Prepositions after "toss"

toss in, into, out, with or around?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases toss in is used
    At this point, he's tossed in the towel.
    toss in the FBI, Treasury Department/Secret Service.
    It was 2 million and 25 thousand to be exact because he tossed in a 25k green chip for luck as well.
    When the oil is hot, toss in the bay leaf and the thyme, but be careful as they have a tendency to spit a little.
    In 2008, over half of the provisional ballots cast were thrown out, and over a quarter were tossed in Florida's 2010 elections.
    Everyone at the counters speaks english, so I didn't have any issues with communicating (although I did toss in a bit of Spanish).
    toss in a couple of lighting style switches along with a smaller change in extraordinary results and also you have an emotionally-charged photograph.
    From the spot where the rowboat left the barrel the current runs frightfully swift and soon breaks over the reefs that cause the water to toss in fury.
    Best Answer - Chosen by Voters Even if you tossed in a mass of iron equal to the mass of all the stuff in orbit around the sun, it wouldn't make much difference.
    toss in the fact that unless you follow one of the bigger clubs in the Premiership, your fan experience consists of worrying about relegation or mid-table mediocrity.

    In 15% of cases toss into is used
    I got a few smacks here and there, tossed into walls, etc.
    On April 3, 2009 at 9:32am Don Share wrote: What a food fight! Coupla anchovies to toss into the salad.
    Just strip it out in a baking pan, toss into a 350 degree oven, and turn once when it starts to smell good.
    The part about how you start off in one direction, life hands you something you didn't ask for, then you get something you want, and then it all gets tossed into the fan, and you just keep going.

    In 12% of cases toss out is used
    But those cases are starting to be tossed out of court.
    As Percy was passing the Niagara Glen area, he was tossed out of his boat.
    But she was tossed out of office a year later in a narrow election defeat.
    Out of 58 studies, exactly two were not tossed out of the WWC on quality grounds.
    Lawyer Choi demands that Ji Ho give him a share of Boosung, but Ji Ho has him tossed out of the office.
    Except, of course, that all these reasoned views are tossed out of the window when it comes to women's reservation.
    Neighbors sometimes call in to report well dressed old people suddenly living in the neighborhood park after being tossed out of their home.
    With todaay's medical schools lacking ethics training and God having been officially tossed out of America -- expect modern Holland or pre-war Germany to be the master plan.

    In 11% of cases toss with is used
    Our greens were a lightly flavored sweet potato leaf tossed with garlic.
    Rinse them briefly under running water, drain well and toss with salt and pepper.
    If the vessel of our soul is still tossed with winds and storms, let us awake the Lord who reposes in it.
    In a large bowl, whisk together mayo, yogurt, sugar, red onion, vinegar and salt and toss with broccoli, hot cooked pasta and grapes.
    Chorizo is flash fried and then tossed with a salad of red onion, cherry tomatoes, olive and parsley before being folded through warm pasta.
    I stick that half-roasted frame of bones back in a roasting pan, and add a bunch of onions, carrots, and celery (at a ratio of 2:1:1) that I've tossed with a little oil.

    In 7% of cases toss around is used
    The casual way in which both candidates have tossed around anti-China rhetoric is, for several reasons, more irresponsible and ill-timed than ever.
    It sounds like you're tossing around the term ' coach ' so loosely that ' anyone ' who gives trainings or has a book or product out ' is ' a coach by your definition.
    Why should you be the only one tossing around Benjamins? But only pay her way if you know for sure she'll pick up the tab at some unspecified, undetermined time of your choosing.
    I did toss around the idea of doing it for 365 days but really how was I ever going to achieve that and stay sane? Each quilt pattern I design will be done under the name ' Joanne's Designs '.

    In 5% of cases toss off is used
    However, if he starts playing that waiting game, he gets tossed off my interest.
    Being tossed off the farm a few months later was fundamentally humiliating for the boy.

    In 4% of cases toss from is used
    For example, we have a considerable fund of evidence on coin tossing from the results of our own experiments, the testimony of others, our knowledge of some of the relevant physics, and so on.

    In 4% of cases toss to is used
    So don't pass by that penny When you're feeling blue, It may be a penny from heaven That an Angel's tossed to you.
    And yet, there are still companies that don't take cybersecurity seriously, thinking that it can be tossed to someone on the IT staff.
    He remembered thousand-franc notes given to an orchestra for playing a single number, hundred-franc notes tossed to a doorman for calling a cab.

    In 3% of cases toss on is used
    If that is old school Chicago, excuse me while I toss on new pair skivvies as these are a tad moist.
    And in the distance he saw ships which were firing guns in their sore need, pitching and tossing on the waves.

    In 2% of cases toss of is used
    When Robin is battling Baron on the castle wall and is tossed of by the Baron's magical power.

    In 2% of cases toss onto is used
    Do not make us face the bitter irony of seeing this kind of capacity and expertise tossed onto the scrap heap under a female Premier and a female Mayor.

    In 2% of cases toss through is used
    A brick was tossed through a city official's window, city-council members were peppered with threatening emails and letters, and the FBI was called in.

    In 1% of cases toss among is used
    The empty bottles and cans which the lumberjacks had for many years been tossing among the young hardwoods had been shoveled onto trucks and the whole area made neat and dean.

    In 1% of cases toss over is used
    Then, the garbage tossed over the side stopped going away.

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