Prepositions after "trespass"

"trespass on" or "trespass in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases trespass on is used
    These spirits react angrily whenever people trespass on their territory.
    The press is fixated on her, and many have illegally trespassed on her property.
    And there is an argument that Binding CIR can trespass on the possibility of integrated politically sustainable interactive developments.
    In Somerset, a former member of the Youth Justice Board had to drop out because he had been caught trespassing on a railway at the age of 13.
    He is also accused of trespassing on the social welfare office in the community care building in such a manner as to cause fear in another person.
    In the eyes of the International community, there is no need for any operations at all in foreign lands, these countries never attack the CIA who's trespassing on another man.
    This ground involves the Regulations Review Committee having regard to whether the regulations trespass on a personal right or liberty and, if there has been a trespass, whether it is undue.

    In 16% of cases trespass in is used
    trespassing in PURSUIT OF GAME.
    Hunter, with trespassing in pursuit of game at Whittington on the evening of September 17th.

    In 14% of cases trespass into is used
    TNB won't trespass into the house unless allowed by the tenant.
    Meanwhile, four armed dacoits trespassed into house in Ghulam Muhammad Colony in broad daylight where women were busy in a marriage ceremony.
    Your rights over them are that they do not allow and nor do they give permission, for people to trespass into your house whose presence you dislike.
    However, their lawyer K K Manan opposed the remand saying since the farmhouse, which the accused had allegedly trespassed into belongs to Ponty, they were unlikely to grab it.
    She had all the poetic moves a poet would have described ever, the voice that would flare into your eyes trespassing into your soul as to never let you escape out of her control.

    In 11% of cases trespass from is used
    BUT AO is giving free download of BTIKM now and has promised upgrades and exclusives if you order trespassing from them.
    Free Download of BTIKM if Pre-Order The good news is that we can download BTIKM first and FREE if we pre-order trespassing from AdamOfficial.

    In 9% of cases trespass upon is used
    My take on freedom is that it ends where it trespasses upon someone else 's, and threats do cross the line.
    If a strange and ghastly smell should trespass upon your senses, run as fast as you can or you may be another ghastly page in Leap's history.

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