Prepositions after "tire"

tire of, for, in, on or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 44% of cases tire of is used
    Eisenhower never tires of a game of cards.
    As Obama never tires of pointing out, the U.
    Lord am I tired of watching this script play out.
    Perhaps God tires of calling the aged to his fold.
    We never tire of each other and being in love never gets old.
    I never tire of informing people that Africa is not a country.
    Every year is the same and we never tire of seeing spring arrive.
    Maybe the lawmakers finally tire of the battle and send her the repeal.
    I suppose we tire of all politicians, or at least need a break from them.
    Robert Rodriguez appears to tire of the gimmick even before the audience does.

    In 13% of cases tire for is used
    We can check the weather, book a vacation and shop for tires for our car.
    I have been lazy and have not yet changed out my road bike tire for a trainer tire and set up my bike on the trainer.
    Consequently, when a customer drops by asking you for a replacement tire for his trailer, be sure you provide him with the correct product.

    In 12% of cases tire in is used
    You like to hear that at least rather than spin your tires in the mud, which has been going on for months.
    Officers said they have busted motorists for everything from seatbelt violations to driving with studded tires in July.
    With both boxers tiring in the fourth round, the Indian tried to stay away from the reach of her opponent, who had to reduce a five-point deficit.
    So out comes the spare, on it goes and away we go with only a bit of lost time -- since we were changing the tire in the dark on a narrow highway with traffic going by to add to the excitement.

    In 12% of cases tire on is used
    Did I hear that you got a flat tire on the bike? Everyone's saying that.
    Top Chui Chow Cuisine is located in Richmond, on the edge of Union Square, right behind Canadian tire on No.
    There is a difference between the two, and it's up to you to educate your customers so that they know better than to put car tires on a trailer.
    Up till now I've been using the Pirelli Diablo Corsa III tire on my F800R which is a dual purpose tire, primarily road biased but also usable for the odd track day.
    It was equipped with 120psi Stelvio skinny race tires on Kinetix Pro rear rim and a Rolf Prima front rim with sexy minimal 14 spoke set up and this baby really flies.
    On returning to Ireland from a long ride on the continent I usually feel the wear on the left side of the tires on the first roundabout I hit after rolling off the ferry.

    In 6% of cases tire from is used
    He seems to be tired from the Euros.
    These include a self-inflating tire from Goodyear (about US$200 ), the Curiosity Mars rover (US$2.
    My gamble was that I would hopefully have enough fitness left after 3 weeks without proper training and that Ciara McManus, last years champion would still be tired from her Breck Epic adventure.
    You will more than likely be tired from your flight, and so the projects normally allow you a day to recover and then will pick you up and bring you to your project the next day ready to start work.

    In 3% of cases tire to is used
    Don't sell a car tire to a customer looking for a trailer tire.
    I traveled the branch once bringing a couple flat cars worth of loader tires to the mine.

    In 2% of cases tire at is used
    I guess I must have been tired at that point, I could not get the actual meaning of his question aboard.

    In 2% of cases tire by is used
    You can easily determine who is serious about the business and who is kicking tires by the steps that they take through your marketing funnel.

    In 1% of cases tire instead is used
    Hopefully that's not because you've been selling your customers regular passenger or light truck tires instead of dedicated trailer tires.

    In 1% of cases tire plus is used
    Equally designs painted 16x7 metal metal locomotive's wheels who were installed together with 225/50/16 auto tires plus full-sized spares in metal locomotive's wheels.

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