is igniting the flame within your heart and soul, it is a spiritual awakening of who you are.
    Here's a clip of the historical foreign-language film ' Mike ' tuned into one night after a few sorrowful pints in the pub.

    In 23% of cases tune for is used
    Stay tuned for more on this event.
    They could stay tuned for their improves.
    Stay tuned for more from Holding Air Hostage.
    Your coax is a vital part of the antenna system and must be tuned for proper operation.
    So Charan and Amala Paul will now groove to Thaman's remix tunes for the romantic number.
    Stay tuned for more, and if you want to keep updated, subscribe for free by email or RSS.
    It usually mentions three or four of the day's top stories, and gives viewers a reason to stay tuned for more information.
    An official press release of this information will be made in the month of October and many more announcements to come so stay tuned for it.
    Will Nobody and I survive the next leg? Stay tuned for the next episode! Currency conversions are current as of 21 September 2012 and are taken from XE.
    Learn more about Max's ingenious idea in his June 2012 TEDTalk below and stay tuned for more coverage of this trailblazing researcher in the coming weeks.

    In 20% of cases tune to is used
    Attempt to add pictures or tunes to your blog.
    Stay tuned to the NORML blog for more information.
    Thus such people are like satellite decoders in different countries tunes to CNN frequency.
    The scanner is tuned to my eye, thus images of what I look at are captured and transmitted.
    But the calcarine cortex seemed to be specifically tuned to echoes, as opposed to other noises.
    She is tuned to her audience, and provides exactly what is required to bring home the critical behaviour or objective.
    These are combined with fixed and variable capacitors to enable the radio to be tuned to the various station frequencies.
    It has become a second nature for me to tune to National Public Radio (NPR) to learn the comings and goings of this mortal world.
    Re: Bouzouki tuning I played a 5 course instrument for quite a few years, and had the bottom course tuned to the low D, like that.

    In 14% of cases tune in is used
    tune in beginning at 6 am on Monday!! Do.
    Just about anyone tuning in last night did so with one thing in mind.
    It's either the Mpeg4 TV or Digital TV receiver that you need to tune in.
    Then their debut UK gigs followed, where they proved they had arena tunes in their arsenal.
    I too tuned in election eve to listen a few minutes when the blade was dropping on the Mitt bus.
    The Checklist tune in every Monday when three teams of two set off on a Northern Territory adventure with a twist.
    tune in every week as we introduce you to some of the most knowledgeable, helpful and creative businesswomen in America.
    It was particularly annoying for British viewers, who had tuned in hoping to see a medal for sprint king Mark Cavendish.
    Enharmonic Spellings and Equal Temperament All of the above discussion assumes that all notes are tuned in equal temperament.
    If I did, I'd probably just tune in 9-to-5 to the local Top 40 radio station where at least I'd get updates about weather and traffic.

    In 2% of cases tune at is used
    But capacitance controls which frequency the antenna is best tuned at.
    tuning the I/O schedulers The schedulers may have parameters that can be tuned at runtime.
    Rev limit at 5500kms until fully tuned at 1500kms You want to hog on it a bit to get some temp in the cyl walls.
    To quantify frequency tuning at individual electrodes, we used estimates of standard spectro-temporal receptive fields (STRFs) (see Materials and Methods).

    In 2% of cases tune from is used
    Octaves From this standardized A of 440Hz (A440) all the other notes around it can be tuned from this single note.
    Next in line is Hills and Valleys, a programme that will showcase folk songs and tunes from the hills of Kashmir to Himachal Pradesh to the North East.
    This is a reasonably priced ORIGINAL MID 1960s TREASURE ISLE RECORDS JAMAICA PRESS LP containing twelve early ska tunes from eight legendary pioneering Jamaican ska groups and artists.

    In 2% of cases tune on is used
    Drumming workshop was the best drumming I have ever heard My friend Mick playing some comedy tunes on the guitar.
    If this post raised more questions than answers, feel free to get in touch and stay tuned on this blog, we are just half way through the series.
    If you are a PC user and you receive a file from a Mac user and have hidden files tuned on you will see all these additional files copied to your system.
    I consider myself a much better harper than fiddler, but my fingers seem to get in the way when I try to play dance tunes on the harp if I haven't learned them really solidly by myself first.
    The Other Notes in the Chromatic Scale The twelve note tuning on most modern western instruments is called the Chromatic Scale which is C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B and back to C to start again.

    In 1% of cases tune as is used
    Stay tuned as the pieces start to role out! Management vs.
    And so they danced all night to the dance hall tunes as the artist performed one by one.

    In 1% of cases tune by is used
    This has to fit inside the plastic pipe fitting above, and is tuned by moving the brass nut.
    I have never test drive any Sylphy before until I got the key of this Nissan Sylphy tuned by Impul.
    But mothers are tuned by evolution to provide a safe holding place during their babies continued growth, one where nutrition, protection, warmth and proximity are all taken care of.

    In 1% of cases tune like is used
    These twelve notes are called swaras; they are not tuned like the notes of the chromatic scale (please see below).

    In 1% of cases tune with is used
    After a slow start, Blair seems to be in tuned with the team's starting unit.

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