Prepositions after "trace"

trace to, in, through, from or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases trace to is used
    King's paternal side that traces to Ireland.
    Most of their problems can be traced to this.
    Some cancers can be traced to high fat intake.
    Their current unity seems best traced to the common enemies during the North-South war.
    According to all the sources I spoke to, the breakdown of the campaign can be traced to the primaries.
    The appointment and subsequent dismissal of Chancellor Brning can be directly traced to the intrigues of Schleicher.
    US reporters established that a telephone number Bacile had given when making the film could be traced to Nakoula's home.
    And all these can be traced to a history of politicised unions and violent riots that the PAP has since been keen to avoid.
    The car was traced to a woman who lives with Madison and who told investigators she had lent him her vehicle, authorities said.

    In 11% of cases trace in is used
    Rowlands humorously traces in the book.
    Sigils can be traced in air, carved on candles, drawn on paper and burned etc.
    A, Power spectrum of the corresponding membrane potential traces in an FS neuron.
    After 11 days of her abduction the mutilated dead body the victim girl traced in nearby garden belonging to Jalil Munshi.
    As they could not trace anything in the blood, they thought of Thalium, as it can not be traced in the bloodstream after a while.
    The development of an academic discipline can be traced in the pages of the journals in which its teachers and researchers publish.
    A similar give-and-take relationship might be traced in the recent exchange of words between then law minister Salman Khurshid and Arvind Kejriwal.
    Tango sprang from the poor and the disadvantaged, in tenement blocks and on street corners, amongst people whose lives usually leave little trace in the history books.
    Malaysia is a country, which has increasingly become Islamized, a phenomenon which V S Naipaul has insightfully, painstakingly traced in his books describing his journeys into Islamic lands.

    In 5% of cases trace through is used
    Down's syndrome can be traced through families in less than 1% of people with the condition.
    AP adds that the suspect was caught in possession of the treasure trove of data after been traced through the internet.
    This makes it different from other genetic conditions, such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease, whose inheritance can be traced through families.

    In 5% of cases trace from is used
    Whatever curves there are look like they were traced from circle templates.
    B, Membrane potential distribution of spontaneous activity for both neurons (traces from A2).

    In 3% of cases trace on is used
    In the North Atlantic the polar front can often be traced on weather maps as a continuous line over thousands of kilometres.

    In 2% of cases trace for is used
    Looked on track and trace for HDNL.
    Madni himself confirmed his foreign trips, but Siddiqi could not be traced for his comments.

    In 2% of cases trace by is used
    If they try, they will be tracked and traced by satellites, then hunted down and imprisoned or killed.
    These structures are traced by the cosmic microwave background radiation, released just 380 000 years after the Big Bang, as the Universe was cooling.

    In 2% of cases trace at is used
    Her medical records could not be traced at the local dispensary where she was reportedly treated.
    Your flight was delayed, maybe each taking off and ready for a gate, the cab or rental automobile counter traces at the airport had been infinite and the hotel verify-in was a mess.

    In 1% of cases trace behind is used
    The African pithecanthropus left more fossil traces behind him than modern Africans since the exodus.

    In 1% of cases trace around is used
    The decorations are traced around cardboard patterns, then cut from bright coloured plastic in bright pinks, yellow, blue, green, silver and gold, or painted on tinplate in the case of panels.

    In 1% of cases trace along is used
    The embankment is being traced along its route towards Luxor temple, there is still lots of excavation to be done and it is unknown how far this extends.

    In 1% of cases trace after is used
    Thalium is the only one that can not be traced after some times.

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