Prepositions after "trail"

"trail by" or "trail in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 30% of cases trail by is used
    Even as late as November 5th, he trailed by 4.
    With the Giallorossi trailing by two goals after just 15 minutes.
    Sometimes they are trailed by a Tired Old Man who was shopped into submission years ago.
    The Section V champs out shot Poland 6-2 in that time frame, yet they trailed by two goals.
    We were defending well though and managed to get to half-time trailing by just two points, 1-2 to 0-3.
    When we arrived at the mine trailed by a few local government minders, there were in fact no rebels in sight.
    Politicians march in, trailed by journalists, and announce they wish to lay a charge of incitement to violence.
    Consider it no coincidence that Favre never won a game when trailing by more than 14 points at any point in the game.
    Twenty-nine % put the PML-N on number one in empowering women, trailed by the PTI 28%, PPP 13% and PML-Q and MQM 3% each.
    Survey on HealthCare Twenty-nine % backed the PML-N in improving security, trailed by the PTI 26%, PPP 12 %, PML-Q 4% and MQM 3%.

    In 18% of cases trail in is used
    He actually trailed in polling in North Carolina and Missouri.
    Damaging and leaving roads and trails in a damaged condition; f.
    I'd imagine the bike trails in Houston aren't the same as they are here in BC.
    However, like last time, he still trails in the all-important Electoral College.
    Visitors can stroll through the many kilometres of nature trails in the arboretum.
    Pick up the Pine Cone trails in Tentsmuir Forest, where you might glimpse deer and red squirrels.
    The rail corridor from Clyde to Middlemarch was converted from a railway to one of the best multi-day cycle trails in the world.
    We trailed in a number of games but not once did someone come into a team talk and try to reinvent the wheel or even slightly panic.
    Similarly, A is defined to be trailing in P if A has no following sibling which is a normal area, nor does any of its ancestor areas up to but not including P.
    The latest Newspoll, published on Tuesday, showed Labor within striking distance of the Coalition, trailing in a two-party-preferred basis by 51 per cent to 49 per cent.

    In 12% of cases trail behind is used
    Which still leaves us trailing behind city, united and Chelsea.
    trailing behind him is another kid either his age or a little younger.
    Here's an excerpt: The world is used to trailing behind Jamaican sprinters.
    It's a bold move that could either pay off in a big way, or leave them trailing behind the pack.
    The only University that made it to the top 20 was the University of Lagos (UNILAG) trailing behind Universities from South Africa and Ghana.
    It's the stuff that separates the men from the boys, or at least, the men from the young men with their clouds of glory still trailing behind them.
    What a riot! There were hundreds of villagers milling about, piglets, cows, and goats trailing behind their owners as they bartered with one another.

    In 6% of cases trail at is used
    The victory marked just the third time the Irish have won under Kelly after trailing at halftime.
    Chanting for Ronaldo (who is at his peak now) when we were trailing at home came across as if some fans were pining for him rather than remembering recent history.
    It annoyed me most when it was sung against Spurs while we were trailing at home, makes us seem like jilted lovers pining for our ex, instead of cheering on the players we have.

    In 5% of cases trail with is used
    This whole area is full of mountain trails with innumerable birds, some unique to Jamaica.
    As expected, the release of the INEC results has been trailed with comments and debates from politicians and political pundits in the state.

    In 5% of cases trail from is used
    Watch the campaign trail from now until November.
    He was annoyed by the waving of his clothes as they trailed from the hanger beside him, at the opening of the green curtains.

    In 4% of cases trail on is used
    The groomer crews have done a great job rebuilding trails on both sides of the mountain at Turoa and Whakapapa.

    In 3% of cases trail to is used
    Oaks trailed to goals from Chelsea Kitchen and Megan Wylde at half-time to a team they had beaten 6-2 in the League Cup last month.

    In 3% of cases trail for is used
    With 52 seconds left on the clock Darian Durant hit receiver Greg Carr in the back of the end zone to give them a slim 30-29 lead, after trailing for most of the second half.

    In 2% of cases trail through is used
    There is also a log maze, woodland dens, a children's play area and family walking trails through the grounds.

    In 2% of cases trail across is used
    Don't leave them trailing across walkways.
    Hutchings ' music remains slightly melancholic, and a relaxed and yet active place, streaking across the night like the orbs of meteor showers trailing across the Earth.

    In 1% of cases trail into is used
    The largest smokestack of all was sending out a cloud of black smoke which trailed into nothingness as it van- ished over Loon Mountain to the southeast.

    In 1% of cases trail off is used
    September sales trailed off mid-month as the annual back-to-school shopping season ended.

    In 1% of cases trail out is used
    Allah will not look at one who allows his lower garment to trail out of vanity.

    In 1% of cases trail around is used
    There are several short hiking trails around the visitor center and displays inside the visitors center provides information on the natural history of the region.

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